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WolfGrip Motorcycle Gloves and Full Military Tactical Gloves for Motorbiking and Hunting

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WolfGrip Motorcycle Gloves and Full Military Tactical Gloves for Motorbiking and Hunting

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Get Your Gear On with the WolfGrip Motorcycle and Tactical Gloves

Take on the challenging rides with confidence. If you’re looking for motorcycle gloves that will get you into full gear for your rides, and for your tactical adventures, trust the WolfGrip. These high-quality motorcycle gloves and tactical gloves are made with impact-resistant cushioning, comfortable grip design, and moisture-wicking qualities, the WolfGrip is your partner to better driving and better tactical adventures!

Why The WolfGrip Motorcycle Gloves?

Our Motorcycle Gloves have been created to meet the serious demands of touring and adventure riders across the globe. We’ve made sure they combine the ideal balance of protection and ventilation, whether you’re on or off-road.

  • Adjustable
  • Highest Quality Material
  • Recommended by over 3,000 customers
  • Weather and abrasion-resistant
  • Made of durable Microfiber Artificial Leather and breathable stretch nylon material.


  • Use high-quality PU Leather, microfiber fabric, Protection hard finger shell.
    Anatomically shaped one-piece Thermal Plastic Rubber guard provides impact resistance.
  • Not plastic hard, the rubber hard are not too soft or too hard, it has a certain cushioning performance, efficient protection and reducing the impact on yours. (Rubber guards height about 0.79in).
  • Increasing the friendly touching function to the middle finger part of the glove, so you can touch your phone screen sensitively and use it conveniently.
  • Nicely stitched, careful sewing breathable material and adjustable wrist design provide a sense of snug and support. The palm reinforcement protects hands from impact and abrasion.
  • Nicely stitched, breathable material and adjustable wrist design provide a sense of snug and support.
  • Breathable comfort is achieved by odor-free breathable materials and functional vent design, comfortable to use in hot weather as well as in mild winter seasons.
  • Excellent grip with dual-layer synthetic leather palm featured by anti-skid gridding.


  • Material: PU Leather, Microfiber, Nylon, Hard Cover
  • Color: Black, Green, Brown
  • Size: S/ M/ L/ XL

Size chart

  • S:Palm Width:2.16-2.36 , palm circumference:7.09 – 8.67 in.
  • M:Palm Width:2.56-2.75 ,palm circumference:: 7.87 – 9.05 in.
  • L:Palm Width:2.75-3.35,palm circumference:9.05 – 9.84 in.
  • XL:Palm Width:3.35-3.94,palm circumference:9.84 – 11.02 in.

Due to manual measurement, there may be a 0.1 inch difference.

Package Includes:

  • 1 pair of gloves

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
thomas E. Scott
Served its intended purpose in a nasty crash

Unfortunately I had a nasty crash on the highway at high speed and flew off the bike. Thankfully I was wearing full gear and walked away with only bruises and soreness. Absolutely no cuts or scrapes on my hands, just a pinky bruise. I will purchase another pair, but If I had to I really could continue to use that same pair. Great gloves I must say

James A. johnson
This glove should be your first choice!

I bought these gloves for the purpose of motorcycle riding, firearms shooting, and everyday useage. (I really mean every gosh darn day because I have a fear of touching stuff so I wear gloves all the time.)

These gloves fit me exactly right out the packaging! It feels nice, flexible, and so firm I can type on a keyboard with them. (I type about 45WPM, about 40 with the gloves on, 30 with the gloves on touch screen.) Your fingers will stay where they are in the gloves, there isn’t so much give that it will shift around on the inside slipping and the pinky fingers are perfect unlike most gloves that have long pinky fingers for some reason. Most people worry about the hard knuckle obstructing your range of motion but for me I can still move my fingers back as naturally possible. The cuts and construction still let me keep my fingers wide and my wrist moving. It will definitely keep my hands warm in average California cold.

Speaking of construction, it’s overall leather design makes it a huge step up for my purpose and use. It’s thin enough to have definite movement but thick enough that if I were to slide in a crash it would protect me just the right amount. I particularly like the rubber lines on top of the fingers (unfortunately not on top of the thumbs) since it’s an added bit of safety without compromising movement, and it actually ever so slightly bounces my fingers back to straight so that’s good.Love Love Love!

Son D. Ruiz
Gloves work well and fit nice!

Very protective gloves that are a perfect fit on the job. Did have some issues with comfort at first but have now adjusted well. Works fine on touch screens and has a lot of grip.

I use them at work to stay protected and have more grip!

gary L. Scott
Integrity, Character, Commitment...

I purchased these gloves simply because of the look & they matched the color of my sled. But their comfort level and the way they gripped along with keeping my hands warm protected me from the elements. They're absolutely impressive! Perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts! Thank you!

kimberly E. Gates
They Fit!

This is the third pair of gloves I’ve ordered. The others are too small.

I’m a big boned gal, so I ordered a men’s large and the fit as spot on!
I’ll never order women’s gloves again.
These gloves are very comfortable.