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SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope

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SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope

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Are you having a hard time sticking with your exercise because of your hectic schedule? Or going to the gym is taking its toll on you? If you want something new,  want to stay fit, track your calories, and still have a weight goal while staying at home, SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope has a great solution.

SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope is different from your traditional skipping rope. It tracks time, calories, movement, laps, and more – all while saving space and getting you the best workout possible. So f you’re looking for a new way to exercise – something that will help you get the motivation back in your routine – the SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope is for you!

A Skipping Rope You’ll Actually Use

Whether you’re a professional boxer, just finding your way to the gym for the first time, or somewhere in between, we’ve all heard it before.

Jumping rope is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and get fit in less time.

Indeed, it’s the ultimate workout.

But what about when you spend half the time untangling your jump rope?

Does the rope keep thwacking you in the back of the head?

Is the constant noise of the rope hitting the floor waking up your family?

The ultimate workout sometimes becomes the maximum pain, then you leave your jump rope behind to gather dust.

The SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope could change everything for you. It’s a Skipping Rope… but the rope is optional.

It simulates everything great about a traditional skipping rope – weighted balls give you the same rope-swinging sensation – while adding features that’ll elevate your workout.

It tracks time and calories, movement, laps, and more – all while saving space and getting you the best workout possible.

The Digital Skipping Rope makes the amazing qualities of a traditional Skipping Rope workout available to everyone.

  •  The Super Workout

With the SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope, you’ll fall in love with jumping rope all over again, an exercise that can potentially burn up to 1300 calories per hour. Just 10 minutes is equivalent to a 30-minute jog.

  • Track Your Way to Success

Leave the boring old jump rope in the past. New tech makes it possible to track personal steps, kilometers or miles run, and calories burned to motivate yourself to get those gains.

  • Technology Meets Tradition

The embedded high-precision 360° magnetic control chip sensor and high-speed bearings upgrade your workout, letting you achieve more than you thought possible.

  • Never Tangle With Tangles

Get right into your workout with the modern SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope – it saves space and doesn’t tangle, meaning you’ll spend more time doing what you want.

  • At-Home Workouts Made Easy

Jumping rope in spaces with low ceilings used to be impossible. Hearing the string hit the floor used to wake up your family. With the SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope, there isn’t anything that could hold you back.

  • Cords, Just In Case

With adjustable cords that can extend up to 9.84 feet/300cm that are connected to a gorgeous silicon handle with an anti-slip design, working out the way you want, when you want is easier. 

Jumping rope has always seemed too good to be true. Yes, it burns calories. Yes, you’ll get a fit, healthy figure. Yes, you’ll tighten your abs and legs. But…

Only if you have space.

Only if you don’t have to worry about making noise.

Only if you have the patience for untangling your cords before every workout.

The  SLift Digital Wireless Skipping Rope makes jumping rope possible again, on your terms.

Get the calorie-burning. Get the time savings. Get the workout you want without compromising.

Get the Digital Skipping Rope, and get after your fitness goals.

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