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SmirvoBoom Waterproof and Windproof Motorcycle Gloves


SmirvoBoom Waterproof and Windproof Motorcycle Gloves

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The Best Hand Gear For Motorcycle Riders

As time goes by, motorcycle drivers have discovered one crucial thing about safe driving – getting reliable motorcycle gloves can make or break a drive. If you’re a motorcycle rider who values their overall safety, one gear you should not miss is the SmirvoBoom motorcycle gloves. The motorcycle gloves for rain, winter, snow, cold, and other extreme conditions are the ultimate motorcycle gloves for the extremes!

The expert-designed SmirvoBoom motorcycle gloves are durable, breathable, fit well, and 100% flexible. The specially-designed grip stays firm even on wet days – a helpful feature if you love driving during the rain and snow. The knuckle armor makes SmirvoBoom an effective glove to protect the hands from injuries due to use or impacts from accidents.

Water and moisture can significantly affect your grip when you are driving your bike! The SmirvoBoom comes with a high-quality waterproof feature that helps you experience a dry, solid grip when you’re driving long-distance or joining professional driving competitions.

The gloves don’t skimp in the crash protection feature. The hard shell of the SmirvoBoom coupled with the ergonomic cushioning and sturdy design makes the gloves a perfect way to protect your hands from serious injuries!

Benefits :

  • Increased hand protection with hard shell design and ergonomic cushioning. If you’re always in long-distance, extreme biking activities, you need total protection for your hands. The SmirvoBoom includes increased hand protection with its impressive hardshell design and cushioning that envelope the hands and wrist.
  • The design promotes better air circulation that keeps your grip dry. The gloves come with a design that elevates the circulation of air around the gloves. Now, the gloves are breathable and instantly dry out any moisture that might start coming into your hands. If you want a solid grip all the time, the SmirvoBoom is the one we recommend.
  • The most waterproof motorcycle gloves in the market! Whether you’re riding in snowy or rainy weather, your hands will remain dry thanks to the waterproof design of the SmirvoBoom. The outer covering is windproof and waterproof so that no elements can get in the way of your drive.
  • Protects your hands from strong impact. The knuckle armor and the protective covering of the SmirvoBoom can protect you from getting severe injuries on your hands.
  • Despite their heavy-duty design and protective layers, these gloves are skin irritation-free and are 100% comfortable to the skin. You won’t feel the gloves in your hand while you’re driving.


Style and Protection in One

You don’t need to skimp on style when it comes to adding protection to your hands. The SmirvoBoom combines both!

Size Chart

  • M: Palm width:3.15-3.37in
  • L:Palm width:3.37-3.74in
  • XL: Palm width:3.74-4.13in
  • XXL: Palm width:4.134.33in


  • Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Material: Cotton and polyester
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red
  • Waterproof
  • Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL
  • Structure: Fingers separated
  • Unique feature: Knuckle armor, touchscreen fingertip
  • Best use for driving or racing

Package Include

  • 1 pair of motorcycle gloves

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Blue, Red



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Alex R. Jones
I'm super happy and pleased

I'm super happy and pleased that the product surpasses what I expected. shipment arrived ahead of schedule, also are of a high quality, the model is beautiful and are resistant. are SPECTACULAR .... THANKS FOR HAVING AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT

donald A. Woods
My favorite gloves.

I really like these gloves from SmirvoBoom. They look cool, are built tough and durable, have fantastic padding that protects my palms (especially my thumb area), and they work well with my smartphones. They're thick enough to provide some warmth from the chilly breeze yet thin enough not to feel too cumbersome when handling my smartphone or water bottle.

For both bicycling and e-scooter riding, I think these gloves are perfect. 5 stars.

justin D. howse
Comfort and protection

I ride my MTB for at least an hour every day and more on weekends, The construction and build quality seem to be great. I had a sizing issue and wrote back to RockBros, they addressed the issue immediately and sent me replacement pair, amazing customer service. My hands turn numb if I ride my bike without gloves so grip padding is utmost important for me, these gloves have adequate grip padding and work really well for me.Highly recommended for serious riders.

daniel M. Tong

They are very comfortable, beautiful, good finish, good design. very comfortable, ideal for use in the city and for traveling. I would buy them again!!!

Roderick B. ange
Great gloves for winter riding

I live in SE Idaho, where winter riding is pretty limited. An average temperature during this time of year is around 25F°.

I took my bike for a spin with these gloves when it was a bit windy out and around 35 degrees, so the wind chill was around 10 degrees considering the speed factor.

These gloves held out miraculously, my fingers didn't even get cold. I'd strongly recommend these to anyone who rides in the winter.