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TrekkBlazers Telescopic Outdoor Professional Trekking Pole, Hiking Stick

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TrekkBlazers Telescopic Outdoor Professional Trekking Pole, Hiking Stick

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Overcome the Outdoors Better with TrekkBlazers!

Our telescopic cane Trekking Pole will make your every adventure fun and seamless. With its aluminum alloy finish and impressive ergonomic design, it’s fit to stand even the harshest road conditions. Powered by the latest in technology in mountaineering, the TrekkBlazers is one of the most-trusted Trekking Pole by many professionals and enthusiasts.

The next time you go out exploring, get the upper hand with TrekkBlazers!


  • Premium-Grade Materials: The TrekkBlazers Trekking Pole is made of 7075 aluminum alloy to deliver high strength, better bearing capacity, and ultralight weight.
  • Comfort and Style: We use an EVA foam handle and fitted an adjustable wrist strap to deliver a soft, sweat-absorbent handle. This design also ensures anti-slipping support and reinforces comfort so that you can overcome the great outdoors without fear and doubts.
  • Excellent Stability: We’re all about providing hikers and trekkers with easy and reliable poles to aid their adventure. The TrekkBlazers come with a Tungsten steel alloy tip and a quick-lock system to secure the poles while in use. This feature prevents unwanted accidents, especially in a slippery, rocky environment.
  • Adjustable Height: Not all adventures come in the same size so we’ve designed the TrekkBlazers with an adjustable pole length that goes from 13.4 to 49.2 inches, which fits anyone with about 170 to 190cm.
  • The Best Trekking Pole Outdoors: Beginners and professional mountaineers love us. Our trekking pole is the perfect outdoor equipment for hiking, trekking, travel, walking, mountaineering, backpacking, camping, etc.

Why Choose TrekkBlazers?

  • Simple yet Durable Solution: We’ve designed our trekking pole to deliver impeccable support with convenience and ease of use in mind. We do this by using premium-grade materials known to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors and fitting essential features like “height adjustment and gripping system” for better maneuverability.
  • Fit for Every Adventure: Whether you seek to reach your highest peak or unwind in the mountain trails, the TrekkBlazers come with all the support you need to make every step comfortable and fun.
  • Premium Support, Lesser Price: Without a doubt, we come at a much lesser price compared to other premium trekking pole. Our mission is to deliver you quality support and long-lasting trekking or hiking equipment so that you can explore more adventures.
  • Most Trusted Trekking Pole: We’re proud to say that our TrekkBlazers won the hearts of many enthusiasts and mountaineers.

TrekkBlazers made long hikes a blasts. This is by far the best Trekking Pole I ever had. I highly recommend this product. — Adam, Verified Purchase

Experience Our Five-Section Pole

Our unique design centers on strength and comfort. The TrekkBlazers 5-section poles guarantee better support and portability when traveling or exploring the mountains. There’s nothing like the TrekkBlazers; experience the difference now.

Secure and Comfortable

The EVA-foam handle creates a massive difference in ensuring comfort while traversing the outdoors. It guarantees a secure grip and prevents slip through its sweat-absorbent and anti-slip features for your peace of mind. This support enables you to stay relaxed while overcoming the outdoors by reducing the stress and pressure you feel in your wrists and shoulders.


  • Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy
  • Length: Approx. 34cm/13.4inch to 125cm/49.2inch
  • 5 Sections Pole Diameter: Approx. 18/16/14/14/14mm

Reliable Locking System

Our locking system design ensures that the TrekkBlazers stay stable and not wobbly. This feature contributes to reducing unwanted slips and stress since the poles remain capable of supporting your weight. It also prevents the trekking pole from breaking while on the adventure.


Package Include:

  • 1 * Telescopic Hiking Stick


  • Please allow a slight size error due to manual measurement.
  • The color might be slightly different due to the monitor and lighting. Please make sure you do not mind before you ordering. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Thomas W. Howell
Light and good quality

The hiking poles are light and strong with very high quality. They are easy to carry. It comes with two extra pole heads which make the poles usable on regular road, muddy road, grass or snow. The length can be adjusted a little bid.

Kathryn C. miller
Properly adjusted, they don't slip.

Very happy with this purchase. Replaced a set that I bought a couple of years ago that slipped when pressure applied. Not a good thing! They are very light weight and handle very easily and the cork grip is nice. While not exactly a cane, I occasionally use just one for just a little steadying support when shopping. The strap on the handle leaves me with both hands free if necessary. A happy camper here.

Alvin A. Gagnon
Knee Savers

I'm a 65 and am a hiker who has never used hiking sticks until my last hike. In Jan 2020 I hiked the "O" circuit in Chile's Torres del Paine. These sticks saved my behind on more than one occasion. But most importantly, they helped keep me stable in challenging situations. Rain, snow, and fierce winds could have made the hike torturous - the sticks made it a lot easier.

Rex A. paylor
Great product!

No issues, held up well, great assist on a hike to a 14,065 feet summit over mud, snow, ice, and rocks. I like that there are 2 types of rubber tip grips or that you can use it without rubber tips for steel tip. by the way...one should never rely on Hiking poles to support your weight that could result in catastrophe; these poles are meant to be used to increase traction for slight leverage, or correct a balance offset. The negative reviews where people state the poles bent under their weight and risked their lives are incorrectly using hiking poles.

marcus A. West
Sturdy hiking poles

These sturdy hiking poles extend long enough for me to use and I’m 6’5” tall. I find them indispensable when walking through snow covered, slippery paths or trails.