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Traption 2021 Tool Bag with Waterproof Material and Wide Opening

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Traption 2021 Tool Bag with Waterproof Material and Wide Opening

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Are you tired of carrying your tool kit with your heavy tools? Do you want a more convenient way of having your devices anywhere you go? Look no more and get this Traption 2021 Tool Bag and easily store and make all those heavy tools portable with this easy-to-carry mechanic tool chest and rolling electrician tool bag organizer!

Traption 2021 Tool Bag is not just your ordinary bag. It gives every craftsman the convenience of carrying all your tools in an organized and clean manner. With this, you will never forget a tool behind. Additionally, its top-quality material and durability are one of the kind in the market. Making it a great addition to your tool essentials!

Your standard toolkit can store many tools but can sometimes give you heavily loaded tools to carry. That is why we created this portable rolling toolbox to help you avoid getting tired before reaching your workplace. This mechanic tool kit gives you an easy way of carrying and storing the tools you need in your car repair shop. The household tool kit is more convenient than your wooden toolkit since we made it with two reliable universal and directional wheels that can withstand the weight of your tools and can roll even on a rough road and uneven pavements.

To make this roll-away toolbox more convenient, our most excellent craftsmen grant it with an IPX4 waterproof grade that allows it to be helpful no matter the weather. This home tool kit’s 1680D oxford cloth body gives it the durability and strength to withstand damages from the tools inside it to make it more useful for you. The plastic bottom of this toolbox on wheels gives you the privilege to carry the devices you use for heavy-duty jobs efficiently.

No one will steal your precious tools since this bag organizer is provided with a lock and a key that makes your devices secure inside. The large capacity of this Traption 2021 allows you to bring all the tools that you will need in your repairing or project building jobs.

Give this electrician tool bag to your friends and loved ones who do repairing or building as their job, and they will give you their most profound gratitude for making their job less complicated.

Store and bring your heavy-duty tools conveniently with Traption 2021 now!


  • Portable – This rolling tool box features 2 universal and 2 directional wheels which allow you to carry your tools anywhere without carrying them on your shoulder or back.
  • Convenient – Instead of using your shoulders in carrying all your tools, which makes you less functional in your jobs since you are already tired, this tool bag allows you to pull and roll them to make carrying more convenient and less tiring.
  • Large Capacity – There will be no tool left behind since we granted this tool chest with a large capacity to contain all the tools that are necessary for a specific job
  • Durable – The mechanic tool kit is made from 1680D oxford cloth that is widely known for its high-durable features. The bottom is made from plastic materials to make it withstand the weight of your heavy-duty tools.


  • Type: Bag; Material: Oxford Cloth; 1680D waterproof Oxford cloth; Plastic handle
  • Quantity:1 Piece
  • Size:
    13inch: 290*190*190mm
    16inch: 345*205*220mm
    18inch: 400*230*250mm
    20inch: 430*275*280mm
  • Gross Weight/Package:1.0 ( kg )

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Traci S. tiedemann
Sturdy and Impressive!

Sturdy and spacious. Waterproof plastic bottom gives added peace -of-mind for protecting the tools and the bag. Comfortable handle, large smooth zipper, holds my husband's SDS PLUS drill and another with ease.

Many pockets makes it easy to store additional tools. An impressive addition to the toolkit.

Time will tell how durable it is.

Rodger C. Swing
Outstanding Bag

This bags are pretty much perfect for what I need it for. It's well-built and durable, has a multitude of conveniently placed and perfectly sized pockets, and holds a ton of stuff without being cumbersome. The shoulder strap is a nice touch as well, allowing me to sling it over a shoulder behind me while climbing roof access ladders. Well-worth the cost.

benjamin H. hooks
Highly recommend

I ordered this bag hoping to get a strong and sturdy tool bag. This bag exceeded my expectations. I was surprised at the attention to detail with the heavy duty construction material used for the bag itself, zipper, handles, shoulder strap, and pockets. I wanted a smaller tool bag that I could keep my drill, drill bits, screwdriver & bit set, allen wrenches, several different styles of pliers, stud finder, small level, flashlight, extra battery for the drill, pencil, and tape measure. Every time I needed some small tool for a repair job around the house I had to make several trips out to the shop just to get all the tools I needed. Not anymore, this bag works great! No more wasted time searching for that special needle point vise-grip pliers, it's is the bag! The shoulder strap is a great addition that allows me to free-up my hands and grab the materials needed for whatever I'm working on. Yes I recommend.

Michael I. Hollins
Great plumbing tool bag

This tool bag is great for carrying all my plumbing supplies. The bag is well made with strong zippers, plenty of pockets and opens wide. My other tool box was becoming crowded with plumbing, electrical and other tools, so this tool bag was an inexpensive way to add some organization to my life. The tool bag is light, unless you pile a bunch of tools in, and is easy to carry by either the handles or should strap. The shoulder strap is nice as sometimes the hands get worn out from carrying other items throughout the day. Definitely a good purchase!

James D. Oney
Great for me

I got tired of lugging around a 50 pound job bag just for some small repair. This is my new small job bag and it works great. I can throw in a double handful of tools and take this little bag to the job. This bag doesn't have everything (like my big bag does) but I can toss in whatever I need for the job at hand. I really like this bag and my arm is starting to shrink back to it's normal size now that I don't carry the big bag anymore.