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FireRide Heated Motorcycle Gloves – 4.5 Hours Heat, Full Hand & Finger Heating, 3 Heat Modes, 4000mAh, Touchscreen Tips, Water & Windproof

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FireRide Heated Motorcycle Gloves – 4.5 Hours Heat, Full Hand & Finger Heating, 3 Heat Modes, 4000mAh, Touchscreen Tips, Water & Windproof

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Hey there, fellow road warrior! Are you ready to flip the bird at frosty fingers and give Old Man Winter a run for his money? Because with the FireRide Heated Motorcycle Gloves, it’s time to take the ‘brrr’ out of your brisk morning rides.

Gone are the days of clenching your handlebars with the grim determination of a snowman in a sauna. These gloves are like a cozy campfire for your hands, without the pesky smoke. With a toasty 4.5-hour heat life and a 4000mAh battery that laughs in the face of single-digit temps, you can keep your digits warm and your throttle hot. And don’t even get me started on the touchscreen tips—because yes, you can absolutely pause for a selfie without the fear of your fingers going numb. Rain or shine, wind or sleet, these gloves are your trusty steed in the quest against the cold. Strap in and ride on!

Say Sayonara to Shivers

You know that feeling when you can’t tell if your hands are still attached while riding in the cold? Well, with these gloves, you’ll be bidding adieu to icy digits. The large area heating means every finger gets its own personal hug from those carbon fiber heating elements. Warmth? Delivered.

Power Up and Ride On

Dead batteries? Not on our watch. With dual 4000mAh batteries, these gloves keep the heat going longer than your favorite binge-worthy series. Four and a half hours of uninterrupted, blissful warmth? That’s a full season of hand-heating goodness.

A Toasty Trio of Temperature Triumph

Whether you’re the ‘just a tad chilly’ or ‘living in the freezer’ type, the three heat settings have got you covered. High, mid, low – it’s like having a thermostat for your hands. And with a 30-second warm-up, you’ll be toasty faster than you can say “frostbite.”

Swipe Right on Warmth

Texting in the cold can turn a quick “LOL” into a frostbitten “OW.” But with touchscreen-compatible tips, your social life won’t freeze just because the weather has. Stay connected and cozy.

Weather the Storm

Raindrops and wind gusts have met their match. Waterproof and windproof, these gloves are like a mini fortress for your hands. Mother Nature’s got nothing on you now.

Fashion Meets Function

Stash that battery in the hidden pocket, and let the sleek black and grey design make you the coolest (I mean warmest) rider on the road. Plus, they’re as comfy as they are stylish, thanks to the smart material blend.

Gift of Warmth

Looking for the perfect present? Nothing says “I care” quite like the gift of perpetually warm hands. Birthday, Christmas, or just because – give the gift that says, “I want you warm and safe.”

Get a Grip (Literally)

With these gloves, you’ll cling to your bike handles like a koala to a tree. The anti-slip design means you’re in control, no matter what. And hey, if you’re gripping a hot cup of coffee, that’s cool too (well, hot).

Ready for Anything

Whether you’re shredding slopes, reeling in a catch, or just enjoying a brisk walk, these gloves are your go-to. Versatile? Check. Durable? Double-check. Ready for adventure? Always.

Peace of Mind Included

Ride easy knowing you’ve got a 1-year warranty backing you up. It’s like a safety net for your hands. Because who has time for worries when there’s so much to explore?

Grab ‘Em Before They’re Gone!

Listen up, my fellow thrill-seekers and comfort connoisseurs! These FireRide Heated Motorcycle Gloves are flying off the shelves faster than a superbike on an open stretch. Don’t let another bone-chilling journey cramp your style. Click that button and snag a pair of the ultimate hand-warmers. Your paws will thank you, and you’ll be the envy of every shivering biker out there. It’s a no-brainer, folks – warm hands, cool rides, and the envious glances of the less-prepared. Are you ready to change your winter game? Add to cart, and let the good times roll!

The Specs Appeal

For those who live by the details, we salute you. Here’s the techy lowdown on what makes these gloves a cut above the rest:

  • Heat Heroes: Advanced carbon fiber heating elements designed for longevity and even heat distribution.
  • Battery Buff: Dual 4000mAh powerhouses offering up to 4.5 hours of heat on a single charge.
  • Touchscreen Titans: Swipe, type, and tap without exposing your fingers to the cold, thanks to the smart touchscreen tips.
  • Climate Conquerors: Braving the elements like a boss with waterproof and windproof prowess.
  • Style and Substance: Sleek black and grey design, ensuring you look as hot as you feel.
  • Size Savvy: Available in M, L, and XL to fit all kinds of hands, snugly and comfortably.
  • Warranty Wise: A 1-year warranty to back up our promise of quality and warmth.

Don’t just take our word for it – experience the fusion of tech and comfort for yourself. Ready, set, warm!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Aldo Quade
They work!

These gloves work amazingly well, right down to the pinky fingers. We live in the high desert in Oregon where it can get pretty cold in winter, to the point where my fingers get so numb and tingly I don't want to stay outside for very long. Did some online research and saw these gloves recommended, so I decided to give them a try, and so glad I did. They really work to keep not only my hands, but also every finger warm, allowing me stay out with my dog much longer on our walks and hikes. They are high-quality and easy to charge. On a full charge I'd say they last for at least a solid hour on high, 2-3 hours on medium setting. Fit is true to size. Worth the price. Highly recommend. Your dog will thank you!

Bradley Daniels

My wife’s hands are constantly icy cold and she finds them very uncomfortable. I got her a pair of these gloves — and a couple other things — for Valentines Day. She keeps them next to her chair in the living room. More evenings than not, she turns them on, puts them on, and wears them for a couple hours. She tells me regularly how great her hands feel. I’m very happy with these. ❤️

Robert Penn
They REALLY work!

As a snowmobile rider, keeping your hands warm is critical. Heated handlebars are fine for the INSIDE of your hands but add these gloves and you are set for the day. Went out riding in the early morning and it was MINUS 14 degrees! Had no issues, the larger batteries lasted all day, turned off the heat in the afternoon. My riding companions were crying after the first hour and I had to swap gloves just so they could warm up their hands. Had no issues with charging batteries or the gloves themselves. For those REALLY cold morning in the UP, they are a lifesaver.

Gary Hill
Rechargeable battery heated gloves.

These are the first pair of heated gloves that fit my hands properly. They are unisex sizes only (as so many are) but the fingers are not too long so they do keep my fingers warm! I have arthritis in both hands and have had surgery as well so my hands really hurt in cold weather when walking the dog or hiking. These gloves have 3 heat settings and I have tried them all. It is easy to adjust underway and comfortable. They are a game changer in my enjoyment of the outdoors in cold weather!! Thank-you!!

Aurora Beatty
Great for Outdoor Activities

I got these to use on some upcoming ski trips and for other outdoor activities. I ordered it so my husband could use them too. These gloves really work for keeping hands warm in prolonged cold. They are windproof so no problem while skiing down the hill. In fact, hands can get sweaty while using them for skiing so we've found these work best when we turn them on while riding up the ski lift and turn them off when going downhill. Luckily, there is an easy on/off button on the outside so we don't have to fiddle to find it.
We're also planning on using these snowmobiling and even in our ATV on cold days. Overall, I can't find anything we don't like about these. They heat up fairly quickly and keep hands and fingers warm. Plus, the inside is soft and warm even without turning them on.