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XyverLit Wide-Beam, Lightweight, Tight-fit, Waterproof Headlamp with Rechargeable Flashlights for Running, Trekking, Camping, and Hiking

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XyverLit Wide-Beam, Lightweight, Tight-fit, Waterproof Headlamp with Rechargeable Flashlights for Running, Trekking, Camping, and Hiking

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Light on the Head, But Terrific When It Comes to Giving Wide-beam, High-Quality Light – 100% Waterproof for Running, Cycling, Trekking, Hiking, Camping, and Many More

Safety and Security in the Dark is Made Better with This Reliable Headlamp With Brightness That Can Light Up a 3-meter Radius!

Making the XyverLit headlamp a part of your essentials for your outdoor activities can increase safety for your adventures. This headlamp does what a mere flashlight can’t – giving you better visibility by distributing light all over.

So when you are running, hiking, trekking, camping, or fishing and it gets dark, you don’t need to stop the fun. Just put the XyverLit on and you can enjoy safety in every step.

The XyverLit is for you if… 

  • You no longer feel safe with using flashlights alone.
  • You would prefer to have hands-free illumination.
  • You want to feel safe without sacrificing your convenience.
  • You are looking for a headlamp with great lighting power.
  • You want to go for a headlamp that has a wider light distribution.
  • You prefer a headlamp that is lightweight, and has a tight fit.
  • You want to go for a headlamp that can last in the outdoors.

XyverLit Headlamp Features

It’s handy, but it’s a powerhouse. Check out why the XyverLit is perfect for anyone looking to combine convenience and performance in one headlamp.

The Headlamp That Provides 350-Lumens of Illumination – Feel Safer Even When Night Comes

The wide viewing angle illuminates more than what your eyes can see so you will have zero blindspots. The XyverLit boasts a illuminating capacity of 350 lumens – that’s like 4 flashlights combined!

The Headlamp That Distributes Light at a Wider Range So You Can See All The Areas You’re Walking On

The XyverLit can cover up to a 3-meter radius in light. The reach of its illumination can also run up to 350-feet. This feature helps you to easily assess the area even before you step foot on it. XyverLit will help you negate danger before it even comes close.

No More Fiddling or Stopping Just to Operate the XyverLit – Its Unique Wave Sensor Allows You to Turn on/ off Using a Wave Gesture

Easily control the lights by waving your hand around the sensor. Just wave across the sensor and it turns ON/OFF – in an instant. This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate specific areas, allowing you to stay focused.

The Headlamp with 5 Light Modes for Your Different Adventures

The XyverLit comes in COB high mode, COB low mode, XPE high mode, XPE low mode, and Flashight mode. To change the types of light, short press power button to switch the mode, long press to turn on flashight mode.

Long-lasting Batteries That Work Up to 8 Hours when Fully Charged

The headlamp charges with lighting speed via USB Type C. A full charge takes only 90 minutes. When fully charged, the headlights can work from 3-8 hours depending on light mode.

Waterproof Headlamp That You Can Use Rain or Shine

There’s no stopping you with what you can do with this headlamp. It comes with an IPX4 water resistance feature that can stand the rain and splashes of water.

Lightweight and Comes with a Great Fit – Allows You Handsfree Illumination

The XyverLit only weighs 3.40 ounces – it’s easy to wear, and won’t cause strain on your head. The bands are made from silicone – it won’t easily slip and change fit even when it gets wet with sweat, rain, moisture, and contact with water. With its great, tight fit, you can enjoy hands-free illumniation even better.

180° Wide Angle Illumination
Powered by COB LED technology, it delivers 350 Lumens in high setting for maximum illumination. With Visus you get to see the world as you would normally do in broad daylight. The wide viewing angle allows you to get the best light coverage in dark areas with impeccable flood light.

XyverLit Headlamp Functions

  1. The induction floodlight is equipped with two XPE lamp beads, so it has high brightness, pure color display and long life.
  2. The induction floodlight comes with a regular switch and a high quality side wave sensor.
  3. The touch floodlight uses an integrated multi-function design, making it waterproof and weatherproof outdoors.


  • Waterproof: Waterproof
  • Light source: XPE + core
  • Weight: 95 grams
  • Battery: Built-in large capacity lithium battery
  • Light color: White light
  • Battery life: about 3 hours
  • Material: ABS plastic shell
  • Equipment: Four opacity
  • Charging: USB direct charging
  • Lumen: 120-350lum

Packing list:

  • Induction headlights * 1
  • USB charging cable * 1
  • User Manual * 1


  1. Due to lighting effects and shooting angle, the product has color difference, please understand.
  2. Due to manual measurement, product size has tolerance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Donald B. Munoz
Very bright and lightweight!

I couldn't believe how nice this headlight is. I thought it was going to be a halo style solid plastic piece, but it's a very flexible and soft rubber with an elastic stretch band to allow fitting to different sizes. The yellow strip is a very bright set of LED lights, and I mean they provide plenty of light, and then there is the pinpointed light on the side for focusing on a specific area. You just push the power button to turn it on and then again to lower the brightness a little, and then again to turn on the "flashlight" on the side, and again to lower the brightness and once more to power it off. I really like that I can fit it in my pocket too. And the USB-C charging is perfect for my power bricks to charge up. And, for the price, I can't beat this!

Robert morris
Light and comfortable

I was really surprised at how comfortable this light is to wear. It’s also extremely lightweight. This will be great for taking my dog out at night next time we stay in the woods. I used to have to carry a bulky lantern or flashlight and wished there was a more convenient option. It would also be great during a blackout, or if you’re staying in a solar-powered cabin with limited electricity at night. It would also be good for looking into a dark space when your hand holding a flashlight would get in the way of your view. The main led-strip beam seems to Illuminate about 10 yards ahead, but the main flashlight beam is stronger though more focused. I tried it in my house with all the lights off and it was sufficient to see everything I needed to. I wouldn’t use this walking the dog in a city though, because you might temporarily blind drivers or other pedestrians you come across.

betty dean

SO bright, motion detection is perfect and actual works, the different settings are just an added bonus. Used to let the dogs outside and I could see behind our property line (1/2 acre), my husband will love this for hunting and fishing.

dianne E. Cintron
Awesome light

I purchased this head lamp in April and it hasn't disappointed i work in dark spaces about 3 hours at a time and it has died on me with charging daily. I usually have on the medium setting which is bright enough and not to mention the motion on / off is awesome.

Peter haggard
Fantastic Product for the Mechanic or Handyman

I've been a mechanic for 25 years. I've used various styles of headlamps over the years and have never loved any of them until now. They have always been large and/or cumbersome. They would get caught on something and rip off my head or they would be so heavy that they were just too uncomfortable.

This headlamp is awesome. It's lightweight, easy to use, and compact. It is perfect for working under the dash of a car, in the bowels of a jet engine, or under the sink at home. If you need a more focused beam of light, it has a small light on the side that acts as a flashlight. This is helpful because LEDs tend to throw light and in some cases, you need the light to focus on a certain spot.