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JacSacks 45 Liters Outdoor and Waterproof Tactical Backpack

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JacSacks 45 Liters Outdoor and Waterproof Tactical Backpack

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Conquering the Outdoors in Style!

Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, nothing beats a good tactical backpack when it comes to surviving the harsh conditions of the outdoors. It carries all your essentials and gears into one place, giving you the right maneuverability and support when traversing different trails. And when it comes to keeping your sacks in style, there’s only one name to go—the JacSacks!

The JacSacks Tactical Backpack is an adventurer’s best friend. With its 45 to 55 liters of capacity, you can take whatever you fancy that would make your outdoor escapade a moment to remember. It also comes with security features and waterproofing designs to keep all your things safe and protected so that you’ll never have to worry about losing anything while conquering the outdoors.

As an experienced hiker, I recommend the JacSacks for its impressive storage capacity and well-thought-out pockets. It’s easy to organize than other packs I’ve tried in the past! — Ivy, Verified Purchase

Why Choose the JacSacks?

Detachable Backpack Combination

The JacSacks Tactical Backpack comes with different combinations that make it suitable for outdoor adventures and everyday use. It consists of the main compartment, one front detachable waist pack, and two side detachable accessory pouches. You can customize the JacSacks according to your storage needs.

Won’t carry much? Detach the exterior pockets and use the JacSacks Tactical Backpack “as is.” Or, if you’re bound for a long adventure, take advantage of the available storage by the front and side pockets.

  • Main Compartment: 45 Liters Capacity
  • Front Waist Pack: 7 Liters Capacity
  • Side Accessory Poches: 2 Liters Capacity

Waterproof Oxford Material

Our military-designed Tactical Backpack is made of high-density 900D Oxford fabric that anti-scratch features that provide excellent durability and water resistance. The heavy-duty zippers with rain diverting flaps keep the insides dry and secure all stress points to prevent damage while you’re en route.

Molle Backpack Rucksack

The JackSacks Tactical Backpack molle system allows you to easily attach extra pouches or outdoor gear such as sleeping bags, water bottles, cameras, cane, etc., making it suitable for outdoor, hiking, and camping, hunting, cycling, traveling, climbing, and so on. It’s the best choice for both men and women who have varying storage needs.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design

We’ve designed our Tactical Backpack with adjustable padding shoulder straps to ensure breathable, well-ventilated, and comfortable use. It also comes with a waist belt and chest strap to reduce stress in your shoulders while carrying the heavy-duty backpack. With this, we guarantee that you’ll have a relaxed and pleasant journey ahead.

Multipurpose Tactical Pack

This tactical military pack backpack can be used as a 3-day assault pack, emergency backpack, bug out bag backpack, combat backpack, range bag, hunting backpack, survival backpack, EDC outdoors backpack, hiking camping backpack, or day pack for daily use. The JacSacks Tactical Backpack is designed to accommodate up to 3 days trip and large enough to carry all your gear.


  • Made of 600D nylon sealed material for a durable and water-resistant Tactical Backpack.
  • It comes with a wide and thick waist belt to ensure comfort while carrying heavy items.
  • Fitted with 3 detachable molle pouches attached on the front and two sides for added storage.
  • It comes with a hand carry strap and adjustable shoulder strap to reinforce ease while traveling.
  • It supports up to 50L +  Molle capacity, which is suitable for outdoor sports such as camping, hiking, trekking, etc.
  • Package weight: About 1.5 kg
  • Product Size (L x W x H): 50 * 30 * 20 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1* Main Backpack
  • 1* Front Bag
  • 2* Side Pockets

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
terry B. Thomas

Amazing. That's what I said bunny bread. So much room (or snug it up for light loads), so diverse, and well made (well sown points). Lots of rigging points, and well distributed overall weight load. The belt for the fanny pack is in the fanny pack main compartment btw, and it makes this pack well worth the money ( I would have paid more for this sight seen ) by the ability to unfasten and be worn in conjunction with the back pack and then the side bags can be arranged in all kinds of ways as well. A well thought out design to say the least! I highly recommend for a 3 day assault/ weekend adventure.

herschel M. Malone
Great Pack

I was looking for something that was big enough to carry my FF head gear but also have plenty of pockets to put other items. I love this pack. Plenty of pockets for gloves, water, etc. I waited for a while before leaving any feedback to make sure it stands up to being thrown around, etc. Well.....its been thrown around, almost run over, and thrown in the mud many times and it is still going strong. Great Pack

steven T. cantu
Very nice bag

Very nice and durable bag. It's nice that it comes with 3 pouches. Inside the bag has a lot of room. I wish on the bigger part of the bag the zippers would zip down a little further. First picture I posted is with the new Air Force OCP uniform laying over the bag to see how well it matches to the uniform.

John D. carlyle
Good Product at a Great Price.......So Far

Even though this product is not anywhere near bullet proof, for the low cost, it deserves 5 stars.Based upon the very low price, my expectations was not set high. I just really liked how the bag is set up, and my plan was to use it for local day hikes. So, I did not need high durability. I was most concerned with the comfort, judging by the thin shoulder straps. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I got this pack. The fabric was much more robust than I figured it would be. Filling up the pack, I was very happy with all the different pockets and accesses. For a day or two in the bush, this pack holds a sufficient amount of gears for me.One day after I received it, I decided to give it a keep try-out to get an idea of how it carries. After fully filling it up and getting all the adjustments to my liking, I took it out for an hour hike into the cold 13F morning. It felt very comfortable, so my concern with the shoulder straps was abated.I will update this review, but as of right now, I am very happy with this product.

Ronald R. cullen
I absolutly love this bag

Ok, so let me tell you that when I ordered this pack, I was not at all expecting it to have this much room. From the looks of it. It looks like it would hold far less than a regular book bag, let me tell you that I put all the same stuff I had in my Swiss Guard book bag I use for college and then some. I still have plenty of room for my 40 Cal, with two magazines and all my cables for my computer fit far more comfortably and more organized than the Swiss pack did. Totally blew me away to be honest I was not at all expecting that. I have a a nice Lenovo Thinkpad I believe is around 11.5" in width and it fits perfectly in there. Anyway let me just say that I am a retired Veteran and have seen many military style bags come and go in my 20 years, so I know quality when I feel it. This bag is pretty darn nice and it is definitely great for a short term bug out bag and absolutely will be perfect for your laptop or like I have a think pad with plenty of reasonable room left over. Hope this review helps you guys