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LumosityBim Headlamp and Head Torch for Traveling

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LumosityBim Headlamp and Head Torch for Traveling

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For adventure enthusiasts, darkness is the ultimate enemy. One wrong move can turn fatal. Having the best headlamps and head torches for adventure enthusiasts can give a whole lot of difference to anyone who wants to really enjoy the outdoors. 

Don’t let darkness get in the way of what you’re destined to do. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, preparing for an emergency, or doing random things that need light, you can never go wrong with a good headlight on your side. For the best lighting device out there, you can count on LumosityBim.

  • The headlamp has 8 modes for its lighting. Whether you want a mellowed light for the afternoons, or a full-blast light to illuminate even the darkest areas, the LumosityBim has got you covered. You can choose from 8 different lighting modes! Lighting modes include strong beam, warm beam, red light, SOS red strobe modes.
  • The lamp that helps you enjoy a hands-free lighting experience. Do you find it a hassle having to hold lamps and flashlights? Not anymore with the LumosityBim. The lamp comes with a stable head bands that allow you to move without making the light fall. 
  • The ultra-bright LED light with bigger coverage. The light coming out of the LumosityBim is stellar. In fact, it can light up to 1640 away. Just enough to help you keep your base safe. 
  • The waterproof and impact-resistant headlamp! This waterproof LED headlamp protects the light against splashing water coming from all angles. The lamp can withstand rain or snow. The Adjustable 90 ° feature allows you to focus the light exactly where you need it. 
  • The headlamp for all outdoor activities. The LumosityBim is ideal for biking, cycling, running, cycling, and camping. 


  • The headlamp is made from aluminum and ABS.
  • You can use 18650 batteries.
  • The lamp can be charged with USB.
  • The charging time is only at 4 hours.
  • The maximum usage time is at 10 hours.
  • Luminance-wise, the lamp can shine up to 18000 lumens.
  • 6 LED Blubs, 8 working modes
  1. Main light mode.

✔ First press, turn on the height beam.

✔ Second press, turn on the low light.

✔ Third press, turn everything on bright.

✔ Fourth press, turn on the SOS strobe.

  1. COB auxiliary mode.

✔ First press and hold for 4 seconds, turn on the height light.

✔Turn on the low beam.

✔ Third press, turn on the red beam.

✔ Fourth press, turn on the red SOS strobe.

Waterproof Headlamp with IPX4 Rating.

This headlight is made of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, it is IPX4 waterproof, snowproof, dustproof and shockproof. Even if you use it in a rainy, snowy, sandstorm environment, you don’t need to worry about it being damaged. With its shockproof performance, you don’t have to worry about it falling off when running outdoors. It can withstand the tests of various weather conditions and is very suitable for outdoor sports.

The Headlamp Features an Adjustable, Comfortable Headband 

The headlight band is made of braided cotton, it is elastic adjustable, and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for both adults and children.The light head rotates 90 degrees flexibly, it can make the bright light reach different angles.

Easy to load and powerful.

This headlight comes with 2 rechargeable 18650 batteries and 1 USB cable. Use a variety of loads, such as computer, power bank, outlet, etc. When you use the headlight, you need to put 2 batteries into the battery case. When the headlight is charging, the charging port with the red light will light up. When the headlight is fully charged, the charging port’s green light will go up.

Additional Feature for Safety: Tail Lights!

The headlight battery box has a red tail light on the back, when you use the headlight at night, you can turn on the switch button, and this safety tail light lights up. It will provide protection for your safety.

  •  First press and turn on the taillight.
  • Press second, turn on the rear strobe.
  • Third press, turns off the rear light.


  1. When inserting the battery, be careful not to confuse the “+” and “-” polarity.
  2.  Please don’t look directly with your eyes. Ultra high brightness will hurt your eyes.
  3.  Take out the battery if you are not going to use it for a long time.
  4.  Please do not recharge after running out of power during a long time use.
  5. Do not mix different batteries.
  6.  Keep the interior clean. Do not clean with your hands or hard objects. Clean fingerprints from the lens with cotton sticks and soft tools.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Charles Ash
Very good lighting

I use this headlamp for night walks and bivouacs.
I am very happy with this lamp, it has good lighting with good wear, it has several modes, but I mainly used the big lighting mode for the walks and the red light mode to have a small lighting in the corner of the fire .
The lamp has a good battery life and is light and easy to use.
Very easy to recharge a mini usb taken like many products.

As for the light it provides, it is very good and with many alternatives.it is highly recommended.

gertrude Ralls
at the moment happy with the product.

I took some time to review
It was a gift for my father and a great success.
This very, very well, he uses it a lot when he has to go to the mountains to collect the cattle.
It has a perfect light and the battery lasts a long time we are thinking of buying another

mary rosa
Wow, so bright!

The flashlight looked good. Right out of the box, it feels good in your hand. It is not very heavy, the rubber gives a lot. Both to put directly on the head and to put it on a work or outdoor sports helmet. The hinge that it has for the tilt does not make much noise and offers enough resistance so that it does not move from the desired position. it is multipurpose and highly recommended.

Robert west
Super powerful

As you can see in the photos that I have taken, the flashlight is very well made and is very beautiful. It has 8 LEDs, very well distributed, so that it does not bulge much. It is made of black and gray plastics, rounded and with a very good finish, without burrs or imperfections, and has a blue anodized aluminum piece that gives it an interesting point.I really liked the flashlight. it is a highly recommended flashlight 😉

Ona Blau
Great product

I love to cross stitch. Currently, I'm 82.5 hours into a very large project with about 150 stitches in an inch. It takes four hours to stitch the length of my pinky. I needed good overhead lighting at a reasonable price. Ottlite was out of the question. My 19 yo son is a mechanic. So why not look for a rechargeable headlamp? Not only does it have different brightness settings, I'm clearly a sexy beast... And, more importantly, the light is adjustable in direction. Oh, and I double as a strobe light on weekends now.