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TheKneeExpert Compression Knee Brace

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TheKneeExpert Compression Knee Brace

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

2022’s Runners Most Trusted Knee Brace

Fighting off knee pain is every runner’s nightmare. Not only does it affect your overall running performance, but it could also disrupt your training in achieving your goals. Get the right protection for your knees and legs and take your mind out of annoying knee pain with our NEW and IMPROVED Compression Knee Brace by TheKneeExpert.

Our knee brace design offers unrivaled support and stabilization for your knees. Focus on your game, prevent injuries, and/or increase and speed up recovery from demanding sports activities with this easy strap-on knee and leg supporter. With its breathable fabric and 360-degrees compression/stabilization, you’ll get a knee supporter that is comfortable to wear and provides maximum knee assistance regardless of your choice of sport.

Why Choose to Buy TheKneeExpert Compression/Stabilization Knee Brace?

  • Flexible and Practical: Durable for long-term use, breathable for optimal comfort, and elastic adjustable straps for a firm and reliable hold.
  • Innovative Design: Designed with 3D weaving technology to offer a highly elastic and soft fabric for maximum comfort and hold.
  • Universal Easy Fit: Can be adjusted to fit any knee size.
  • Superior Support: Offers 360 degrees protection to support the knee fully and comes with a pressure bandage for extra support.

Designed to Power Your Performance

Our Doctor-Recommended knee brace/supporter is designed to reduce the heavy load off your knee during exercise to lessen pain and promote recovery. With the use of 3D weaving technology creates a highly elastic knee pad, TheKneeExpert provides maximum comfort and stability as you break a sweat at the gym, on the tracks, or in any physically demanding activity. Our knee brace will not restrain your movement. It is set to hold your knee and offer complete protection to prevent injuries and pain.


 Size Chart

Size       Length               Wide Mouth         Lower Mouth Width           Suitable for Leg Circumference         Suitable Weight

M:         26cm/10.2in           15.5cm/6.1in              13.5cm/5.3in                              30-35cm/11.8-13.7in                                 90-120kg/99-132lb
L:          26cm/10.2in            16cm/6.2in                14cm/5.5in                                 35-42cm/13.7-16.5in                                 120-150kg/132-165lb
XL:       27cm/10.6in            17.5cm/6.8in             15.5cm/6.1in                              42-52cm/16.5-20.4in                                150-200kg/165-220lb

Package Include:

  • 2*Knee Brace

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
elizabeth R. Morton

I got this knee sleeve after meniscus surgery. I ordered a large based on measurements, although I was concerned that given that it was unisex, that would be too large, but it actually fits perfectly! anything smaller I think would be too tight around my thigh. The sleeve is very comfortable, and fits well under spandex leggings, although I doubt that it would work under tight jeans as it's not a think fabric. I've worn it for at least 6 hours, and didn't even notice it was on. The knit is flexible and soft. It's not a compression sleeve, but seems to have decreased my pain/discomfort after wearing it for pilates and walking. Would highly recommend.

Dennis N. Ellsworth
I tried this brace and I like it. I feel it gives my knee the ...

I tore a meniscus years ago, and have avoided surgery on it. Now, more than 40 years later, I have some pain in my knee, especially with any lateral torque. I have tried many different knee braces; mostly they either cut off circulation or slip down. I tried this brace and I like it. I feel it gives my knee the support it needs laterally so I can walk and attend Silver Sneakers classes without worrying about torqueing my knee. It does not cut off my circulation, and doesn't slip down. I can adjust the lateral support to the location and tension I need for my knee. I have suggested it to another Silver Sneaker parlticipant that has a similar problem. Very satisfied with this product.

Walter C. lopez
Great for reducing swelling post op

I recently had a total knee replacement and have been having a lot of swelling around my knee. Wearing this brace has made my knee much more comfortable and has definitely reduced the swelling. Walking is much easier while wearing this brace. One note about sizing. If you are having swelling size up one size even if your thigh measurement is the smaller size. I purchased a small initially but it hurt too bad on top of the knee, just too much pressure. I then purchased a medium and it is perfect for what I need.

roy N. McLaren
Fits and supports perfectly

The knee support fits perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. It does not slip down. It provides support, but is comfortable. My knee, which was operated on more than 50 years ago, was painful after a short walk. Now I can walk 2 miles with no pain. Highly recommended.
Hiked more than 6 miles out West in one day, more than 3 miles on two days (including elevation changes) and this knee support worked perfectly. No pain. No movement internally. Great product.

Jacob M. Williams
Works great!

I have severe arthritis in my left knee. I can't take time off to get this fixed until the winter so I am hobbling along until then. This brace gives a lot of support to my knee. It was not too tight at the top like most other ones are. I have tried a few in my search for relief and help. This brace helps me walk and keeps the pain down to a minimum.