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DestArts 110V/50W Laser Pyrography Machine Gourd Pen, Craft Wood Burning Kit

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DestArts 110V/50W Laser Pyrography Machine Gourd Pen, Craft Wood Burning Kit

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Step into the future of wood art crafting with DestArts!

Exploring a new medium for your arts? Here’s a wood-burning kit that can deliver better control to make fine pieces out of any kind of wood. Our 50W DestArts Pyrography Machine is equipped with a professional wood-burning tool, machine, and pen—including a complete set of pen nibs, holder, etc., to give you an all-around experience to explore new art styles.

With DestArts, you can get access to easy and convenient pyrography support to create art on wood, gourd, wood board, leather, wheat straw, bark, leaves, bamboo, furniture, eggs, straw, and so on. The DestArts also includes:

✅ Stepless Thermostat
✅ 23 Excellent Pen Nibs
✅ ABS Shell
✅ Professional Pyrography Pens
💯 Suitable for Beginners

Here’s why the DestArts Wood Burning Kit is for you!

Check out these amazing features that come with our DestArts Wood Burning Kit.

Precise Adjustment & Control

Since you’ll be working on different materials—whether soft or hard—you need to be mindful of the temperature of the device. The DestArts Pyrography Set comes with various buttons that are uniformly distributed on the same panel for easy operation. The temperature can be adjusted using the rotating knob which can go from 0 to 800ºC (1,472°F) of the average service temperature.

Professional Brushes

The package includes two professional wood-burning pens for precise painting. Each pen is designed to be light and compact and is easy to describe details. It also comes with a comfortable non-slip sheath to prevent pen slippage.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Our pyrography machines come with large-area vents to ensure excellent heat dissipation of the burning pen kit. This feature also contributes to maintaining stable operation even under high temperatures to help you achieve the best results.

Various Pen Nibs

We’ve included a wide selection of pen nibs in our professional wood-burning kit to give great convenience in defining different painting details and styles. Whether you’re going for abstract, portrait, or calligraphy, the DestArts Pyrography Set got you covered!

Caring Sponge

Here’s an add-on accessory to help improve and achieve better pyrography quality. Our caring sponge can be used to wipe the pen sponge or remove carbon on the pen tips to eliminate errors while creating art.

Wide Application

The wood-burning pen professional machine can be applied in wood, gourd, leather, wheat straw, bark, leaves, bamboo, eggs, and other materials.


  • Voltage: 110V AC
  • Shell Material: ABS engineering plastic
  • Heater Strip Material: High impedance alloy, high-temperature resistance
  • Display Method: Digital display

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 50W Pyrography Machine with Digital Display
  • 2 x Pyrography Pens
  • 23 x High Impedance Alloy Heater Strips
  • 2 x Sponge
  • 2 x Supports
  • 1 x Mini Screwdriver

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
gary romero

I purchased this wood burning set in early 2022 and didn't try it out until Oct 2022. The ball tips allow for awesome precision! The temperature control is on-point as well. Great buy!

Barbara J. Marsh
Worth it!

I love this burner! It heats up and cools down really quickly. My projects are now completed in half the time. I really like that it came with several different tips to choose from and 2 pens.

Patricia S. Hopkins
Great buy

This is a great wood burner and has been fun to use. It heats up really fast and stays hot making it easy to use. The handle doesn’t heat up that much so you can use for a long time without having to turn it off to cool off. I love how many different tips it comes with and I haven’t even tried them all out yet. I have completed 2 projects with it and look forward to creating many more

Keith G. Baer
A great product

I love this machine. It’s so easy to use. It has great temperature control and a really good price. I would highly recommend.

Harry E. Collins

Took a little getting practice on some scrap wood, ended up with great results for burning my signature on wood. I am VERY pleased with my first project and the thermostat is useful for various materials.