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TerraShot Wi-Fi Enabled Action Camera, Professional 4K Ultra HD Video Recording

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TerraShot Wi-Fi Enabled Action Camera, Professional 4K Ultra HD Video Recording

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Are you an adventurer and seeking to capture your life’s most thrilling moments? Then the TerraShot Wi-Fi Enabled Action Camera is just what you need! Get ready to capture amazing footage that is sure to impress everyone.

The TerraShot Action Camera is designed to help you record all of your adventures with stunning clarity. With the ability to record Ultra HD 4K video at 30fps or 1080p Full HD at 60fps, you will capture every single detail of your action-packed moments. The 1.3″ HD TFT display lets you preview every shot and ensure that every moment is captured perfectly.

With the TerraShot Action Camera, you’ll be able to preserve your adventures in the highest quality with stunning 16-megapixel photos that are suitable for cropping or enlarging. This camera is also waterproof up to 100 feet thanks to the included IPX7 waterproof case, making it perfect for water sports such as diving, surfing, or snorkeling.

The TerraShot Action Camera makes it easy to control your camera wirelessly with its built-in WiFi and app integration. You can easily view and manage recorded media and share it with your friends and family with just a few clicks. The ultra-wide 170° field of view and rotating lens make it easy to capture every moment, and the slow-motion recording option lets you capture stunning slow-motion footage.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture your adventures in stunning Ultra HD 4K with the TerraShot Wi-Fi Enabled Action Camera.

  • 4K Ultra HD Video Resolution and Slow Motion Recording: Capture super sharp video in 4K Ultra HD at 30fps or 1080p Full HD at 60fps. Record all of the action in stunning slow motion in 1080p at 60fps or in 720p at 120fps.
  • 16 Megapixel Still Photo Resolution: Preserve the moment with stunning high-resolution 16 Megapixel photos suitable for cropping or enlarging.
  • Waterproof up to 100 Feet!: Take the TerraShot up to 100 feet below the surface and capture amazing underwater videos and photos with the IPX7 waterproof, all-terrain case.
  • WiFi with App Integration: Control your camera wirelessly and view and manage recorded media with built-in WiFi and app integration.
  • Ultra Wide 170° Field of View and Rotating Lens: Capture more of the action with the camcorder lens’s 170° ultra wide angle view. The 270° rotatable head allows you to capture every moment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Frank Patterson
This camera is an excellent value!

I am incredibly impressed with the quality of this camera, especially for the price! I have used it several times-the second time on a kayaking trip in icy water. It fell into the water a few times-and nothing happened! The case was very secure and the camera dry.
The image quality is great-I really do not understand how a name-brand GoPro could possibly be 10x as good at 10x the price-this is everything I want in a camera! I watched a fair number of YouTube videos filmed by and filmed about this camera and it was a clear choice for me. I am considering purchasing a second so I can get two views at once of my adventures-for example one on the front of my kayak and one to take stills or watch the shore.
I have many plans for this camera and take it with me on the majority of hiking, exploring, kayaking, and other adventures so far. I would like to attach it to a kite, do some time lapse gardening, attach it to my dog, use it on a scenic drive, and continue to use it in my current outdoor adventures.I have heard that the time-lapse settings are fewer than a GoPro but I have no complaints with how I have used that feature so far.
Honestly, if you are even considering that it would be good to try out a camera like this just get one of these-it’s well worth it!

James Bones
It was just a test that blew me away...

Very Happy!
We do a lot of bike riding with skipping the gyms due to Covid19 as we wait for a working vaccine before going back into gym, which was a petri dish of bacteria and diseases before COVID.
We ride about 10-12 miles per day and more on the weekends (20miles per day) on trails we have near us., when his the weights in the home garage gym. This camera and its accessories work great!
I was skeptical about it, but after two weeks on running it is has been great. The bike mount works very well and stays stationary on the handlebars, even offroad. I use the "water-resistant" case (nothing's really "waterproof"...even submarines sink) due to the normal daily summertime rain here in Florida. When using this water-resistant case, the microphone recording does not reach outside of the case and you only hear road/bike frame vibrations noise, but that is normal and understandable for these types of cases.
Vidoe is clear and Image stabilization is very good..video playback works without chop and looks great.
I'm very happy with the purchases and would recommend this to cover all your needs for those that don't what to spend $400 on camera like GoPro. This one covers all my needs and saves me much.

Louis Juarez
Surprised & Impressed!

I was looking for a new underwater camera to use for a recent vacation to Playa del Carmen, and after looking to possibly buy a newer Gopro, I decided to look for another option given the questionable reviews and price of the new ones. Decided to give this one a try, but was a bit concerned because it was inexpensive. Should not have been concerned, since it worked perfectly for me in wet situation, and while I was scuba diving. Easy to use, and good pictures. Not perfect on image stabilization (which might be expected as I was trying to dive at the same time), but amazing value for the money.

Simon Renfrow
almost great

I researched and reviewed and went to forums and and and to find a action cam that would suite my needs and I found the perfect match. I have put this camera through just about everything and it still runs. I've dove to over 100ft deep (make sure to get a red lens filter) , gone dirt biking across idaho, climbed to tall mountains, gone downhill skiing, snowmobiling, swimming, snorkeling, running, biking, cycling, sledding, cliff jumping, put it on a drone (and crashed drone with it), cave tubing, river rafting, and the list goes on and on. I am not easy on equipment so wanted a device to hold up to my demand. That and if I did something like run it over or drop it out of a plane or who knows what to actually destroy it I wouldn't be out much of dollars like with a gopro but a few money or so. I actually purchased another one for my wife and kids to use which they are putting through the tests as well. I ended up buying the large accessory kit for each camera, with extra batteries. I have used most all the attachments and enjoyed all the possibilities it gives me to video all my adventures with family and friends.The one I purchased for my wife and kids keeps the date fine. Can't say enough about this awesome little video camera and all that I have put it through only to enjoy it more. THANK YOU and I will continue to share with others and buy for others. Play on!

Tommy Wilson
Works Great Under Water

Bought this little camera for underwater photography during a snorkeling trip to Palau, Micronesia. Waterproof housing works perfectly and the camera takes very clear photos, even in low light. Easy to see what you are photographing on the little screen but the pictures came out very clear. Quite good value for the money.