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UltraPalz High-power Electric Hand Paint Sprayer with 3 Spray Patterns, Superior Paint Finish and Texture, Adjustable Flow Strength – Great for Home and Commercial Use

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UltraPalz High-power Electric Hand Paint Sprayer with 3 Spray Patterns, Superior Paint Finish and Texture, Adjustable Flow Strength – Great for Home and Commercial Use

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Achieve Flawless Painting On Different Surfaces with the UltraPalz. It Has Adjustable Flow Strength, a High-power Motor, a Choice of 3 Spray Patterns, and a Superior Paint Finish That Will Give You The Output You Want

Get Better, Cleaner, Smoother, More Flawless Paint Output with the UltraPalz High-Power Paint Spray with 3 Paint Directions and Adjustable Paint Flow!

Are you working on a painting project that requires you to paint a considerable amount of space in a small amount of time?

Paint brushes and even the most advanced paint rollers have no match to the precision, elegance, quality, and speed of the UltraPalz high-power spray paint.

This spray paint enables you to achieve that flawless, clean, sleek paint finish that will upgrade any surface.

The UltraPalz come with a high-power motor, a 500-ml container, a 3-spray paint pattern, and adjustable spray force suited for all types of projects.

If you want to finish a painting project fast, trust the UltraPalz to do the job for you!

UltraPalz Paint Sprayer Features

High-power spray paint that won’t require you to exhaust yourself just to paint a surface. Does the job fast! The paint sprayer blasts paint efficiently throughout the surface. You can cover a meter with paint in just 3 minutes. The paint sprayer comes with high-power motor that enables paint blasts when you require it.

3 spraying methods to choose from – you can easily match one to your projects. The direction of the spray can be adjusted in three ways – circular, horizontal and vertical. You can quickly make the adjustments by rotating the nozzle of the paint sprayer.

Spray length adjustment is enabled just by rotating the 360-degree adjustabe nozzle. The length and reach of the paint can also be achieved by adjusting the nozzle. You can have a more splattered pain style, or a stark, concentrated paint output just by adjusting the spray length.

Paint sprayer that has the capacity for a 500-ml paint. This new and improved paint sprayer can carry up to 500-ml of paint so you won’t have to worry about constantly refilling the paint which could interrupt your painting process.

The paint sprayer that leaves a superior finish for that professional-looking surface. The UltraPalz uses an HVLP paint sprayer that uses a technology which increases paint viscocity by 120 d-ins. The spray quality also leaves a smooth, equal, no-bubbling-surfaces finish so you can achieve that professional peg the first time.

Adjustable flow rate allows you to get the best settings for your painting task. Since the paint sprayer will be used in multiple projects, buying the UltraPalz is worth it. This paint sprayer comes with adjustable flow rate for both big and small painting projects. You won’t have to worry about wasting too much paint because of a paint sprayer with no adjustable flow rate features.

Multipurpose paint sprayer that you can use for home and commercial use. You can conveniently use the paint sprayer for your DIY home projects, renovations, furniture painting, and wall design. If you’re also working with pain projects for your business, investing in UltraPalz is a must.

Easy to assemble and clean. The UltraPalz is easy to put up and disassemble. Cleaning is a breeze.

100% designed to be safe. The UltraPalz prevents untoward accidents that often come with overheating.

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Color: Red
Rated Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Output Power: 550W
Container capacity: 800 ml
Nozzle size:1.8 mm
Motor speed: 3200/min
Power cord: 1.5m / 4.9ft

Packing List :

1X Electric Spray Gun
1X Plastic Paint Container
1X Viscosity Measuring Cup

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Edward Barth
Best thing since sliced bread!

Two days to do the side and back of house with this, even did the walls of the garden, best thing ever, should have bought one years ago and saved myself a lot of hassle

Andrew Modlin
Great sprayer highly recommend

Bought this to paint 8 internal doors. Took the doors off took them outside on a sunny day and sprayed them really pleased with the finish apart from the odd little fly landing on the doors the sprayer gave the doors a perfect finish. much easier quicker and neater then a could do with a brush n roller.

Lisa Gowans
Very handy tool

Bought these to paint my fence, The whole fence in a day. Just what I wanted it saves a lot of time. Had six panels done in three hours. But I was very careful not to spray on Astroturf So had to lay a protective sheet to cover the Astroturf. Overall very useful tool

Walter Dukes
Game Changer

The paint sprayer is easy and quick to use. Just fill up with desired paint and press a button. It’s that easy! After spraying the walls I was impressed how quick and even it was. It was especially good on non smooth surface compared to using a paint brush. I would definitely recommend this to whoever doesn’t own one and needs a lot of painting done on internal and external walls.

Bradley Wooten
Why ever use a paintbrush again?!

This is a game changer. We sprayed the garden fences, all 14 of them, within 1.5 hours. Then we did the hall stairs and landing to freshen up the white paint and that took 30 mins. Honestly we've saved a fortune because we were going to pay someone to do all this painting and its actually quite fun. It can take a bit of effort to clean out but still worth it.