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LoKator Pro Metal Detector With Search Coil

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LoKator Pro Metal Detector With Search Coil

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



EXTRAORDINARY finds start with EXTRAORDINARY equipment—LoKator Pro

For your best discovery yet, here’s a metal detector that not only increases your chances of unearthing valuable items but also understands your skill level.

Hunt for coins, jewelry, gold nuggets, and silver anywhere with ease and accuracy with the LoKator Pro Metal Detector.

Designed with specialized controls and features, this metal detector aims to make your metal prospecting fun and easy. It’s perfect for…

✅ Beginners who need an upgrade to increase their chances of finding valuable discoveries
✅ Kids and science experiments
✅ Families looking for a fun and exciting activity to do during travels
✅ And, anyone who’s interested to immerse themselves in the world of metal prospecting

Why choose the LoKator Pro?

  • Widely Used: The LoKator Pro with its specialized controls and features is perfect for finding metal objects that are hidden.
  • Designed to Find Metal: Search gold & silver jewelry, coins, and other metal in the ground with excellent accuracy.
  • Easy-to-Use Operation: This metal detector is tailor-made for inexperienced metal finders and suitable for children.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Easily control the device’s sensitivity to increasing your chances of finding your targets. With just one twist of the know, switch to your preferred sensitivity anytime.
  • Adjustable Volume: Adjust the volume level of the speaker when searching to find missing or lost coins, pieces of jewelry, and other metal objects.
  • Detection Indication: The LoKator comes with an audio alert and LCD indicator to notify you that your target has been detected. This interface makes it easy for you to spot the location of your target.
  • Waterproof Search Coil: Search hidden treasures underwater with LoKator’s waterproof coil. Take it with you during travels and summer trips and have fun searching for lost items, metals, and other precious metals.

Sharing some of our favorite reviews to help you decide if the LoKator Pro is for you!

Just starting with metal prospecting? Start with this device!

I’m new to metal prospecting, and I may not have that much experience to recommend products, but in my beginner’s journey, I found it easy to learn and improve my skill using this device. Well, this device is not as powerful as those heavy-duty detectors you see on Youtube. In fact, this device is tailored specifically for beginners and kids. But, the great thing about this device is it teaches you the basics, such as understanding how sensitivity works, proper handling, and searching techniques. The LoKator makes everything easy for you while keeping precision and increasing your chances of finding something valuable in your early days. There’s not much setting up to do or anything too complex just to make the device work. Once you pull it out of the box, you can easily run a few rounds in your backyard and play around. So if you’re a beginner like me, this is a good starting point.

Josh J., Verified Purchase

Great device to bond with kids!

Love this metal detector! It’s easy, quick, and fun to use, unlike those products I saw on Amazon. I highly recommend this device if you’re looking for something that can make things easy for kids to understand. So, if you’re a parent with a kid who’s interested in pirate treasures and rocks, this is the PERFECT device to buy.

Jenna H., Verified Purchase



  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Detector Diameter: 6.10inch
  • Detect Objects: Metal(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver)
  • Detection Mode: All Metal
  • Operating Frequency: 55.2KHZ
  • Operating Current: Standby 20mA, Max 70mA
  • Operating Voltage Range: 7V-9V
  • Detection Indication: LCD Display, Sound Mode
  • Sensitivity: One Coin: 10mm, Stepless Adjustable
  • Detection Depth: 10-100cm (Depends on the target area you detect)
  • Battery: 1 * 6F22 9V Battery (Not Included)
  • Application: Looking for Coins, Silver & Gold, Detecting All Kinds of Metal, Scientific Education, Parents-and-Kids Activity,
  • Simple Metal Detection
  • Operating Temperature: -15~45° / 5~113°
  • Storage Temperature: -20~60° / -4~140°
  • Item Size: 19 * 15.5 * 67cm / 7.48 * 6.10 * 26.38in
  • Item Weight: 390g / 13.74oz
  • Package Size: 40 * 18.5 * 6.5cm / 15.75 * 7.28 * 2.56in
  • Package Weight: 555g / 19.54oz

Note: The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not waterproof.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Metal Detector Main Unit with Search Coil
    1 * Connecting Rod
    1 * Armrest
    1 * User Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jamal dean
Cool item!!!!

I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile and decided to get this one. Very cool my daughter and I tossed some change out in the yard just to test it out and it found them. Now we are taking it to the beach this weekend!!!!

Marilyn hodge
Works great!

The sensitivity of this detector is so good that I was able to locate the parcel quickly. The driver had thoughtfully managed to deposit the parcel on the ground under a bush at the side of my house. I managed to find it following the loud clear bleep which turned out to be the product detecting metal.
On closer inspection of the ground beneath the soggy package I saw the tip of something shiny.

Following a dig around with the assistance of the local archaeological society, we unearthed a large collection of saxon coins and some religious artefacts that are now being assessed by the British Museum.

I can honestly say that without this fantastic product, I would not today be writing this review from my penthouse apartment in Nottinghill while enjoying a happy ending with Penelope and drinking champagne.

sophie manus
beach hunting is possible.

I bought this for my son when he turned 6 years old. He uses it around our backyard or when we are on camping trips. So far he has found a handful of loose change and a few die-cast cars. Looking forward to going treasure hunting on the beach this summer.

Charles McClaran
A great starter detector

As a started metal detector this is a grwta way to get going. The box it arrives in is very light and an early indicator on a nice light metal detector that's ideal for my 8 year old son and myself alike it's more than light enough for him to use it for prolonged periods of time.
The digital screen makes it all look high tech and get my sons attention quickly.
It's actually pretty good at licking up metal objects and sensitivity can be adjusted to ignore many useless metallic objects.
Pinpoint mode is really useful when metal is within range and helps identify it quickly and means its much easier and quicker to get too.

The detector and shovel fit in the very useful carry bag too. Great fun and pretty accurate.

brenda D. Reed
Easy to use

My husband has been like a little kid looking for treasures. (watches Curse of Oak Island way to much). He's now an expert in his mind about him. This little gadget makes all sorts of noises depending on what it's detecting and he's got them all down. He's extremely happy with it. We did also order a little hand held one to help pin point smaller items. I recommend getting that too. Extremely easy to use and because of design your arm don't get tired real fast.