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TekiCount 3D Walking Step Counter with Carabiner Clip On Pedometer

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TekiCount 3D Walking Step Counter with Carabiner Clip On Pedometer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Simple Yet Focused Pedometer for Your Fitness Goals

At TekiCount, our mission originated in pursuing a pedometer that provides simplistic, improved features to make all its users better through design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Track your steps without disturbances. TekiCount brings you an easy-to-use step counter that focuses on your goal!

Why Choose TekiCount Pedometer?

  • The simplest way to track your steps accurately
  • Easy to use, Lanyard-Free, and no complicated settings—pull the battery insulator tab out of the back attach it to your belt loop or keychain.
  • Suitable for men, women, and kids who want to count their steps regularly
  • Want to know how many steps your dog made in the day? You can attach the TekiCount on their collar and get the numbers you’re looking for
  • TekiCount Pedometer count steps accurately. You can walk 500 steps to test it.

We’re 100% Easy to Carry

Small size, lightweight, easy to place anywhere—that’s what makes TekiCount unique. You can also put the device in your pocket bag or hang it anywhere with a loop. Our design guarantees a simple and easy-to-use pedometer for all your daily activities.

Acquire Accurate Data

Using 3D sensor technology, you can accurately calculate your number of steps, correct the wrong number of steps within 10 steps, and accurately understand your distance and calorie consumption.

Take Advantage of Our Accurate Tracking Features

The goal-setting stage is designed through the goal progress bar, and you can easily use it to track your own pace. Set daily goal steps and maintain a proactive spirit to achieve health goals.

7-day Memory to Know Your Progress

Our 7-day distance memory feature gives you a calorie history report to better understand your exercise status. The pedometer automatically saves the data every day and resets it at midnight every day.

Automatic Sleep for Battery-Saving

Once the device recognizes that you’re not moving for over 3 minutes, it will automatically sleep to save battery. And once you start moving again, it will automatically reboot and count your steps without pushing any button.

Long Battery Lifespan

We use a CR2032 battery that can last up to 1-2 years.

Package Include:

  • 1 * Pedometer

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Roseanne B. Glasco

I bought the pedometer for my little sister, she loves doing sports and is always counting the calories she burns and how far she walks, this pedometer measures how far you have walked and also the calories you have burned, it is very easy to use and program, it you can take it anywhere since it does not weigh and fits anywhere, it also has a carabiner to hook it wherever you want, it does not weigh anything, it is very good

Gregory N. reaves

Simple to use has several functions e.g. seven day tracker, distance but I only wanted the step counter. Clips discretely onto my bra strap, handbag and waistband - I don't always have belt loops or a pocket so needed something that was adaptable.
Have tried counting steps myself to see how it compares and have found it to be pretty accurate.

gary J. alvarado
Good Product

Best pedometer that I have bought. Usually I have trouble setting them up but this was really easy. It does everything it claims to and the display easy to read and very accurate compared to my old pedometer.I have had no problems with it falling off the clip is very secure .previously pedometers fall off my waste band but this has not fallen off once while carrying out my daily activities including physical exercise and walking.Worth every penny ,highly recommended.

Thomas L. garrison
Does what it says

I bought this as we were doing a work challenge to do 7500 steps per day and I wear a watch so did not want a fit bit to replace it. I also do not always remember to carry my phone to count my steps.
This is perfect as I simply clip it on to my trouser belt each morning and it counts every step.
I can simply press the reset button every Sunday night and it has counted my steps for the week.

martha T. Desai
Really pleased

Really pleased with this pedometer. Using it for the first time with a goal of 10,000 steps I was delightfully surprised to find I had actually walked 13,181 steps. I had this clipped to my bra strap and I forgot it was there, it was that comfortable. I Like the fact this can be clipped to your bag, bra strap, placed in your pocket as well as hanging from a belt. Well worth the money and I would recommend this to all