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DeTek Advanced 8FT High Sensitivity Metal Detector With Headphone and Carry Bag

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DeTek Advanced 8FT High Sensitivity Metal Detector With Headphone and Carry Bag

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Never miss a treasure, even if it’s your first time – with DeTek!

Looking for your first gold nugget? No matter if you’re a beginner or a long-time enthusiast, here’s a metal detector that can increase your chances of unearthing precious metals.

Introducing, DeTek.

It’s your first-ever all-around metal detector that requires no skill level as a winning factor. With controls and features tailored to achieve high-rate gold prospecting success, DeTek gives you…

Sophisticated ground balancing system to increase your detection depth in mineralized grounds
Separate signal gain and threshold for better and easy control of sensitivity in different locations
Unique discrimination control system to effectively target your desired metal

The DeTek Advanced Metal Detector is also an excellent device to increase your chances of finding hidden relics and coins. All thanks to its specialized and adjustable sensitivity, you can easily change frequency to effectively target high-conductivity coins, all metals, or low-conductivity metals like gold nuggets.

So get the DeTek Metal Detector today and be the expert today!


Here’s what makes the DeTek the best metal detector for searching precious metals and hidden relics!


The DeTek Metal Detector comes with a specialized sensitivity that can be adjusted according to your desired target. With just one twist of our knob controls, you can switch the device to target from high to low conductivity with ease. This all-around metal detector supports up to 8FT of detection depth and is designed with high sensitivity and accuracy. It’s also waterproof so that you can target hidden treasures underwater.
Your comfort and ease in using the device are also important to increase your chances of finding precious metals. That said, the DeTek Metal Detector gives you an adjustable stem and armrest so that you don’t have to feel the pain of unearthing lost things.
Unlike other brands that require a whole lot of setup and configuration, the DeTek Metal Detector caters to all skill levels. Its clear LCD visualizes all the data you need to create the perfect setting that fits what you’re searching for. No matter if you’re tech-savvy or not, an expert or a beginner, the DeTek Metal Detector will never make you feel lost while metal prospecting.
Better depth, better targeting means higher success. That said, the DeTek Metal Detector gives you a sophisticated ground balancing system to increase depth on mineralized locations and an easy-to-set discrimination mode so that you can easily eliminate unnecessary targets.

First time? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are some tips to help you ensure excellent performance out of your DeTek Metal Detector!

  • Adjust the Gain to a low setting in the event of false signals.
  • Do not use indoors. This detector is for outdoor use only. Many household appliances emit electromagnetic energy, which can interfere with the detector. If conducting an indoor demonstration, turn the Gain down and keep the search coil away from appliances such as computers, televisions, and microwave ovens.
  • If your detector beeps erratically, turn off appliances and lights.
  • Also keep the search coil away from objects containing metal, such as floors and walls.
  • Use a 9-volt ALKALINE battery only. Do not use heavy-duty batteries.

Device Specifications:

  • Mechanical: S-rod with electronics housing on rod, 3-piece breakdown construction, nonmetallic telescoping lower rod, adjustable position armrest
  • Weight: 2 lbs, 8 oz with battery installed
  • Standard search coil: 11-inch search coil
  • Batteries: Single 9 volt rectangular alkaline
  • Operating principle: VLF induction balance
  • Operating frequency: 19 kHz, crystal controlled
  • Reactive overload: 10,000 micro-cgs (with standard search coil)
  • Resistive overload: 1,200 micro-cgs (with standard search coil)
  • Ground balance range: From ferrite to saltwater inclusive
  • Discrimination ground suppression: Combination of 2 nd and 3 rd order methods
  • Target-ID ground suppression: 3 rd order
  • Battery life: 15+ hours on good quality alkaline
  • Operating temp range: 14 to 122 degrees F (-10 to +50 C)
  • Operating humidity range: 0 – 90% noncondensing

Planning to segway some bounty hunting during your family vacation?

DeTek’s easy-to-use interface and high-accuracy function make this device the PERFECT METAL DETECTOR to bring with you to make bounty hunting fun and easy.

  • Waterproof Detecting Plate to enable you to search lost things and valuable stuff underwater
  • Complete Package; All-in-One device
  • Adjustable and Comfortable to use
  • Suitable for all ages and skill level

Still not sure if DeTek is for you? See these amazing reviews from our customers!

I’m surprised by how good this metal detector is!

I bought this metal detector to replace my old, basic, and not-so-good device. At first glance, I know it was a nice upgrade. The look, the feel, the design all scream premium to me. Setting this one up was quick and easy too. It even comes with a bag that fits everything in one go. And here’s the thing: before I put this into real use, I tested the accuracy at home. And guess what? I was able to find an old coin buried in our backyard. The excitement was addicting. I thought there was some treasure hiding at our house. But, hey, that’s a good start! Other than that, the controls of this device are pretty good, and it’s adjustable to accommodate your size, skill level, and all. A great deal!

Jack H., Verified Purchase

Great device for a family activity

My son has been really interested in watching these folks finding treasures on Youtube. Well, probably, because of my search history, hence, he stumbled upon those videos on his recommendations. So with this in mind, I got this metal detector to start a metal prospecting bonding moment with my son. And everything was amazing. I’m no expert too, and this device made it easy for my son and me to use. We bring this along during our summer trips, and it was amazing. So far, we’ve found a couple of lost things. Nothing too valuable yet, but the fun and excitement my son and I get every time we give it a run was amazing. And that’s all that matters. Thanks, Detek!

Harold S., Verified Purchase


Search Techniques from DeTek’s Advisors:


After detecting a target, do the following:
  1. Walk around the target in a circle.
  2. While circling the target, continue sweeping the search coil across the target.
  3. Sweep once every 30° or 40° of the circle.


  • If the tone does not change and the Target-ID value is consistent as you circle the target, you can be highly confident of the target’s identification.
  • If the tone or Target-ID changes as you circle the target, you may have multiple targets or an irregularly shaped object.
  • If the tone completely disappears at different angles, the target may be trash or a low-value metal.
  • If you are new to the hobby, dig all targets. With practice in the field, you will soon be able to correlate audible and visual target feedback with certain types of metal objects.

Pinpointing in Discrimination Mode

  1. Sweep over the target in a narrowing side-to-side pattern.
  2. Take visual note of the spot on the ground where “beep” occurs.
  3. Step 90° to the side of the target.
  4. Sweep search coil over the same area, at 90° to 1st sweep pattern.
  5. This pinpoints the target location with an “X”.


After you have identified a target using Discrimination Mode, press-and-hold the PINPOINT button to identify the target’s exact location. This technique can yield more information about the target’s shape and size and also find its exact location to facilitate extraction.
Pinpoint As Follows:
  1. Position the search coil just barely off the ground, and to the side of the target.
  2. Now move the search coil slowly across the target; you can locate it by the sound. The target is located directly under where the sound is loudest.
Narrow It Down:
  1. To narrow the response further, position the center of the search coil near the center of the response pattern, but not directly over the center.
  2. Release the PINPOINT button.
  3. Press-and-hold PINPOINT button again.
  4. Repeat this narrowing procedure to narrow the field of detection further.
Note: Depth indication is less accurate after narrowing.


Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Highly recommend

After researching intermediate detectors I choose this one. Could not be more happy with this choice! There is a little bit of a learning curve but as is for all detectors. First time out around my house found penny and some other change.
Accurate display as tested with a coin test garden. I have recommended to friends and family after they asked about pictures of old coins I was posting.

Paid for itself when I found my uncles gold wedding band he lost three years ago while cutting the grass with in an hour of searching the yard!!

Great starter metal detector

I'm just starting out metal detecting and after a bunch of research I chose this model. I've never metal detected before in my life however I had watch several videos prior to the purchase so I already had a good grasp of what to do. However there is a bit of a learning curve when utilizing your metal detector. First few times that used to it I did dig up a whole lot of pop tops. After just a few days of use I was able to use the custom settings to narrow down what exactly I was looking for. So far this is a really fun hobby and since I live in Wisconsin I'm already thinking that I'm going to hate it when winter comes because I won't be able to go out and take things up. The detector is built well is very easy to use and is light. I would recommend it for anybody who is just starting out because it has just enough options to make metal detecting enjoyable. I highly recommend for anybody who starting out.

Terry Pierson

I bought this for my adult son for his birthday and he very happy with it. It was easy to assemble, and after thumbing through the manual they were able to figure out the settings and which one to use for each type of metal, area, etc. They've found some cool things so far, and I know they'll find many treasures in the years to come!

james bratten
Great features at a fantastic value.

When I received the Metal Detector, I opened it up and found that everything was packed very well.

At first, the unit was only about 65-70% accurate on the type of metal (100% sensitive that metal was present). After adjusting the sensitivity some and playing with the distances, I would say it was up to 80-90% accurate. Testing was done with a penny, dime, quarter, gold ring and a few types of nails.

My first dry day was yesterday so I took it out to my 26 acre property for some testing and to get used to it's function in the field. I was only out for a relatively short time, but was able to detect various metals at various distances in the ground with ease. Not having the right digging tool at the time. I just up-earthed a few items that were closer to the surface. No real treasures (very old beer can and some shotgun shells, all at about 3" down) but the discrimination feature was accurate, as was the estimated depth of the item. I'm very much looking forward to mapping out my property.

The ONLY Con that I have on this unit...and it's not that bad..I wish the display was a little brighter. Also, if the sun hits is dead-on, the glare is pretty bad. Combine the two and you're having to move the detector around to see the display better. Again, for the price, quality and features, this isn't that big if a deal. I would buy this detector again and look forward to using it extensively.

William G. greco
Every Hole you dig, it's like Christmas.

This metal detector is a breeze to operate. Easy to put together, light weight, and the volume, I like is great. Turn it up or down. And the support team is very good to work with. They return E-Mail within 24 hrs of being sent. It is a great buy.