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Poleroid Collapsible and Ultralight Aluminum Alloy Trekking Pole, Hiking Stick

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Poleroid Collapsible and Ultralight Aluminum Alloy Trekking Pole, Hiking Stick

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

It’s Time to Explore Your Next Great Adventure with Poleroid!

Still haven’t found the perfect trekking pole that fit your needs? If that’s the case, it’s time to switch with the latest must-have outdoor equipment—the Poleroid Trekking Pole!

This piece of outdoor equipment makes enthusiasts love the outdoors more. Its impressive and ergonomic design assists you in taking every step as you traverse the harsh environment of the outdoors. Whether you plan to backpack, camp, or climb your next mountain, the Poleroid will make things seamless and enjoyable.

Gone were the days of tiring, unsecured, and wobbly walking aid. Experience comfort in every step you take with the invention that won the hearts of many. Join thousands of trekkers and hikers who have seen the Poleroid-experience, and tell us how this made your adventure fun-filled!


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Model: Poleroid
  • Weight: 250g [Short], 270g [Long]
  • Length: 95-110 cm [Short], 110-130 cm [Long]
  • Handle: Straight Handle
  • Colors: #Black, #Red
  • Section: 5
  • Number of Knots: 5 Knots



  • Strong & Stable: When it comes to strength and bearing capacity, nothing beats the Poleroid. Our trekking pole is made of aluminum alloy to deliver sturdy, not easy to deform, and lightweight walking aid. It comes with a Tungsten steel tip with a non-slip rubber foot cover to provides stable support when you go up and down.
  • Adjustable Length: The Poleroid has 2 sizes available and 5 telescopic sections. To use it, its length can be adjusted from 37.4″ to 43.3″ [Short] and 43.3″ to 51.2″ [Long]. For storing, the pole can be amazingly shortened to 11.8″ [Short], 14.2″ [Long] for portability. All in all, the Poleroid works accordingly to your needs to give you a comfortable, stress-free, and secure outdoor adventure.
  • Comfortable Grip: Every step with the Poleroid comes with an extra set of comfort. We’ve fitted our trekking pole with an EVA-foam wrapped handle and a wrist strap for a soft and comfortable grasp, sweat-absorbent, and skid-resistant handle. So regardless of the condition you’re exploring, the Poleroid will ensure you’ll have a smooth and easy adventure.
  • Secure Locking System: The hidden section comes with a quick-lock system that facilitates you to pull sections out easily. It comes with markers on it to notify you regarding proper length.
  • Great for Adventures: Ideal for outdoor camping, trekking, hiking, nordic walking, backpacking, etc.



Varying Size to Fit Every Adventure

The Poleroid has 2 sizes available that you can choose from for maximum comfort. Don’t settle for less. Go with the best trekking pole that fits your needs.

  • Short: 37.4″ to 43.3″
  • Long: 43.3″ to 51.2″

Explore More Locations

Our trekking pole is designed to enable you to explore more locations. We’ve designed our product to fit every outdoor condition so that nothing can stop you from reaching your next great adventure. From top to bottom, the Poleroid speaks quality and finesse. Its EVA handle foam, premium-grade pole, and locking features ensure you stay secure in every step you take outdoors. Meanwhile, the bottom part is wear-resistant to give you peace of mind in every location.

Better Strength and Bearing Capacity

A wobbly pole is next to danger. The Poleroid comes with a locking system feature that secures the pole and ensures a better strength and bearing capacity outdoors. This support allows you to take every step unbothered and prevent unwanted slips or accidents from happening.


The product may vary slightly in color and measurement.

Package Include:

  • 1 *Trekking Pole

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
James R. Mickelson
Perfect size for travel and easy to assemble.

I've used these trekking poles several times now. They easily fit in a carry-on suitcase and can be assembled in seconds. Once assembled I have found then no different than two piece trekking poles in regards to strength, and they are light and the hand grips are comfortable. If you are looking for trekking poles you can pack for a trip, I highly recommend these.

Sean P. clark
fully equipped for any terrain

I was impressed at all the attachments for the feet of the sticks, even though the majority of use for me is on fairly smooth surfaces. I am recovering from an illness that has caused vertigo but wanted to start walking to improve my strength and stamina. I graduated from a walker to walking sticks and they are a comfort to me as they are preventing the imbalance from taking me down.
For hikers on a variety of terrain, I think these would be great. They collapse to a smaller size and the feet are interchangeable. I've put a bit of body weight on them to correct my balance so I think they'd stand up to pressure and do well for a hiker.

Tony E. russell
Great product

First off I'm giving my personal review based upon cost and personal experience after 3 months on the Appalachian Trail. Prior to me doing the trail I had never used trekking poles so I went cheap with my first set to test the waters. For the cost these work very well. They are light. The are flick lock poles. They are pretty strong. Two months into my trail one bent out. I was going down a very steep and rocky part of the AT in the rain. I'm 170lbs and I was carrying 45lbs on my back and these poles, regardless of one bending out, saved me from getting really messed up. I now understand that there is a reason people spend money on expensive poles. these poles showed me the importance of have a set regardless of the price. Poles are better to have and not need than to need and not have. If you're looking for a decent and very budget friendly trekking pole option I would highly recommend these. Although I'd like to try the carbons out personally.

Cliff F. baum
How to Achieve Better Balance and Safety When Walking Outside : A Senior Citizens Perspective

After a recent low back injury (mild) I did t feel safe when walking. I tried using a cane but the leaning to the side resulted in poor posture. These walking ‘ sticks ‘ make me walk upright, I feel safer, my stride length has returned to near normal, and I’m also now able to walk off trail with confidence. These trekking poles are light weight and very easy to adjust. I will soon travel to Colorado to visit my Son and the trekking poles will easily fit into my suitcase. They are a must for improving balance and safety during my daily walk ….. maybe your’s too !

max P. Oyler
Hiking game changer

Ultralight and great value. Two concepts not always synonymous. These poles are superb and half the cost of better known competitors. Cork handles, carbon fibre and light for this price is a steal.