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TurboHeat Leather Heated Gloves – Genuine Sheep Leather, 3 Heat Levels, 2200mAh Battery, Extended Heat, High-Impact Protection, Touchscreen Compatible

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TurboHeat Leather Heated Gloves – Genuine Sheep Leather, 3 Heat Levels, 2200mAh Battery, Extended Heat, High-Impact Protection, Touchscreen Compatible

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Alright, leather aficionados and chilly-fingered bikers, strap in! Let’s talk about a game-changer in the world of motorcycle gloves: the TurboHeat Leather Heated Gloves. These aren’t just any mitts; they’re the Bruce Wayne of gloves—sleek on the outside, techie on the inside, and always ready for action.

With their genuine sheep leather, you’ll feel like you’re grasping the reins of luxury itself. And when the mercury drops, those three heat levels are your personal climate control, right at your fingertips. Plus, with that 2200mAh battery keeping the heat going, you could ride to the end of the playlist and back. So whether you’re typing out a text or throttling up, these touchscreen-friendly gloves mean you’ll never have to miss a beat. Ready to elevate your ride? These gloves are calling your name.

Luxury Meets Functionality

Ever wished your hands could dwell in the lap of luxury while you conquer the road? These gloves are clad in genuine sheep leather, so every time you slip them on, it’s like shaking hands with elegance.

Your Personal Hand Heaters

Forget about those feeble hand warmers that last as long as a snowflake in a sauna. With just a press, you summon a wave of warmth that’s more reliable than your favorite diner’s coffee.

Touch and Go

Swipe, text, and play without ever exposing your fingers to the chill. It’s like your gloves got a tech upgrade—now they’re as smart as your phone.

Charge, Ride, Repeat

The 2200mAh batteries are the silent heroes here, working overtime so you can keep riding without the ‘brrr’.

Guardians of the Hands

With carbon fiber protectors, your knuckles are like mini fortresses, because who said only smartphones need screen protectors?

Laugh in the Face of Puddles

Waterproof? Check. Your hands stay as dry as your humor on a rainy ride.

Quick Heat for the Swift

30 seconds is all it takes to go from cold to “Oh, that’s the stuff!”

Style That Protects

They’re not just gloves; they’re a statement that says, “I look after my hands.”

Machine Wash Friendly

Life’s too short for hand-washing—toss ’em in the machine and spend more time riding.

All-Rounder Gloves

Motorcycling, skiing, or snowball fighting—if it’s outdoors, these gloves are in.

Ready-to-Gift Warmth

The gift that whispers, “I care about your hands as much as I care about your texts.”

Warm Up to the Idea of Endless Rides

Hey, you. Yes, you—the one who’s been eyeing these gloves like they’re the last slice of pizza. The time for wishful thinking is over. Imagine your rides with no more numbness, no more shivering at red lights, just pure, blissful warmth. Make that leap from ‘maybe’ to ‘heck yes’ and click that ‘Add to Cart’ button. Because let’s face it, with gloves this good, waiting isn’t an option. They’re selling like hotcakes at a lumberjack convention, and you don’t want to be left in the cold, do you?

Tech Talk: The Glove Lowdown

Now, for the enthusiasts who speak fluent tech-spec: these TurboHeat Leather Heated Gloves boast a premium sheep leather exterior, a trio of heat settings to match your body’s thermostat, and a robust 2200mAh battery capacity for extended warmth. They come with a dual charger for convenience, are touchscreen compatible (because we’re in the 21st century, after all), and feature a waterproof HIPORA layer for those surprise showers. All this with the added bonus of carbon fiber protection—because we’re all about that shield life. Ready to upgrade? Your hands are waiting

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anthony Howard
Get them, your hands will thank you.

I waited for most of the winter season which included the winter vortex in Chicago. The gloves work great. The past few years my hands have been killing me in the cold. Too many snowball fights and skitching without gloves in my youth caught up to me. These gloves keep my hands warm enough that I don’t feel the cold at all. I don’t use the gloves for anything more than shoveling/snow blowing and walking. I have big hands and the fit was good (I bought xxl, the widest part of my palm is around 9.5” or 24cm).

Louise Stringer
Revolutionary for cycling in the cold

Used on about 6x 30 to 50 mile bike rides so far on NY and CT roads in low 30’s down to mid-high 20’s with the wind chill. Totally kept my fingers warm and have finally made cold weather riding painless. Had them running for about 3 hours on 2nd highest heat setting, which was hot enough for me and lasted entire ride. They need to be hand washed, and I can’t comment on their durability yet, but I’ve been so impressed I just bought the heated socks from the same company. Recommended!

Eva Williams
True to size & great if you have poor blood circulation

Bought these along with the heated socks for my husband as a Christmas gift. He has poor blood circulation and feels miserable after a long day of skiing. Was nervous because of the mixed reviews for both items and wanted to make sure they worked for well for his Ski trip in Colorado. He absolutely loved them! I decided not to size up or down and just stuck with his glove size, which is a Large and they fit perfectly. He charged them a full day prior to first use and he said they lasted all day. Never had any issues with the battery life either. I’m glad they were a hit and that he loved them!

 Great Security Against Frost Bitten Hands

I live on a cross country ski trail, and we had a cold snap a while back that had temps down around zero for a couple weeks. After a near miss with frost bitten hands on the second half of my 10 mi ski, I decided to get some electric gloves. The gloves are great. I followed the size chat & they fit great. They've kept my hands warm for the 2 hours I'm out in zero degree weather skiing. I'm using low to medium to keep my hands at normal body temp. At those temps, the high setting makes my hands feel slightly warm (above body temp), which feels good but not needed. I figure that'll come in handy when its below zero.There are cheaper options, but I'm certainly happy with how these worked out. Warm hands for a long ski or while I'm out running the snowblower.

Jorge Nixon
Very hot...

Wasn't sure about these gloves, but took a chance on em. Use them when riding my motorcycle. First time I used them the temp was in the low 30's and I have no fairings on bike to block the wind. I had to turn the gloves down, they were too hot! The lowest setting worked just fine for me. The battery held up for a full day of riding .Easy to charge. Would recommend these gloves. Came on time and as described.