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BlackFinds Pinpointer Metal Detector, IP68 Waterproof Wand Finder

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BlackFinds Pinpointer Metal Detector, IP68 Waterproof Wand Finder

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Handheld Metal Detector Pinpointer for Small-Scale and Precise Positioning. Get into deep detection that large metal detector devices can’t!

Our one-button operation, handheld metal detector gets into areas where low-frequency, multi-frequency, or even pulse induction detectors can’t. The BlackFinds Metal Detector Pinpointer works with a 360° detective probe design and deep detection that expands your detection area and reduces target loss.

Looking for metal parts lost somewhere in your backyard? Or diving underwater to find precious metals? Our BlackFinds Metal Detector is the perfect tool to increase your chances.

✅ Quick, Simple, One-Button Operation for Faster and Efficient Metal Prospecting
✅ Detects Various Metals, such as Iron, Aluminum, Gold, Bronze, and Silver
✅ Pinpoints Your Finds Exact Location
✅ No More Searching Out the Ground with Your Bare Hands!

Why Choose Us?

Still can’t decide if our BlackFinds Metal Detector is for you? Check out these amazing advantages!

360 Degree Detection Probe & Three Optional Modes

The BlackFinds Metal Detector features a 360° probe that expands the detection area and reduces target loss. It comes with 3 modes that work according to your preference.

  • Vibration Mode
  • Audio Mode
  • Vibration and Audio Mode Conversion (suitable for quiet, noisy, seabed, and other environments)

Fully Waterproof Design

In any weather, heavy rain, even in lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans, you can submerge the metal detector in the water to find the hidden treasures underwater.

Deep Detection of Various Metals

The metal detector wand can locate the object quickly and accurately (up to 4.5 inches). It can detect iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, and silver. It can help you achieve small-scale precise positioning that large metal detectors can’t do.

One-Button Operation, Lightweight and Portable

One button operation for power on (long press) and mode conversion (click once). All you need to do is press the button and start hunting for treasures. The length and weight of the metal detector are only 10.5 inches and 5.3 ounces, respectively. It is a perfect gift for various people such as children, men, and the elderly as a Christmas gift, birthday gift, party gift, etc.

From Reviewers:

“The Handheld Metal Detector is the perfect way to find hidden treasures and lost jewels. I love this thing!”
—Aaron J., Verified Purchase

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Detector
  • 1 * 9V Battery
  • 1 * Belt Holster
  • 1 * Carrying Bag
  • 1 * Retractable Hanging Cord
  • 1 * User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
June A. Hawkins
My first pinpointer, works great

As someone new to metal detecting, I was getting frustrated with how long it was taking to find a metal object in the plug I dug. I'm glad I listed to the advice to get a pinpointer. I can't image detecting without one now.
After reading reviews, I knew I wanted to stay away from the cheap pinpointers, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. This one was inexpensive and has been flawless for me in pinpointing objects within the plug. It seems pretty well made to.

derrick newport

I did not want to spend about $100 on a metal detector and took my chances with this little tool to find the property line stakes. Right away after receiving it, I tried it on a quarter and other small metal objects, it had a range of about 1 inch. So at that point I thought it kind of a longshot to find the property stakes. I knew the general location of the property stakes, so when I went to search for them with this tool, it found them right away and worked amazingly well! As I found out, probably because of the size of the stakes being a factor, it had a range of about 3 inches. Great, very satisfied with the purchase!

Alvin L. lewis
Great product!

I used this metal detector underwater. And we needed up finding some real gold! It wasn't much, but the nugget was visible after many tests. I had also found some other metallic ores in a nearby stream, looking like tin, or iron, maybe even magnesium, and gold.

The fact that it can go underwater, and is so easy to use and small is why I gave it 5 stars. NO metal detector on this planet should NOT be able to go underwater!

Its so small, no-one can see you are collecting metals. And if you drop it in the water, you can simply pick it up and go about. It beeps faster the closer you get to the metal which is also a great design! Its a 5 star product and the waterproofing is great too.

lelia S. Myers
Cheap and good!

Works Great! I struggled with this purchase because, like most, I want to have the best of everything. But after i used this two things happened. First of all the product worked very well. Then i thought about the concept. My metal detector already found the coin. All this did was locate it in the dirt that I dug. You just do not need anything more than this. The biggest difference in this one and an expensive one is simply the price. Its just a simple tool. So don't beat your head on the wall over buying something so simple. These work great.

Steven T. Taylor
Inexpensive, built well and works as well as any brand I've used.

Good value. If you are just starting in detecting and don't want to go into debt buying equipment then this is the pinpointer for you. I'm a long-time detectorist that has owned and used numerous detectors and pinpointers over the past 45 years. What I wouldn't have paid for this pinpointer back in the day. A pinpointer saves you time, digging and energy by quickly showing you exactly where your found object is in the dirt. You'll know in an instant if your find is still in the hole, and where in the hole or if it's in the plug of dirt you've already taken out of the hole. No serious detectorist would be without one.
It's waterproof, so you can even take it snorkeling or SCUBA diving or even in creeks where you need to pinpoint a find that you found with your detector.
This pinpointer can be set to alert you with audible beeps and vibration or just vibration for silent notification.
Inexpensive, built well and works as well as any brand I've used.