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VizBlit Digital Night Vision Binoculars IR Optics

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VizBlit Digital Night Vision Binoculars IR Optics

In Stock · FREE Shipping!


  • High vision, high performance. This digital night vision binoculars has the 4x zoom power, and can clearly display details up to 900 feet. This comes especially useful at night when you’re scanning an area, or staying on a safe spot away from possible harm.
  • The screen delivers optimum display. The night vision goggles has a built-in 2.31″ hd TFT screen. The night vision binoculars combine an excellent fully multi-coated all-optical system with a video camera that allows a quick capture of the perfect photo or high definition video.
  • Long viewing distance range & easy operation. This night vision binoculars for adults can observe the target in complete darkness with the long distance up to 984ft/ 300m. These binoculars have 7 gears of infrared adjustment that can adapt to different dark environment. The binoculars include 6 buttons and 12 languages that makes it easy to adjust, comes with a multi-function feature, and can easily to capture amazing moments in complete darkness.
  • Lasts for a long time. The VizBlits operates on 6 x 1.5v aa batteries (not included). You no longer have to worry  about the battery draining out after using it for a long time. This night vision binoculars is ideal for night hunting, camping, night navigation, night fishing, wildlife observation, search and rescue, bird watching, landscape photos.
  • Comes with a high-storage memory card. The storage capacity of the memory card ranges from 4gb to 32gb. Don’t worry about lacking on buffer space. The device comes with a replay function, easy to view on night vision scopes directly. Package include: 1 x night vision binoculars, 1 x backpack, 1 x neck strap, 1 x 32gb sd card, 1 x data cable, 1 x user manual, 1 x cleaning clotha


  • digital zoom: 4x
  • power source: 9v, 6xaa
  • aperture: f 1.2 f=25mm
  • lens angle: fov=10°, diameter is 24mm
  • ir led: 3w, 850nm; 7 intensity adjustable
  • still image size: 1m(1280×960)/vga(640×480)
  • video size:960p(1280×960@30fps)/vga(640×480@30fps)

VizBlitz In Complete Darkness

High-quality photos and videos with an excellent battery runtime, these VizBlitz Binoculars are specially designed to focus and zoom on important details. Featuring the NO-Glow INFRARED ILLUMINATOR to view animals and other objects in COMPLETE DARKNESS. The focus is smooth to enable and capture crisp photos instantly. Works great both Day and Night with 3X magnification, 4X Digital Zoom and a 25mm objective lens with 850nm IR technology. Takes 1280×960 pixel and 1280×960@30FPS videos in light or dark areas.

Don’t Allow The Dark To Stop Your Exploration

Viewing wildlife at night is one of the most amazing things to see. Whether you are spotting things in nature, hunting coyotes and feral hogs, this tool allows you to monitor your surroundings and secure you land.

High-quality Night Vision At An Affordable Price

The VizBlitz Binoculars have been designed to last through constant use. The rubberized coating provides durability in tough situations. The  IPX4 rated the weather-resistant VizBlitz Binoculars can withstand heavy rain and still work perfectly. Sturdy and reliable.

The Perfect Addition With 4” Viewing Screen

An amazing gift with have your family or friends excited to use them. Crystal clear vision™ with zoom and focus features that is pure and fin to use. We have had some customer say they have seen deer over 1200 feet away. The lens is a fully multicoated 31mm objective lens.



High performance night vision

2.31 inch large viewing screen, make your eyes comfortable and no hurt.Ultra-easy operation interface: the bulgy 6 function keys make you can operate it easily even in the complete darkness.

Day & night vision

When you open this night vision binoculars, the default status of infrared is closed and it can display the color screen during the day. When you turn on the infrared button, the screen displays a black and white screen.

Achieve clarity

An aperture of f/1.2 provides the perfect balance between focal clarity and light sensitivity. 7 unique 3w ir modes allow you to fine-tune the visibility of your subjects to meet the needs of varying levels of light.

4 x digital zoom

Long press the zoom button, the screen will zoom in with the proportion of digital.The enlargement range will be displayed on the right side of the screen; this night vision binoculars is designed with 4x digital zoom, you can clearly observe the distant scene.

Manual focus

Rotating the lens to left slowly when the viewing target is far away from you; rotating the lens to right slowly when it is close to you. You could adjust the best focal length easily according to your demand.

Free gift – 32gb sd card

For this night vision binoculars, we prepared a free 32gb micro sd card which have been installed in the night vision scope. Recording can be replayed in the 2.31” lcd screen.Quickly save the recordings as lifetime memories on the 32 gb memory card included!

Power supply

This night vision goggles are powered with 6 aa batteries (not included). Please install the battery before use.

  • Open the battery cover on the back of device.
  • Insert 6 x 1.5v aa batteries (not included) into the battery Compartment. Make sure the polarity is correct.
  • Close the battery cover.

Tripod mounting thread

The night vision binocular has a standard threaded tripod thread, which can easily fix the night vision scope on the bracket to get more stable imaging and more comfortable viewing.This night vision goggle comes with a small duffel bag and hanging drawstring, which can easy to carry.

Connect to the computer

You can use the micro usb 2.0 cable to connect the computer and transmit data to prevent data loss.

What’s Included:

✅ Clear Vision™ Binoculars
✅ Strap
✅ USB Cable
✅ User Manual
✅ Carrying Case


  1.  About the manual focus: On the left lens, marked “far” and “near”. If the observation distance is far, please rotate the lens to left. If the distance is near, rotate the lens to right. Users can repeatedly adjust the optimal focal length according to the actual observation distance.
  2. There is no sound in the video files. Because the observation distance is far, the sound cannot be transmitted.
  3. In photo/video mode, if you have to view the darkness environment, please short press IR UP button to activate the IR LEDs, the image will change to black and white. The IR LEDs have seven levels, short press IR UP button to up the level, short press IR DOWN button to down the level. (If the battery voltage is not enough, the IR LEDs level will down automatically. IR level can up to 7 level when the battery power is full.If only left half power, the level just can up to 5. If only left 25% power, the level just can up to 3. If the battery power is lower than 25%, IR LEDs can not be activated. )

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
gene T. Johnson

I got these thinking they would be just like my son's toy ones. I was amazed by how well they worked for a decent amount of distance. Camped in the desert and felt a lot better being able to see what's out ther making noises. This is not your kids toy and for the price I highly recommend. Work fantastic and won't break the bank.

Sally B. kelly

I purchased these night vision goggles for nature sighting, we live in the country and my kids are big bird/wild animal watchers. These seem to be great quality so far and I look forward to many sightings together. The night vision is actually an added bonus but the price was so good on these I couldn't pass up.
They are user friendly and nice and sturdy!

alma R. Rangel
Works great!!

My husband is an avid hunter!!!! He loves the sleek looks to it. Performance wise is great!! See so well in the dark. We live behind alittle forest and my husband has been using it in the middle of the night looking for animals from our backyard. Highly recommend it.

robert C. Bartlett
Great purchase!

I bought these for my dad, who is a hunter and also regularly sees wildlife in the yard. He loves these binoculars and says they are easy to use.

Patricia J. Byrd
Awesome customer service!

Excellent value for the money. I was able to watch all the wildlife after dark at my lake house on lake McQueeney. Saw owls, buttes, deer, and raccoons. Very easy to use.