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MadBike Motorcycle Gloves for Improved Hand Protection Against Impact

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MadBike Motorcycle Gloves for Improved Hand Protection Against Impact

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Experience Safe and Protected Ride with MadBike 

Motorcycle rides are all great and fun. Coupled with fresh air, good scenery, and great company, they will be memorable and remarkable. But, we also know that these rides have a higher baseline level of danger than a car and the stakes of anything going wrong are so much higher! So always get those jackets, boots, motorcycle pants intact, and never ever neglect the excellent and comfortable gloves like MadBike to ensure your safety and comfort during your long rides.

Protect your hands from numbness and any serious injuries with the use of MadBike. The motorcycle gloves are a great addition to your safety gear collection. With its sturdy, waterproof, and comfortable material, your grip stays firm and controlled even when it’s cold.

All These Features Make These Madbike Motorcycle Gloves W/ Steel Alloy Nubs Gloves Extraordinary:

  • They are made of premium PU leather to give the palms traction for that non-slip grip.
  • Nubs are made out of high-quality steel alloy.
  • Fixed with a side-shell for additional protection and safety.
  • Each finger joint has molded plastic for added protection.
  • High-quality cotton inner linings and flannel fabric keep your hands warm and comfortable.
  • You can choose a black, blue, or red variant, depending on your overall styling.


MadBike’s most significant advantage is its appearance. Their rough, powerful, and excellent design adds to the badass biker style. 

These great gloves are the perfect choice for the experienced biker who knows the dangers on the road and solves them with style. 

Get these gloves, and be like the experienced bikers: prepared, comfortable, cool, emitting biker-style toughness.

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  • MadBike features a Finger Touch Screen Design: It contains conductive metal fibers on the index finger and thumb in both gloves so that you can work with all touch screen devices with ease. 
  • You can get full protection on all your rides: It has built-in alloy steel protectors that give extra cushion for impact. The gloves prevent fingers and knuckles from being injured and hurt. At the same time, there are also additional padded protectors for the thumbs and palms.
  • It comes with Anti-shock and Anti-slip design: The palm pad protects your palm from bumps, humps, and impacts. MadBike gloves come with a good grip for the non-slip design on the palm that helps you better maintain and control your motorcycle. 
  • It gives extra comfort, especially for long rides: The gloves are more durable and comfortable to wear with their quality leather. The elastic strap around the glove’s wrist provides complete user control over how the glove fits on the hand. At the same time, the leather part between the forefinger and the thumb allows a comfortable fit when in use and anti-slip protection when holding the motorcycle handlebar.
  • It is not just great for motorcycle rides, but it also comes with a wide range of uses: MadBike is also Great for motorcycle, riding, cycling, ATV, hunting, hiking, riding, climbing, and training sports.

Size Chart


  • Material: Nylon, EVA sponge, alloy steel protection;
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red;
  • Size: M / L / XL /XXL

Package Includes

  • 1 pair of gloves

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Danny R. Griffin
Great for Sim Racing!

I’ve had these for about a month and I can say they are great for sim racing. They protect my whole hand from the steering wheel, are great at keeping my hands dry and have wonderful touch screen sensitivity. The great thing about these is that the strap can be set tightly or loose. They have great grip and have been durable so far. Great for the price!

Kelvin A.jacobus

I was just an average rider, but once I slipped these gloves on I was like Evel Knievel. I lined up about 113 school buses and hit the ramp like a pro then came crashing down like the legend himself. I broke both legs and arms my back was broken in five places and suffered a major concussion...but my hands were just fine! Great gloves.

rodney F. price
Great for Light Offroad Duty

I ordered these specifically for a trip I just finished. We rented motorcycles in Nicaragua for a week and I wanted something that would be light weight, breathable, and give me the grip I needed while riding. These were absolutely perfect for that. The palms have some sticky material that allows you to maintain your grip on the bars, while also being breathable and as cool as your hands can be when it's 95 degrees and humid.

I took a minor spill on a very steep and rocky downgrade and only got one small cut on my palm. Wish I could say that for the rest of my body! Anyway, the gloves protected me from worse, and are still in good shape now that the trip is over. I'll start using them on my bike at home too. Fit was perfect, material is nice.

jerry A. Tennant
Saved my fingers

Clipped a trailer in traffic going about 35 and smashed my fingers between the bars .. coulda been way worse if it was not for the good gloves and the knuckle protection.The armor bead took most of the impact.

Tad K. chavez
Great riding gloves, thick and durable leather, Saved hands in accident!!

Update, got in to motorcycle accident last year at 65mph and these things saved my hands from being turned in to hamburger meat. Bike pinned my right hand to the pavement before throwing me and breaking my finger. Great pair of riding gloves! Thick durable leather and breathable, grip in palm for throttle and handle bar control! Great knuckle and back of hand protection! Better then I was expecting ordering online and was well worth the price! Fits as expected, wrist a little tight getting on but fits the wrist when fully on.