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OutPacks 90L Extra Large and Waterproof Tactical Backpack

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OutPacks 90L Extra Large and Waterproof Tactical Backpack

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Take Everything You Can Carry Outdoors with OutPacks!

Hiking and traveling often take you through various locations and landscapes—each of which might require different gear and maneuverability. In such instances, you need a bag that could handle everything you need in any setting. Our new and improved Tactical Backpack is designed to provide maximum storage capacity. With a whopping 90 liters of capacity, it’s guaranteed to hold up to 86 kilograms of weight!

The OutPacks comes with all the right features to make all outdoor adventures stress-free. It gives you support, excellent exterior and interior pockets, and premium-grade materials that are built to last. We guarantee that with our OutPacks as your backpack of choice in your next adventure, you can take everything you can carry anywhere you wish to go.

Built-in Features

  • Excellent Maneuverability: Our Tactical Backpack comes in a fashionable camouflage duffel that is easy to carry. You can use the handles to pass through airport security and throw on the shoulder straps to take on the challenging trails outdoors. The OutPacks Outdoor Backpack gives you support through reinforced storage capacity and a well-built structure to maintain the weight at a minimum regardless of the contents you carry.
  • Premium-Grade Materials: Keep all your valuables and outdoor essentials safe from the harsh conditions of the outdoors with the OutPacks. It’s built with durable and waterproof nylon to ensure all your gear, equipment, and other items are protected. The overall design allows you to easily carry up to 90 liters capacity or up to 85 kilograms of weight.
  • Specially Designed Storage Pockets: The OutPacks Tactical Backpack comes with primary storage space and eight exterior compartments specifically designed to organize your gears and other items according to “importance” outdoors. You can use the exterior pockets to store essentials that you might need quick access to while traversing the trails and using the interior pockets for equipment you’ll need once you reach your destination.
  • Sturdy Zippers: With the OutPacks with you outdoors, you can carry anything and everything you need without worrying about ripping the zippers. The design of our Tactical Backpack comes with heavy-duty, jam-free zippers that will contain all contents in place no matter the condition of the location.

The OutPacks Tactical Backpack is one of the most trusted backpacks used by outdoor enthusiasts. Its well-built design and excellent storage capacity allow better support and maneuverability outdoors. With OutPacks by your side, you can take everything you can with peace of mind!

More Reasons to Choose the OutPacks

Waterproof Fabric

Our Tactical Military Rucksack is made of 600D oxford fabric and water-resistant material to deliver more durable and anti-scratch support than a traditional hiking backpack. It comes with a high-quality belt and zipper that are built to last and untearable. The OutPacks water-resistant support the inside shell through a water-proof rubber that allows air in and keeps the water out, while its outer shell is a canvas.

Hiking Backpack Structure

We’ve designed the OutPacks to handle all your camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures storing needs. It comes with a large storage capacity and is fitted with elastic drawstrings that can expand the pack for more storage. The overall interior and exterior of the OutPacks are roomy enough to accommodate all your outdoor gears like your sleeping bag, mat, hammock, shoes, and even mobile phones, keys, flashlights, and rescue supplies.

The OutPacks Tactical Backpack has:

  • 1 Compartment
  • 1 Front Zipper Package
  • 8 Exterior Pockets
  • 2 Side Pocket for water bottle or umbrella

Great Multi-function Backpack

With OutPacks as your personal choice for storage, you can do more! You can use the OutPacks as a small 3-day assault pack, emergency backpack, bug out bag, combat backpack, range bag, survival backpack, trekking backpack, and so much more. With its multi-layer and built-in zippered pockets, you can store as many as you can without fear of reaping or spilling. Indeed, a great investment for someone who loves to explore the great outdoors.

Durable and Comfortable Daypack

The back and shoulder straps with an adjustable chest strap are ventilated mesh padded to ensure a breathable and comfortable backpack for everyday use. The sides and bottom load come with a compression strap system to adjust and tighten the backpack. Lastly, the widened and thickened S-type shoulder straps and high elastic, breathable back support reinforce better ventilation and reduce the weight so that you can carry with ease.

Applicable Places

Our multipurpose Tactical Backpack is suitable for different groups of men and women and various occasions like patrol, hiking, survival adventure, military, rescue, camping, tactical drills, cycling, mountaineering, equipment, and various outdoor sports.



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
albert H. palmer
The perfect pack!

Arrived quickly and was extremely comfortable. I’m 6’ 2 and 160lbs held everything I could need and more. Very adjustable and well made. Will update in a few weeks.

Update: have been on 4 hike in camp trips and 3 long day hikes. Still very happy.

Hiked in solid steady rain for 2 hours with no water intrusion. Plopped on the cover and trudged along. The pack carried very easily and have not had back problems from any trips. Averaging 25-30lbs on each trek.

Update 4 months: many trips with this guy. Is holding up. Have not had any failures in seams etc. still very happy. Did an overnight with a 4 mile hike. Comfortable and holds anything I could need. Easily adjustable never any sway or give.

Update 3: just got back from a week hiking sections of the AT and still over the moon! Loving this pack and all it can comfortably hold.

chad S. Moffett
Awesome pack for the price

Have this pack now for a few months. Currently have it packed as a three day pack. Plenty of room. I read reviews that the side pouches only are held on by the zipper. This is not true or the company fixed this as they have straps holding them to the bag. Very comfortable even on longer hikes.After approximately 60 miles packed at 46lbs with water it shows no signs of wear or seems separating. Definitely would recommend.

James D. kurt
Excessively Happy with this product

My first impression of this rucksack was that it was smaller than I expect. I underestimated the size of 50L. This, however, is a great ruck so far through its first test. No issues so far. Stitching and straps seem to be holding up nicely, only started with 30lbs weight. Through the first 4 miles it has worked great, haven’t had any issues from straps coming loose or sitting unevenly on the shoulders.
This is a small ruck and I think works best for small trips or when need to pack light. You would need larger sizes if you want to pack all kinds of extra gear or wintery items. Not many pockets to keep things organized but I never concerned with things like that. Makes me have a tendency to pack more than what’s needed. So that might be something to look at. So if your trip is anywhere from three days to a week and it’s spring to fall this is your ruck. I have always been scared to purchase a rucksack that is on the cheaper side or the brand is not known. But this bag is great and it’s working for all the reason I need it to.

Nicholas J. Dawkins
Love it! Even better than expected

This is one of those rare cases where an item is even better than expected.

I had read all the reviews. Seen all the pictures for it. And thought it would be a decent pack. Turns out, it’s amazing. The material used is super thick. The straps are comfortable. And the design and details are awesome. It has plenty of space to pack for a long trip and has smartly designed compartments... not too many. And all functional.

I cannot wait to use this pack for my 2 month trip to Bali.

jimmy J. Kerrigan
So far the bag works great

So im used to a bag with lots of pockets but it never fails i forget what pocket my stuff is in so im gonna have to get used to this bag only haveing a few big pockets. It seems well made i cant wait to go camping with it and see how it holds up .