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SlendaSpin Color Changing Weighted Hula Hoop for Weight Loss

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SlendaSpin Color Changing Weighted Hula Hoop for Weight Loss

In Stock · FREE Shipping!
Spinning the hula hoop is calorie-consuming aerobic exercise – it’s a great exercise tool if you want to lose serious calories! But here’s the truth – exercising with a hula hoop can be really difficult and exhausting. It’s a pretty high-maintenance exercise, too. But here’s great news – there’s a hula hoop that’s easy, lightweight, convenient, and highly effective! Introducing one of the crowd favorites – the SlendaSpin.

  • 360° surround massage
    360° multi-directional magnetic therapy massage,each section contains a magnetic sheet,magnetic therapy can promote fat metabolism,achieve rapid fat reduction and weight loss,and eliminate waist fatigue,making you feel more relaxed.
  • 2 IN 1 Fitness and Massage
    Smart Hula Hoop with soft gravity ball can Quickly Consume Body Fat and Eliminate Fatigue, weighted loss. For Those Who Have Been Sitting at Home in the Office for a Long Time, You Must Use this Product if you Feel Backache to Achieve a Relaxed State.
  • SOFT and comfortable
    360 Degree Massage Circle Soft Hula hoop allows you to exercise comfortably faster Burning Fat than normal hula hoop. 30 minutes a day to strengthen your Waist.
  • EASY to use
    Smart hula hoop is simple and easy to use. It can also be used easily for hula hoops for adult beginners. Just adjusted according to the size of the body, making it easy to fix and not fall. Smart hula hoop can tighten the waistline without hurting the hips.
  • EASY to wear
    The stitching design can be worn from the waist by yourself according to the size of your waist, and then buckled, will not fall, do not need to wear from the buttocks, even people with prominent buttocks can also use it.

Product Description

Hula Hoop That Will Not Fall

LED Display Screen
It can display laps, time , calories lost and other relevant information.

Weight Ball
Only weighs a total of 370g. Add or reduce the blocks to adjust the weight that goes to the ball.

The Four wheel pulley offers flexibility and durability.

Detachable Section
Total of 16 sections. Every section is detachable. The massage head is made of soft materials which has a built-in magnet. The hula hoop feels comfortable overall.

Family Sports
It can be used by every family member, and it is easy to use for people with poor physical fitness. It is an excellent new fitness circle.

Soft silicone massage head
The soft silicone massage ball design can tighten the waist and soften the skin. Silicone coated magnets will burn crazy fat during exercise, making you achieve those fitness goals in no time!

Seamless built-in guide rail
Get more control with the hula hoop.

King Kong Bearing
Micro-resistance diamond bearing,the collision of circles and arcs eliminates edges and corners which makes the machine more flexible when rotating; it also extends the service life of metal bearings.


product information

  • 16 detachable knots
  • weight:4.5lbs
  • Suitable waist circumference: 23.6-50 inches

Product details

  • Package Dimensions : 14.5 *13.6 * 3.74 inches ; 3.53 Pounds
  • Batteries : 1 LR44 batteries required. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lindsey Fields
Easy exercise!!! Gets you moving!

So much fun!!!!! This is perfect for exercise with music. Great buy! Waist toner all while having fun. Never thought I would be able to hula hoop I can now!

Brittany Jackson
Worth buying good quality and cheaper in the long run

Great work out easy to use excellent quality. Glad I decided on this one.
I figured it’s worth spending more for one good quality product instead of buying multiple poor quality products and spending way more.

Kevin Gonzalez
Works as it should

I do resonate with some of the other reviews, the material that this is made of does seem to be kind of cheap. However, this hula in particular was much cheaper than other ones I’ve seen listed while it does the job just fine I would still recommend it if you don’t have a higher budget. A downside is that it is sometimes hard for me to click the pieces together or take them apart. There was one time when I used it was spinning so fast my finger touched the place that the weight was spinning it went over my finger which obviously hurt a lot but didn’t leave a really big injury so if you purchase this I do advise you to be careful when it’s in use. You definitely don’t want to drop it on your feet as the weight is quite heavy so that is something to watch out for too. I haven’t used it a lot yet, but after all, it serves its purpose therefore I guess it’s okay.

Sadie Hansen
Easy to use

Bought because of TikTok. I use it on my easy workout days. Easy to use. Fun to use the counter and see how much you can do.

Hattie Powell
Great hula hoop as a gift

My mom loves sports but still have fat on her waist, and she doesn’t know how to use a hula hoop, so I bought this smart hula hoop as a Christmas gift for her. She didn't even know that there is a smart hula hoop in the world. It is very convenient and very suitable for her. She is very satisfied,and happy with it.