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Mecha 16-Inch Open Mouth Bag with Durable Plastic Base

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Mecha 16-Inch Open Mouth Bag with Durable Plastic Base

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Are you having difficulty transporting your tools when you want to use them outside, or finding the right tool is such a hassle because you don’t know where you put it last? The best solution for this is getting the Mecha Tool Box. The most excellent way of storing and transporting your tools is to get this bag with an easy-access compartment in various sizes and is made from extra-durable materials.

The Mecha tool bag is heavy-duty and has been designed to allow for the comfortable and secure carrying of tools. It is made from heavy-duty 600 denier fabric with industrial leather reinforcements in critical points for increased durability. Its rigid and waterproof plastic base protects from moisture and dirt. At the same time, the ergonomically padded shoulder strap and rubber grip handle allow for the easier carrying of heavier loads.

Durable Fabric

It is made from solid material-like canvas with a unique method of stitching that made the bag extremely tough and long-lasting.
It is also has a sturdy & waterproof molded base. The plastic molded base makes the whole structure more durable. The base is heightened, which can effectively keep the bag clean and dry on a damp surface and protect the tools inside safely.

Larger capacity

This tool bag has ample storage space and a 14-pocket design, providing you with better classification and management of accessories. These pockets are also suitable for some small tools.

Easy to organize.

This Mecha open-top tool bag is equipped with a wide-open mouth, an internal metal frame, and a double-pull zipper on the top. The wide-mouth storage bag allows easy access to any construction items you need, such as garden tools, small electrician tools.

Product Features

  •  100% brand new
  • Made from heavy-duty 600 denier fabric with leather reinforcements in critical points for long-lasting and extra durability
  • Features ergonomic, comfortable, padded shoulder strap and rubber handle
  •  Interior tools loops
  • Waterproof, extra durable plastic bottom for protection from moisture and dirt
  •  Large capacity

Product Specifications

  • 16 inch
  • Size: 410 x 230 x 280mm
  • Max Capacity: 15kg
  • Product Material: Denier Fabric

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tim S. Lien
Bset Tool bag

I can’t believe how freaking perfect this tool bag is, I ordered one a few years ago, and it was all caved in when I got it, and even when I pulled it up and pulled it out, and opened it up it caved in, and it caved in, and it caved in.
This tool bag is great that’s all I could say!! I took it out of the box opened it up straighten it a little bit, loosen it up a little bit, and the darn thing stands up so sturdy, and perfect , no caving in. it is absolutely marvelous this tool bag will last me forever, as a matter fact I have an pocketbook insert that I placed right in the open section of the bag, the insert fits perfectly, the zippers zip up perfectly straight, and how I set the bag when I first opened it up and placed it on the floor....it has stayed in that position and has not budged. it is absolutely perfect , and the pockets are ideal for a little things and pockets on both sides absolutely excellent.

donald C. nowell

Just like a doctors bag. I can carry only what I know I need .
Just the right size to carry a 15-20 of your favorite and most used tools to rooftops, up ladders, and remote jobs where you do not want to haul 75 pounds of tools with you.
Fully loaded ...mine weights 6 pounds
It is perfect.

ronald L. Quick
Great product

I needed a small tool bag for all the random assorted screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools I've collected over the years, plus something big enough to hold my little cordless drill. This fit the bill quite nicely - and I have plenty of room to add more stuff to it as I collect more tools. Solid construction - I don't expect this thing to be ripping or falling apart anytime soon. Good bag!

fermin D. Funkhouser
Great Size

I just wanted a decent tool bag since I am always switch from my work truck to my compact car......I got this for my car to put one of my drills with some other misc. tools that I am always needing for my wife's business. The bag is just the right size for a drill and some smaller misc. tools, very easy to carry and looks good. Over-all, what I was looking for and happy with it.

Daniel A. Sabbagh
Highly recommend

Just what I needed to put a couple of drills, bits several screwdrivers, pliers, other tools, and nails, screws, etc. for general repairs around the house. It's a perfect size for my needs and is very sturdy and well-made. I highly recommend this bag and the seller.