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Sculpturio 20PCS Wood Carving Tool Set for DIY Sculpture Carpenter Experts and Beginners

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Sculpturio 20PCS Wood Carving Tool Set for DIY Sculpture Carpenter Experts and Beginners

In Stock · FREE Shipping!




The Sculpturio 20PCS Wood Carving Tool Set is perfect for DIY sculpture carpenter experts and beginners alike. Made from quality carbon steel and electrolytic coating, these wood carving knives are strong and sturdy, ensuring longevity and suitability for a variety of craft projects.

The 20PCS set includes 12pcs carbon steel carving knives, 1pcs whetstone, 1pcs storage case,1pcs carpenter pencil, 1pcs wooden ruler, 2pcs sandpaper, and 2pcs wipe cloth, making it a comprehensive and convenient set for all your woodworking needs.

Experience the joy of wood carving with the 12 different shape size gouges that are included in this set. These sharp carving knives are small, safe, and stay sharp, giving you a wonderful carving experience. However, please be careful when using them to avoid sharp gouges hurting you.

The carbon steel carving knives are designed with 4.3″ ergonomically designed wooden handles, allowing you to handle long projects comfortably with a powerful grip. Whether you’re carving, sculpting, modeling, cutting, graining, or scraping, these wood carving knives are perfect for the job. They are also suitable for soapstone projects, crafts, or clay sculpture.

With practical accessories such as the whetstone, storage case, carpenter pencil, wooden ruler, sandpaper, and wipe cloth, this set is a good helper for your wood carving projects. The included bag makes it easy to carry your wood carving knives wherever you go.

Start your wood carving journey today with the Sculpturio 20PCS Wood Carving Tool Set!

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The Sculpturio 20PCS Wood Carving Tool Set includes:

  • 12 * Carbon Steel Carving Knives
  • 1 * Whetstone
  • 1 * Storage Case
  • 1 * Carpenter Pencil
  • 1 * Wooden Ruler
  • 2 * Sandpaper
  • 2 * Wipe Cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Helen Harjo

Received the chisels in fine shape. Angles and contours ground as they should be. Reasonably sharp and could be used as received. I played with them a bit then stropped the tips to refine the edge. Nice feel in hand. I can’t personally attest to their ability to hold an edge but, based on extensive research, expect them to hold sharpness well. Looking forward to using for years to come.

John Young

I have not actually use them yet. I showed them to a friend who is an experienced carver and he was impressed. He could tell they were made of good metal but would refine the angle and bevel a bit on some.i left the tools with him t modify and resharpen. So l will start using them when de is done modifying. First impression is good. I like the tool storing.

Dale Baumgartner
Good Product

Haven’t used them long enough to rate the durability but I don’t anticipate any issues. These are beautifully finished chisels and are akin to very expensive european professional chisels! The handles are faceted to prevent rolling and fit my hand perfectly. They came sharper than I expected and are useable out of the packing. I would buy again and wish that filler sets were offered in different configurations and sizes. I may change the sharpening bevel angle when regrinding is required to a shallower angle.

Kathryn Walsh
Good Product

These arrive in a reasonable quality canvas roll which keeps everything organised and importantly the blades well separated. The finish is good and the blades are well set into the timber handles. There is enough timber in the handle length if you wanted to do some reshaping to customise for your hand, but the handles are comfortable enough. The blades do well from some further sharpening and honing and hold their edge well which indicates decent quality . Would recommend for anyone wanting a very reasonable priced good quality set with a good range of blade shapes.

Good Product

What an excellent package for the beginning carver. Sharp right out of the package, a perfect variety of chisels, and a great price for the product. Am recommending it to everyone I know who is looking for a 'set'. The only thing I've done to them is just put a little more buffing into the sharpness. Have made no changes to the bevel. Hope they hold their edge, and time is the only thing that will tell me.