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SecureWave Solar Powered and Hand Crank Emergency Radio with 4000mAh Power Bank, AM/FM/WB/NOAA Weather Alert, SOS Alarm, and Flashlight

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SecureWave Solar Powered and Hand Crank Emergency Radio with 4000mAh Power Bank, AM/FM/WB/NOAA Weather Alert, SOS Alarm, and Flashlight

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Are you looking for a reliable and multifunctional emergency tool for your home or outdoor adventures? Look no further than the SecureWave Solar Powered and Hand Crank Emergency Radio with 4000mAh Power Bank, AM/FM/WB/NOAA Weather Alert, SOS Alarm, and Flashlight.


With the increase in natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, it’s essential to have a tool that can help you stay informed and connected during emergencies. This upgraded version of the NOAA weather radio is designed to keep you safe and secure in any situation.

The SecureWave emergency radio has multiple features that make it a must-have for every household. It alerts you when NOAA is on and gives you plenty of time to deal with disasters such as Tornados, Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, Floods, Earthquakes, etc. You can charge it in four ways – using the type-c data cable, hand-crank charging, solar charging, and AAA batteries replacement. The built-in flashlight and reading light come in handy during power outages, and the SOS alert can prompt others to find and help you.


This compact and portable radio is only 350 grams, equivalent to the weight of a mobile phone. Its size is 6×1.8×3 inches, making it easy to carry. With a 3.5mm headphone jack on the side, you can enjoy the broadcast alone without disturbing others. Its updated LCD screen displays the current channel and battery status, ensuring reliable reception and fast scanning. The SecureWave emergency radio is a comprehensive and essential supply that can provide you with all-around help in emergencies.

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen – be prepared with the SecureWave. Get yours today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a reliable and multifunctional emergency tool at your fingertips.

  • NOAA Weather Alert: This upgraded weather radio can alert you when NOAA is on, giving you plenty of time to deal with disasters.
  • 4 Ways to Charge: It can be charged in multiple ways including hand-crank, solar, AAA batteries, and type-c data cable.
  • Emergency Light & SOS Alert: It features a built-in flashlight and reading light for power outages and a SOS alert for emergencies.
  • High-definition LCD Display: The updated channel display method allows for quick and easy access to the current channel and battery status.
  • Portable Radio & Headphone Jack: It is lightweight and portable, weighing only 350 grams, with a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.
  • 2023 Newest Weather Radio: This multifunctional weather radio is a must-have emergency tool for every family with its multiple functions.
  • AM/FM/WB Multi-Channel Search: It has a multi-channel search function that includes AM/FM/WB, and reliable reception with fast scanning capabilities.
  • 4000mAh Large Capacity Power Bank: It has a 4000mAh power bank for charging mobile devices in case of an emergency.
  • SOS Alert for Help: The built-in SOS alert will prompt others to find and help you during an emergency.
  • Lengthened Antenna: The lengthened antenna increases the signal stability of the radio.
  • Emergency and Reading Lights: The emergency radio features 3 LED flashlight modes, an adjustable reading light, and a high-definition LCD display for easy navigation.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Roy Beatty
 Packed with features

This is like the Swiss Army Knife of Solar flashlight/radios! I am so happy with it! The flashlight is bright and has a separate area that flips up to become a reading light. I charged my radio by setting it out in the sun one afternoon (so no more than a few hours) and the radio played and the lights shown brightly. I also tried the hand-crank which gave energy to power both the radio and flashlight being on at the same time with no more than a few revolutions of the crank. I like that there is a way to charge my cell phone in an emergency with using only solar power. The radio plays most stations even without deploying the antenna (but better with the antenna). Small, lightweight, it is fitted with a strap and carabiner for attaching it to your belt or hanging it from a rope. They were really thinking when they designed this one. I would definitely recommend this for earthquake or disaster kits.

Justin Moore
Must Have for Emergencies

The features of this are a pretty good bang for the buck. If the power goes out, this will still work. Has a little light on it and of course is capable of charging cell phones. The solar function on it works better than I figured it would, as I used the radio all day while camping and I never had to crank it once. That night I had to do a bit of cranking when the sun went down, but it seems to last quite a long time. I haven't ever drained the battery completely yet,it is there for if I need it in a pinch. Great multi function item for your camp bag or bug out bag for if you want to still get the news on the radio and weather, while keeping your phone completely charged while camping as well. Worth the reasonable dollar I spent on it for my outdoors lifestyle. The speaker does get louder than I expected as well. So if a good song comes on and your in the middle of nowhere, you can crank it up pretty good, and listen to it's decent reception at elevated levels of volume. Good purchase overall. I would recommend this to anyone, as a backup in the least in emergency power failures.

Shawn Robinson
COMMUNICATION during storm

I like the versatility of this product. As this will be used for communications during a hurricane, I DO love that there are multiple ways to charge this. its features a solar panel for charging and also has a rechargeable battery option OR 3 insertable AA batteries. Moreover, the battery door does NOT fully detach from unit, which is REALLY convenient so as not to lose it, especially when fumbling around in possible situations of power loss/dark environments. Lastly, I really like the fact that it has a light feature, which can toggle between reading lamp, SOS red light OR flashlight! Overall, I feel the versatility of this little unit is packed with multiple features and at great cost! Without hesitation, I would recommend this to anyone looking to buy such product!

Stephen Vasquez
It Performs Better than Expected.

I looked at all the emergency radios on here. I finally decided to buy this one after reading tons of reviews on many different radio's. I work nights so I take a radio in with me to help pass the hours. I was pleasantly surprised at the great AM reception I got with no static. They must have put a noise suppressor in it. The radio has performed above my expectations. The radio is very sturdy, those who complained that they broke the winder must have abused it because it's clearly built to do the job.
The reading light on the back of the solar panel works just fine. I like the built in carrying strap and the compact design.I would recommend this radio for anyone who wants a compact portable to take to the beach, or the woods. I thought the price was very reasonable for a great little portable radio.

Clarence Frink
Very happy with this purchase.

I don't just like it, I LOVE IT!!! Seriously I don't do many reviews but this purchase exceeded my expectations. The sound and clarity is amazing. I have been wanting an emergency radio for over 10 years, and have always thought you would have to pay a lot of money for a decent one. This was so affordable so I was really shocked by how good it sounded. It has many features. I cranked it up and the stations came in clear as a bell. You can recharge it with your computer, 3 AA batteries or an AC adapter; when you are in bright sunlight you can also use the solar panel. The crank charge works great and holds for a very long time. I just cranked it 100 times and it is still going at the end of the day. You can also charge your smart phone with it!
It has a reading light that was very pleasant to read by, a flash light (not real powerful but very handy in an emergency to find your way around. It has a station panel light, and a red emergency flashing light. I can carry it around from room to room easily and I love having it in the kitchen when I am working. This was my present to myself and I am very happy to have it; and now I also have it in case of any emergency.