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OutWalkies Ultralight, Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole, Hiking Stick

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OutWalkies Ultralight, Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole, Hiking Stick

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Ready for Your Next Adventure?

Still haven’t found the perfect trekking pole that suits your needs? For your next adventure, experience comfort the OutWalkies way.

The OutWalkies is one of the sturdiest and lightest Trekking Pole that you can get your hands on. It’s perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts who seek better support and comfort outdoors. The OutWalkies are made of light carbon fibers that guarantee an ultralight and durable support while traversing even the toughest trails.

Although the OutWalkies come in an ultralight structure, they boast impeccable strength and bearing capacity that could withstand the harshest conditions of the outdoors. As a result, it’s highly recognized for its durability and well-trusted by mountaineers for its impressive comfort.

The OutWalkies is built by experts and enthusiasts and trusted by thousands of outdoor adventurers. Now is your time to experience what true comfort feels like. It’s time to bring along the OutWalkies in your next escapade!


  • Lightweight and Sturdy: The OutWalkies are made of top-of-the-line carbon fiber to deliver excellent stability at a lesser weight. Compared to other traditional trekking pole, the OutWalkies guarantee lesser stress and pressure to your wrists and shoulders while exploring. It’s the easiest, convenient, and lightweight trekking pole available on the market today and is highly trusted by expert mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • 135g Overall Weight: The lesser the weight, the lesser the fatigue. The OutWalkies guarantee a lightweight trekking pole to accompany you throughout your adventure.
  • Top-of-the-Line Materials: The quality of our OutWalkies lies from the premium-grade materials we used to design and construct our trekking pole. From carbon fibers to Tungsten steel tips to every inch of the OutWalkies—it speaks quality to deliver high strength, strong bearing capacity, and excellent comfort.
  • Secure, Non-Slip Gripping System: The OutWalkies are all about safety and comfort. Our excellent gripping system contributes to better balance and stability while walking. It’s comfortable to hold and squeeze and 100% sweat-resistant to ensure your safety. Plus, it adds to the comfort you feel while exploring since it reduces the pressure and stress on your wrist and shoulder.
  • Unique Locking System: This feature is an added safety, especially when exploring rocky, uneven grounds. The locking system ensures the trekking pole stay stable, not wobbly, so it could effectively support your every moment.


  • Model: NH19S010-T
  • Handle Material: EVA
  • Length : 110cm-130cm
  • Joint Number: 3
  • Elongation Size: S: 110cm M:120cm L: 130cm
  • Shrinkage Size: S: 51cm M: 54cm L: 57cm
  • Pole tip material: Tungsten Steel
  • Pole material: Carbon Fiber
  • Quantity: One Pole

Packing List:

  • 1 *Trekking Pole

Award-Winning Trekking Pole

Our trekking pole, the OutWalkies, is recognized as one of the best trekking pole today. The simple yet highly durable design creates a secure and unique feel outdoors that many enthusiasts appreciate. With the OutWalkies, you’re bound for stress-free and enjoyable adventures!

Simple Yet Effective Gripping System

The OutWalkies come with a simple gripping design that focuses on safety. It’s a non-slip and sweat-resistant handle that helps reduce impact and stress while traversing the trails. You can also use the wrap-around lace for added security.

Pole Locking System

The OutWalkies has an effective locking system to prevent breaking and bending while exploring. This feature ensures that no matter what condition the outdoor you’re exploring, the OutWalkies will secure a safe adventure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
David L. ponce
Absolutely life changing!

Absolutely changing if you like hill walking. Just back from an 11 mile hike and absolutely no knee pain at all thanks to these. It really makes sense when you use them and feel about 30 % less weight being places on leg joints. I love them so much. Highest recommendations!!

amy G. drummond
Comfortable and durable trekking poles.

I ordered to replace my old ones after just 1 year of putting them through constant and rigorous use. The things I like best are the OutWalkies poles are the ergonomically angled hand grips, how rigid the poles are and the consistently stable locking mechanism. They're light, durable, dependable and functional. Adjusting the hand straps are a breeze. I like that feature because I hike year round and takes seconds to change the straps from no gloves to gloves quickly and vice versa. My first hike with these poles was 8 miles with no arm fatigue and less knee pain. With my older set of trekking poles my hand and arms who become fatigued around 5 miles. They do not flex like my older poles that gives me confidence on difficult terrain. Also with the poles being more rigid it help to relieve the lower leg and knee pressure while hiking. I would highly recommend these to anyone who hikes on a regular basis.

Holly R. Pack
Lightweight, easily adjustable poles

These poles work well once you've adjusted the size to what you need. The instructions that come with them are rather skimpy, so it took me a couple of tries to get it right. After that, the poles performed well and are enjoyable to use on varied terrains.

Amy R. page
Great product

If you are debating between purchasing high-end and budget collapsible trekking poles, as well as between aluminum and composite poles, look no further. These poles are great.

I often hike trails which have stretches of steep inclines and declines. The poles do a great job saving pain on the knees and help with balance on all unsteady surfaces. The poles are relatively light and their locking and unlocking mechanism is outstanding. Length adjustments are quick, easy and trusted to hold.

These work well and the price is great!

Terry P. smith
Fit for life, and my walking companion at a good price.

They are very well made, and are quite light, but the anti shock mechanism seems very stiff to cushion the impact with the ground. Maybe someone will know if the Spring is adjustable to soften anti shock system. They seem very good value for money, I’m impressed with them after about 4 miles of walking done. Will update as I get more use out of them. Lots more walking done with the OutWalkies poles, the Anti Shock is certainly helping with my weak right wrist, great value for money.