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TrixView Infrared Night Goggles and Binoculars

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TrixView Infrared Night Goggles and Binoculars

In Stock · FREE Shipping!


  • Optiacal performance Magnification: (3.6-10.8) X 31mm lens
  • Digital Zoom: 1- 3x
  • Angle Of View: 9.2°
  • Objective Aperture: 31mm
  • Exit Pupil Distance: 30mm
  • F# for Objective lens: 1.3
  •  IR Zoom: 2X
  • 5m~∞ in daytime; Viewing in the darkness up to 700M (monochrome)
  • Video Output 640×360 resolution: TFT , LCD
  • OSD menu display
  •  CVBS always output with VGA resolution
  •  Imager:High-sensitivity CMOS Sensor
  •  Size:1/2.7”
  •  Resolution: 1920X1080
  •  IR LED: 5W Infared 850nm LED
  • Memory Card: 64GB Micro SD Card(included)
  •  Hardware Buttons Power:on/off
  •  Record JPEG file in Micro SD storage
  • Capture mp4 file in Micro SD storage
  • Playback media file from micro SD storage(included)
  • Power External power supply – DC 5V/2A
  •  8 pcs AA battery: 8-12 V(not included)
  • Battery life: 10 hours working time with IR off
  • Low power warning
  • 3 modes (Capture, Video, Playback)
  • Single frame Image Capture
  •  Video and image Record
  •  Playback image and video
  • Delete image and video
  • 7 level IR switch
  •  Micro SD card format
  •  Power save (Off/1 min/ 3min/5 min)
  • Menu Language: English / Français / Español / Deutsch / Italiano/ Português/Русский
  • System Rest
  • Light Freq. 50/60HZ
  •  RTC setting
  •  Size: 170mmx150mmx60mm
  • Weight: 700g/24.7oz


See in Complete Darkness

Night vision binocular utilizes an infrared sensitive cmos sensor, for providing outstanding image quality. Fully multi-coated optics increase light transmission and decrease glare. Never miss an outstanding view even at night!

Various Applications

The digital night vision binoculars camera is ideal for adventure geeks who love hunting, camping, exploring, going on adventures, making security surveillance, search and rescue, nighttime navigation, and wildlife observation.

Large 4″ View Screen

Built in 4″ HD lCD display screen: 1920*1080 video, display resolution: 640*360. Can connect to tv and pc.

5W/850NM Infrared LED Illuminator

Built-in 5w infrared led 850nm illuminator enable observe targets in the darkness and can range up to 984ft/300m.While connecting with power bank, the range can be up to 700m / 2297ft

7 IR Levels

The higher the IR level, the brighter the night vision effect. When powered by a mobile power supply, the IR can be adjusted up to level 7.

Adjustable Angle of View

Adjust angle of view from 9.2° by a adjustable wheel on the back of this night vision binoculars.

3.6x-10.8x Zoom Magnification

1-3x digital zoom magnification and 3.6x optical zoom magnification allows the user to zoom in on an object or zoom out to a wider view. During the day or low light, observation distance is infinite.

Connect TV and PC

This night vision device can be connected to a TV with an AV cable (included) or a USB cable (included) to a computer. Share your images and videos with family and social media.

Low Power Consumption

  • Works with 8 X AA Batteries(not included)
  • Both 1.5V and 1.2V rechargable AA batteries are available.
  • Eneloop Pro AA batteries are preferred.
  • Battery life: 10 hours working time with IR off.
  • Power bank can also feed this night vision.

Tripod Mounting Thread

Shoulder strap(included), release your hands.

The night vision binocular features a threaded tripod mount. The bottom screw hole can be connected directly to the tripod.

Package List:

  • 1* night vision device
  • 1*USB cable
  • 1*AV cable
  • 1*64GB Micro Card
  • 1*Bag
  • 1*Paper Manual


Question 1:Can we use power bank with this binocular? thank you.
Answer: Yes, Ordinary power banks that can charge mobile phones are suitable for this night vision device,
it has normal USB jack and relate USB cable to connect power bank.

Question 2:Does this binocular record in color? Color videos/ph.tos?
Answer: Yes, as long as it is not in IR mode.

Question 3:Are these waterproof or water resistant?
Answer: it is water resistant, that’s means that it cannot go into the water with it but it will resist under the rain.

Question 4:Do these also work for daytime?
Answer: Not only it works well in daytime, also works great for daytime and low light environment.

Question 5:Are these good for people who wear glasses ?
Answer:Yes, they are easy to use with glasses on and off.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
aaron A. longo

As an engineer there in a few aesthetic changes I would make but all in all a damn good piece of equipment! For the price I don't think you can beat it!

will T. Hamilton
Great purchase!

This is a very good quality item. Range during the night is excellent. I attached picture of the small structure - you need to zoom to see the roof between trees( this is my cellphone picture with no zoom). I tried in total darkness and could see this structure sharp and bright with illumination set on 3. Picture during the day was also pretty good although in the evening looks little hazy.

rose C. sartor
Well worth the money!

I purchased this camera as a Christmas gift for my husband. He was skeptical when I told him the price. That evening he used it and was impressed to say the least. The quality of the image was good along with the distance. He would highly recommend this camera.

ernest B. Solomon

These binoculars are awesome. I just moved to the country and we have so much wildlife all around us. I was curious what was out and about in the evening. It was such fun sitting out and looking around with the infrared in the evenings and I can still see great in the daytime with them. They are super easy to use and the instruction booklet is very user friendly. It has a large LCD screen.It has very nice picture and video quality.

laura F. Garza

I've only had this a couple of days but I am impressed with the quality of the night vision so far - especially so many levels of night vision; I could actually see critters eyeballs glowing back at me!