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TrailBather Portable, Battery-Powered Camping Shower with Adjustable Flow Rates for Hiking, Backpacking, Travel, and More

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TrailBather Portable, Battery-Powered Camping Shower with Adjustable Flow Rates for Hiking, Backpacking, Travel, and More

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Are you planning a camping or hiking trip and looking for a reliable way to shower or clean yourself and your gear? Look no further than the TrailBather Portable Camping Shower!

The TrailBather Portable Camping Shower is the ultimate outdoor shower solution, designed specifically for adventurers who need a portable, battery-powered shower with 2 flow modes for comfortable bathing experiences. This upgraded version of our camping shower comes with a 1.8m long hose and three LED lights that make it easier and safer for you to take a shower at a wonderful camping night.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, traveling, or enjoying a day at the beach, the TrailBather Portable Camping Shower is the perfect accessory for all your outdoor adventures. With a powerful and durable portable shower pump that provides two flow rates (3L/min and 4L/min), you can enjoy a comfortable shower experience, no matter where you are.

Our battery shower has a pump lift up to 2.4 meters, making it easy to handle heights from 0.5m to 2.2m. It comes with a suction cup and an S-hook, so you can use the suction cup to securely stick to any flat surface, or use the S-hook to hang it from a tree. You can even use it to clean your pets or rinse off your gear.

The TrailBather Portable Camping Shower is designed to be convenient and easy to use. The USB rechargeable 4400mAh batteries are separated from the pump, so you don’t need to immerse the batteries into water, which can protect and enhance the batteries’ life. Its easy assembly and storage make it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Simply connect the tubes to the pump and showerhead, drop the suction pipe into the bucket of water, and press the on/off button to get a shower.

The TrailBather Portable Camping Shower is the perfect accessory for your next camping or hiking trip. With its convenient USB charging and long battery life, you can enjoy a refreshing shower anytime, anywhere. This shower is also suitable for other outdoor activities, such as pet cleaning, car washing, plants watering, and backyard cleaning.

In addition, the TrailBather Portable Camping Shower is IPX7 waterproof, making it capable of handling short-time soaking and waterproof in daily use. The power display shows you the battery capacity, so you know how much charge you have left. The shower comes with a variety of accessories, including a suction cup and an S-hook for hanging, two hoses, O-rings, a filter, a showerhead holder, a charge cable, and a manual.

Don’t let your next outdoor adventure be ruined by a lack of hygiene. Order your TrailBather Portable Camping Shower today and experience the freedom of having a reliable shower wherever you go!

  • Enjoy a Comfortable Shower Experience Anywhere: Take a refreshing shower while camping, hiking, or traveling.
  • Clean Yourself, Pets, and Gear: Perfect for cleaning yourself, your pets, or your gear while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Easy-to-Use Design: Simple and easy-to-use design makes it accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry and store, making it perfect for camping and hiking trips.
  • Convenient USB Charging: USB rechargeable 4400mAh batteries can be charged from anywhere, ensuring you have power when you need it.
  • Waterproof and Durable: IPX7 waterproof rating ensures it can withstand the elements and last for years to come.
  • Safe and Convenient: Built-in LED lights add a level of safety and convenience to your camping or hiking trip, allowing you to use it even at night.
  • Adjustable Flow Rates: Provides 2 flow rates (3L/min and 4L/min) for a comfortable bathing experience, making it perfect for seniors, babies, and pets.
  • Hands-Free Operation: Hands-free operation with suction cup and S-hook allows for easy installation and use.
  • Power Display: The built-in power display shows battery capacity, allowing you to plan your usage and avoid running out of power when you need it most. It also ensures that you don’t overcharge the battery, which can lead to reduced battery life and potentially damage the battery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kevin Hill
I think this is an excellent product…

This little handheld rechargeable shower pump is so Awesome for cleaning anyting that is hard to reach like the guest shower stall, after spraying with a cleaner I use the handheld shower & bucket of water to spray the walls from top to bottom to rinse all the dust and hair down the drain. I use it in my granddbaby's pool for her to play with, to drain the pool, to water plants, to clean the steps and open porches and patios with .... We take it to the Beach to rinse off the salt and sand from our feet and legs before getting in the car. So Many Uses ! This little portable shower pump is so Essential now !

Works with ease in a 5 gallon bucket

We had the misfortune to have a sketchy contractor and subs and still don’t have a tiled or usable shower/tub in our house, so after going to families’ homes and hotels far too many times, I bought this. We eventually had hot water to a sink so I could put warm water in a 5 gallon bucket to shower. The pressure is strong, enough to get wet, clean and rinsed, which saved a lot of money. I looked at ones that had an external piece, but they seemed too involved. I switch it off after getting wet and also aim the sprayer into the bucket as I am turning it off to save water. It is simple to use and simple to recharge . It would be great for campers and not terribly expensive.

Gregg Moore
Perfect shower while renovating the bathroom

An extensive bathroom renovation has left me with no indoor shower for a few months. This has been the perfect solution to make that situation comfortable. My daily routine is to run a few gallons of warm tap water into a five gallon bucket and carry it with the outdoor shower to a private nook in the backyard. There is no need for trees to hang a bag from. It works just as well on cool cloudy days as on warm sunny days with no dependency on the sun for heating water. A charge lasts for weeks. The rate of flow is very adequate. This is a simple to use and versatile unit. It will come in handy for car camping when the bathroom renovation is finished.

Gary Tierney
Made our camping SOOO much better

We broke the rules: We used this device to transfer water with the shower head removed. We dropped it into a knee high hosiery stocking for extra filtration and then transferred clear looking Colorado Rocky stream water into solar shower bags. We let the sun do the heating work, added a splash of hydrogen peroxide into the bucket where we dumped the heated water and had a fantastic wilderness shower. Sometimes we showered in the camper shower, sometimes in a pop up shower. By using the stream water for showers, we never ran out of water in the camper for cooking and dishes. It was absolutely amazing. We have solar, so just kept it charged. The instructions say not to use "river water", so I guess we broke the rules. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.......game changer.

Anthony Holcomb
Handy, portable, battery powered, ample flow shower

Why does it seem like my hot water heater always breaks in the winter? Well mine did, and the parts to repair took 3 days to get in stock. With this handy pump, I heated water in a stock pot, added it to a large bucket like you get at the home improvement stores, and filled the rest of the way with cold water. I used about a 50/50 mix of cold and 150 degree water, I did not wait for it to boil. Then, I enjoyed my shower!