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EvoHazz Motocross Gloves with Protective Gear Racing Gloves

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EvoHazz Motocross Gloves with Protective Gear Racing Gloves

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Ride with Comfort, Ride with Style with the EvoHazz Motorcycle Gloves!

Getting full gear for your motorbike riding experience can make a difference to your rides. The EvoHazz Motorcycle Gloves for men are guaranteed to provide your hands with the protection, comfort, and cushioning that you need when you’re driving a motorcycle. Designed by experienced motorcycle riding experts, the EvoHazz upgrades your experience by protecting your hand from the cold, impact, moisture, damp palms! Look stylish and ready with the EvoHazz!

The EvoHazz Difference

  • The gloves are made for the cold weather! The EvoHazz protects your hands from the stinging cold and the moisture that might prevent you from making a steady grip.
  • EvoHazz can make you enjoy your winter activities without making you worry about frostbite. The motorcycle gloves are also great for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing.
  • Stylish motorcycle gloves that come in orange, blue, green, red, black.
  • Make every outdoor activity enjoyable in winter and snow with our high-quality biker gloves.


  • The motorcycle gloves with topnotch protection for the hand! The EvoHazz has integrated steel alloy protectors to give extra protection for your hand from frostbites and injuries. EvoHazz prevents fingers and knuckles from getting bruises and cuts from impact or collision. Thumbs and palms now get added protection—the best motorcycle gloves to avoid worsening injuries from accidents.
  • Features the latest in motorcycle gloves – finger touch feature. Do you have struggles with operating your phone when you’re using motorcycle gloves? Not anymore with EvoHazz’s finger touch feature. The index finger for the EvoHazz glove makes using phones, tablets, ipads, and digital watches easier.
  • The most comfortable motorcycle gloves. The EvoHazz provides stellar protection and comfort. Even if the gloves are padded extensively, you can still enjoy dexterity while using them.
  • Stylish gloves for your rides. The EvoHazz does not skimp on style. The color features and edgy look make the gloves look like an excellent pair for your rides.
  • The gloves you can use for multiple activities! Gloves with hard knuckle protectors serve as motorcycle gloves, cycling gloves, work gloves, hunting and shooting gloves, outdoor sports gloves.

Size chart

  • M: Palm Width:2.76 – 3.15 in.
  • L: Palm Width :3.35 in – 3.54 in.
  • XL: Palm Width :3.74 – 3.94 in.
  • XXL: Palm Width:3.94-4.13 inch

Package Include

  • 1 pair of motorcycle gloves

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Leon V. lara
Great product

Got the green gloves for riding on my new scooter. My hands are fairly small, got a medium, and they fit pretty good - a little long on the index finger but comfortable, functional, and protective. The touch screen feature works even though the gloves are a little big. They feel like they will protect my hands if I ever fall. Velcro wrist closure is easy to use. I use these gloves whenever I ride in town to help protect my hands. They are cute, functional and help me feel safer when riding.

earnest S. carothers

I LOVE these gloves!!! They're super comfortable and fit great!
Haven't wore them in the rain, so I can't speak on the water resistance but this is my 2nd par (lost 1st pair) and definitely recommend these for cruising around town.
I don't race or go to the track, so I can't recommend them for that, but for everyday riding they are Great!!!

judith N. anderson
Good so far

Nice gloves. BreathableI have small hands. the medium is a tiny bit to big in the fingers. Otherwise perfectI still wear them. and don't like to ride without them

Lewis M. glenn
Highly recommend

Ok, was excited that I got these so quick, and same for my bike. When I opened them, positively great, first time trying these, they feel good, feels like they will protect my hands if I go down on the bike, both outer wrist palms, knuckles and fingers. Think these are great summer gloves or in areas for heat if you want protection. Will come back with a tried out review.

roy B. Fegan
Measure your hand good.

My hand is 7½ from wrist to middle finger. 8½ around my palm, I got a large. It's almost like wearing rubber gloves. But most gloves stretch out a little, so maybe these will to. They seem to be a well put together glove. Between your thumb and finger they've added some extra leather. The rubber dots all over the hand will definitely help with grip. With some what flexible & thick pucks just off to the outside of the palm. Well placed to if you go down that's where your hands seem to land first, when you have your hands open and back.
The touch screen pads on the finger & thumb work fine. On my Note10+ with glass screen protector. With thick rubber down the front of all fingers & thumb.
I'm just using them for riding my dirt bikes. So far they get a 5 star. We'll see how they hold up. To be able to say anything about durability and it may change the star rating.