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LazShot 650 Yard Golf Rangefinder with LCD Screen

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LazShot 650 Yard Golf Rangefinder with LCD Screen

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Play with Precision and Have your Best Shot with LazShot

Are you considering getting a golf finder but don’t know what’s the best? Or are you weighing the pros and cons of the device before getting one? Whatever your reason may be, a golf finder will make your shots better and will surely make a difference in every game. That is why don’t hesitate and get LazShot today!

LazShot is a high-quality multifunctional laser stepper that uses a high-definition 6x optical prism lens and an external touchable LCD screen to improve the display effect and accuracy. It also supports distance measurement, two-point measurement, horizontal distance, vertical height, angle measurement, speed measurement, golf distance correction, scan measurement, and memory storage. With all these features, LazShot got you covered in all angles.


  • 🚩Fast and Accurate Measurement to get the target – This golf distance range finder has 3 targeting modes (Standard, Scan, Pin) and 3 units (meter, yard, feet). Accurate to +/-0.5 yards, perfect for measuring golf flags, hazards, and wooded areas.

  • 🚩6 X Magnification for clear and Precise Measure – LazShot Rangefinders can magnify up to 6 times for golfing, enabling you to aim for that perfect shot confidently. At the same time, it’s excellent for hunting, racing, bird watching, shooting, climbing, and other outdoor sports.
  • 🚩Multiple Measurement Modes for Accuracy – There are many measurement modes for you to choose from: horizontal distance, vertical height, angle, speed, continuous measurement, two-point height, golf mode, closest, farthest, area, volume.

  • 🚩Effortless use of  Voice Feature & HD LCD Color Touch Screen Display – This 2022 upgraded golf laser rangefinder has a built-in voice feature that reads distances aloud. At the same time, it also includes an easy-to-read wide HD LCD color display that quickly spots the distance.

  • 🚩Has Maximum Efficiency with its Ergonomic & Sporty Design – The measurement rangefinder is only 0.49 pounds fits comfortably in your hand. This rangefinder is IP54 waterproof is suitable for use in light rain. Rechargeable through Type-C (cable included). It consists of a premium carrying pouch that makes it easy to store and maintain.

Why Choose LazShot?

  • A 6x high-definition optical prism lens, external LCD, and touch operation enhance display effect and accuracy.
  • It has a Multifunctional design that supports distance measurement, two-point measurement, horizontal distance, vertical height, angle measurement, speed measurement, golf distance correction, scan measurement, and memory storage.
  • Three measurement units can be switched: YD, M, FT.
  • All-in-one mode directly calculates the difference of the distance/elevation of the angle/slope between the target and the measurement point / horizontal distance between the mark and the measurement point.
  • Scan mode allows continuous measurement of different targets without pressing the measurement button repeatedly.
  • Two-point height measurement mode that will measure two test points separately for target information and automatically calculate the height difference between the two points
  • Speed ​​measurement mode uses the distance between two measurements of the object and the time interval between measurements to calculate the speed of the object to be measured.
  • Golf distance correction mode supports downhill and uphill measurement, eliminating any inaccuracy along the way. 
  • With 20 sets of data storage functions
  • With voice request function


Model: KM-C600H
Measurement Range: 5-650 Yard
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5Y
Speed ​​Range: 20-300km/H
Speed ​​Accuracy: <5km/H
Laser Wavelength: 905±5nm
Measurement Angle Range: ±90°
Laser Safety Level: Class 1
Measurement Unit: YD, M, FT
Magnification: 6x
Lens Aperture: 15mm
Objective lens aperture: 24mm
Focus Method: Eyepiece Focus
Distance measurement mode: yes
VD (vertical distance / height / angle) mode: Yes
HD mode (horizontal distance / angle): yes
SP mode (speed measurement): Yes
HT MODE (Two-Point Height Measurement): Yes
CL MODE (Closest Distance Measurement): Yes
FA MODE (furthest distance measurement): Yes
Golf distance compensation mode (with vibration): yes
Area Measurement: Yes
Volume Measurement: Yes
Memory storage: 20 groups.
Side screen: Touch type color screen
Voice Broadcast: English
Scan Measurement: Yes
Working Temperature: -20 ~ 50℃
Dust and water splashes: IP54
Battery: built-in 1000mAh lithium battery

Package Includes: 

1 x Laser Ranging Display
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Lens Wipe Cloth
1 x Portable Storage Bag
1 x Hanging Ring
1 x English User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sebastian Lange
Works great!

Generally everyone used to play golf, I bought to measure the distance to the target. Measurement data will have some small deviations, the impact is not significant. At first I tested a very close distance, I thought it was bad, and then found that I could only measure relatively far distance, is that I did not read the instructions carefully.

Fred guillen
Great value and accurate

So far so good! It comes in a hard case which os nice for protection. It is very easy to use and accuracy is perfect. Optics are clear and focus is easy to adjust. If you’re looking a great price and good quality, this is your best option. Absolutely worth every penny.

Cecil Kushner
Great value for the money!

I just got a chance to use this on the course for the first time yesterday and boy does it help!!!! I had a name brand range finder for years and it finally gave out on me. Looking at prices on name brand range finders made me sick. I found this and thought I would give it a shot and boy am I impressed. great value for the money and does everything the name brands do just as well. Highly recommend.

George Steinberg
Awesome product

I never thought I would use a range finder for golf but I gave it a try. I hit better than usual because I knew exactly where the pin was and how far. I used to just guess and I either went over the green or short. I’ve hit the green more consistently with this range finder. The speaker is nice for those around you to hear as well. I would recommend to anyone. Great product.

Gregory Sanderson
Nice display

Nice large display on side of rangefinder. Accuracy and slope measurements seem on point. Great value for the price