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Snugiz PRO Electric Heated Gloves – Waterproof, Windproof, 3 Heating Settings, Touchscreen Compatible, Breathable Design and Anti-Slip Grip

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Snugiz PRO Electric Heated Gloves – Waterproof, Windproof, 3 Heating Settings, Touchscreen Compatible, Breathable Design and Anti-Slip Grip

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

For Your Warm Hands This Winter, Be Snugiz.

Say “no more” to frozen fingers, painful or numb hands. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind comfort this cold season with our specially designed waterproof, battery-powered heated glove and keep your hands all warm and toasty. It’s your one size fits all protection this winter.

Experience Snugiz and Enjoy the Comfort

With temperatures dropping and snow falling, it is time for you to get your hand on Snugiz Electric Heated Gloves, literally. This heated glove has 3 heating levels that you can easily alternate by pressing the button on the back to target your comfort level.

It’s the BEST and HIGH-QUALITY heated glove—thanks to its waterproof, windproof, breathable, wear-resistant, and anti-slip features that make the Snugiz extra comfy in all winter activities.

The soft linings on the inside offer maximum comfort and excellent warm-keeping performance, too, so you’ll feel at ease regardless of how long the device is in use. It even comes with touch screen functionality on the index and finger and thumb to allow you to use your smart devices easily.

Since the Snugiz is a one size fits all protection, it includes an adjustable belt so you can tighten it depending on your wrist size. This glove is unisex making it suitable for anyone.

Thermal Performance Superimposed Design

The Snugiz Heated Gloves let your hands say goodbye to cold weather. Invisible heating chip + super thick cotton + reinforced PU leather can be used in a colder environment and keep heat to the maximum extent.

3-Level Temperature Control Design

The 3-level temperature control: high-grade intelligent three heating mode settings: high, medium, and low. Convenient switching can provide the most suitable warmth for people in need.

Touch Sensor Design

Five fingers are designed with touch sensors, which allow flexible operation of various electronic devices without exposing fingers to cold.

Waterproof and Windproof Design

The gloves include a waterproof layer and a ventilation barrier, which can prevent the cold and moisture in the air from entering, and let the sweat vapor escape at the same time. The cuffs are designed with a pull-out elastic band to tighten the cuffs, which has a good windproof effect.

How To Use

  • Put out the black case from the glove’s pocket.
  • Connect the black case to the plug located in the glove’s pocket.
  • Switch the ON/OFF button on the black case.
  • Press and hold the 3 levels heat control button on the back of gloves when you see the lights on.
  • Press the 3 levels button to adjust the temperatures, Red (High), Blue (Medium), Green(Low).

Winter Electric Heated Gloves Thermal Hand Warmers With Touch Screen

Why Choose Snugiz Heated Gloves?

Having your hands exposed to the cold is UNCOMFORTABLE. Imagine keeping your hands cozy and warm while working outside, building a snowman, fishing, skiing, snowboard, or just having fun? For sure, you’ll enjoy every second you spend playing in the snow with your friends or family.

  • ✅ Warm your hands in less than 60 seconds
  • ✅ Made to withstand brutal, freezing winters
  • ✅ Great gift for a loved one (For Men or Women!)
  • ✅ Used and approved by Ice fisherman in Norway (Can withstand -25°C/-13°F!)

Winter Electric Heated Gloves Thermal Hand Warmers With Touch Screen



  • Material: Nylon + Cotton
  • Weight: about 372g
  • Features:  Warm, non-slip, touch screen
  • Warm keeping time: about 3-8 hours

Package Included: 

  • 1x Pair of Heating Gloves

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Gene I. Cross
Good Product

They fit well and they warm up pretty quick. Great for shoveling snow or cleaning off your car. Definitely will be wearing these next time I go skiing. I know they will be a big advantage out on the slopes. It keeps you warm does the job. They are comfy and super warm. I very satisfied with this purchase.

Willie F. Schrader
Father in law very excited to take them skiing

My father in law was about to spend a few hundred bucks on some heated gloves, so I got him these ones. On the warmest setting, they are quite toasty. Depending on your use case, I'd recommend trying the medium setting first, as that will greatly extend your battery life, and you may not need any more heat than that anyway.

The gloves were surprisingly flexible and thin. The picture makes them look very bulky, like gloves you can't really grab anything while wearing. I found them to be very comfortable and a lot easier to maneuver in than I was expecting.

Battery life seems to be about as advertised, but plan for it to be shorter if you're working in very cold temperatures. All in all, they seem like a good product for someone who wants to go skiing.

Debra M. Pedraza
Best gift Ever

I bought these for my boyfriend this past Christmas. He absolutely loves them. No complaints this year with shoveling the drive or side walks, he's even done the neighbors. He has also gone out of his way to clear off my car and the two older neighbors at 5am!! My intention was to help him with disc golfing to keep his hands warm. What a benefit tough!!

Stephen D. Jenkins
keeps finger tips warm

I have vascular damage in my finger tips. My fingers will go numb with minimal cold exposure. I have searched for winter gloves that would keep my hands warm during snow shoeing, shoveling and other cold weather activities. I live in the extreme Northern part of the US with temperatures that can dip to below -20. I have tried many types of gloves, hand warmers etc. These are the first ones to keep my hands/fingers warm. So Happy to find these.

alfred D. cohen
Best winter gloves ever!

Best winter gloves ever! Cannot believe they arrived so fast!. These are really nice gloves very well-made and very nice. They’re quite warm even without turning on the heat. They couldn’t be easier to use batteries come preinstalled long press the button and it turns on high then just press the button to cycle through the settings - high, medium or low. The long press to turn them off again. The heat up quick we’re already getting our first snow here in Massachusetts and we’re supposed to get a foot of it. I put them on to take the dogs out for a walk in the snow and they got warm very quickly. They are very toasty. Bottom line I could not be happier with these gloves! The fit is perfect I got a size large. My wife tried them on, her hands are a little smaller than mine but they still fit comfortably. I wouldn’t even wait I would buy them right now if word gets out they’re gonna sell like hotcakes - these gloves are absolutely amazing! These are going to come in very handy for me this winter walking the dogs, hiking and hunting! I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t say it enough times - these gloves are awesome! Very highly recommended!!