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TwizTect Foldable Car Steering Wheel Lock Two-Direction Lock With Complex Configuration — Thieves Will Have a Hard Time Breaking the Locks

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TwizTect Foldable Car Steering Wheel Lock Two-Direction Lock With Complex Configuration — Thieves Will Have a Hard Time Breaking the Locks

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Surprise Car Thieves with a Steering Wheel Lock They Can’t Break Easily! With a Three Dimensional Lock, Security is Amped Up 3x!

Firm Grip, Unbreakable Lock Times 3! 

With the TwizTect, thieves will find themselves trying to work around locks for a long, long time until they give up!

TwizTect comes with the latest in lock technology — it now includes three-direction locks that ensure safety and security three times. The locks run from both sides of the wheel and along the airbag direction. The designers of the TwizTect can assure that thieves will have to spend up to 50 minutes trying to cut all the parts of the steering wheel lock — enough time to deter them from even making an attempt on your car.

Powerful Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar

The TwizTect also comes with an extra security feature — the lock automatically sounds of your horn once the airbag lock is cut, causing the thieves to be distracted!

Built with anti-wear cushions, the steering wheel club will not damage your steering wheel.

The TwizTect is made of durable metal material that creates that firm, solid grip for your steering wheels. Powerful Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar

The angle of the car steering wheel lock apron can be adjusted to fit your car’s steering wheel. When you’re done using the steering wheel lock, you can fold it up and place the car wheel lock under your seat.Powerful Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar


  • Easy To Setup: Installing the club steering wheel lock is very simple because all the necessary parts are included. In just four easy steps, your steering wheel club is ready to begin deterring car thieves!
  • Durable: Crafted with a high-quality steel alloy, our car steering wheel lock beam is twice as durable as normal 304 steel. The steering wheel lock bar will still be in usable condition after 16 tons of pressure from hydraulic shears!
  • Versatile: Our steering wheel lock has an adjustable lock apron so the angle can be adjusted to fit your steering wheel perfectly. This makes the car wheel lock compatible with most steering wheels!


Material: Alloy, Leather
Key Numbers: 2 Keys

PACKAGE CONTENT:1x Powerful Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Theresa J. Gaiser
Strong anti-theft that does not spoilt the steering wheel

A steering wheel anti-theft that looks solid (it is very heavy) and, most importantly, does not spoil the steering wheel or the dashboard (the touching parts are covered with leather). The “small” plus: it has a part that rests on the horn and triggers it if the anti-theft is forced. Finally, the icing on the cake: the object is even rather aesthetically pleasing! Good quality/price ratio.

raul fuller
Great deterrent and easy to put on and take off

I had bought another type of steering lock after a thief stole my steering wheel. This one works like a dream. Great visual deterrent, easy to put on and take off and it compacts down to a small size when off. Anyone tampering with it activates the car horn. So far so good.

Willie duncan
Brilliant idea

Great product as its half the size as a ordinary steering lock so easy to keep on the floor behind your seat as it folds up. Really well made and great idea. If anyone try's to get it off the arm presses the horn on the car. So easy to put on one of the best steering locks Ive ever seen and used. Great price for peace of mind on my new car

Raymond Rosado
Absolutely satisfied with the product

Was sceptical at first but ones the item arrived I was very surprised how heavy, sturdy and secure it was. Impressed by the leather quality and the overall look of it when placed on my steering wheel. The lower arm can be adjusted to fit tightly on a wheel and apply just enough pressure on airbag to activate horn if someone is trying to mess with it. Absolutely recommend it.

Jimmy Suzuki

I feel my car will be safe from someone wanting to steal it from where it's located. This is the best car guard I've ever had.