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Your Ultimate Guide to Spotting Scopes: A Comprehensive Review of the 4 Best Models by Outdoor Experts

David Jones Updated: May 27th, 2024

Sometimes, you just want to see beyond what the eyes can see. From getting the best viewing angle of the architecture ahead to marveling at the beautiful sights and colors of birds and other wildlife—our eyes are limited to see everything this world has to offer.

Getting yourself a high-quality spotting scope can turn your adventures from okay to memorable ones. This device gives you the ability to see everything at a close distance. Whether it’s the building a few blocks away or the waterfalls in the next mountain, with an excellent and dependable spotting scope, you can view them in clear, bright, and high-definition as if you can reach them at the palm of your hand.

We know that choosing the right spotting scope that fits your needs can be challenging, considering the number of features you must be aware of. In this list, we have narrowed our choices to only the best spotting scopes capable of delivering excellent performance regardless of how extreme your adventures may be. So without further ado, here are our top picks for Best Spotting Scopes for 2021. Read along.

When it comes to a professional-grade spotting scope, the ClefView is an absolute standout. This device offers an ultra-powerful, multi-coated lens that is capable of delivering high-quality precision and unparalleled visibility. It comes with a 300mm focal length, 50mm to 70mm objective lens, and 75x zoom support to see your targets at close distance with vivid and accurate color depiction. 

It also comes with a fog-proof lens and IP-65 certified waterproofing to allow you to observe the wildlife or your favorite sports match, rain or shine. Just like most modern spotting scope designs, the ClefView also comes with a phone and camera attachment that you can use for fast filming. And coupled with its tripod stand, you can ensure the spotting scope is steady enough to guarantee a crystal clear photo or video.

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The RecSpot is probably one of the most user-friendly spotting scopes we’ve ever tried. Not only does it provide excellent magnification, but it also comes with FMC optics and a BAK4 prism that blends the vividness and brightness of the spotting scope. So whether you’re observing your subjects in daylight or dark, the RecSpot guarantees you’ll see them in high-definition.

What’s more impressive is that the RecSpot also comes with many features that ensure convenience. First, its 45-degrees angled eyepiece provides the best viewing angle and the most leisurely observation. Next, its adjustable magnification guarantees a smooth zoom in and out. And lastly, its nitrogen-filled and adjustable eyecup is designed to strictly prevent water, dust, air, and moisture from damaging the device’s performance. To cap it all off, the RecSpot includes a tripod holder to create a stable base for the spotting scope, which you can rotate using the lever for the best viewing experience and fast filming.

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The WatchBolt is another powerful spotting scope that could deliver the best viewing experience to you. With its 20-60 x 80mm zoom capabilities and 21mm large eyepiece design, it can display your targets in excellent magnification, with zero squinting required!

The beauty of the WatchBolt Spotting Scope comes from its superior brightness, resolution, and clarity. Looking into it feels as if you can reach your subjects with your hands. There’s a wideband anti-reflective green film that ensures everything you see in the WatchBolt are in its actual color and its objective lens guarantee that the visual field is clear. It also features a BAK4 prism and multi-layer eyepiece coating for best contrast and resolution.

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For the perfect all-arounder, look no further than the XtremeZoom Spotting Scope. This device comes with everything you need to ensure the best viewing experience outdoors. It features a 20-60x magnification and multi-coated lens with a BAK4 roof prism for bright, clear, and high-contrast images. The best thing about the XtremeZoom is its field of view. At 36-19m/1000 FOV, you’ll get a spotting scope that is perfect for almost everything, like target shooting, hunting, bird watching, observing wildlife, and so much more. There’s also a dual focus wheel system that enables you to fine-tune your focus, which is incredibly helpful for long-range viewing.

The XtremeZoom is a must-have spotting because of its range of uses. Its magnification is limitless, especially with its waterproofing and fog proofing. The optics are also sealed with O-rings to prevent dust, moisture, and debris from damaging the insides of the scope. It’s also designed to last for a long time with its non-slip grip, shockproof, and durable external protection features. Once you take the XtremeZoom out in the open, you’ll know that no matter where you are or what the situation may be, you will experience the best observation ever!

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There’s no doubt that spotting scopes are an excellent investment to ensure you have the best outdoor experience possible. But choosing the right one is what makes you scratch your head. This list focuses on quality and value that no matter what happens in your adventure, the spotting scope can deliver the best performance. With all the features of each product we highlighted, we guarantee you that it’ll be worth every penny you spend.

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