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HobGloves Goalkeeper Gloves with Professional Finger Guards, Strong Grip for the Toughest Saves, Protection Prevent Injuries, Fit Training for Matches, Adults and Youth

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HobGloves Goalkeeper Gloves with Professional Finger Guards, Strong Grip for the Toughest Saves, Protection Prevent Injuries, Fit Training for Matches, Adults and Youth

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Fits In Your Hand Without The Tightness and Discomfort So You Can Defend Without Fail!


Breathable, Great-fitting Goalkeeper Gloves with Mesh Design, Sturdy Guard Springs, Flexible Thickness, and Non-slip Design

Goalkeeping is now made more powerful with the goalkeeper gloves that feature better design, improved flexibility, upgraded finger protection, and a versatile size that’s ideal for both teens and adults!

Introducing the HobGloves – one of the best-selling goalkeeper gloves in the market that fits into your hand effectively. With its non-slip design, you can be assured that these gloves will wrap around your hands to a perfect fit. 

You can catch high-accelerating balls without worrying about injury because the HobGloves now come with thicker, more flexible finger guards. Despite the thick protection, you won’t get lesser flexibility because the flexible folds of the gloves are improved. 

HobGloves Goalkeeping Gloves Features: 

The gloves offer both durability and grip so you can make saves without the discomfort. These thumb swivel goalkeeper gloves are made with imported professional 3mm natural latex + 3mm foam which offer maximum protection and grip.

Works great under wet and dry conditions. The HobGlove give you the extremely strong control when handling the ball even in wet conditions.

The backhand is made with Polyurethane which is anti-puncture and anti-abrasion to prevent gloves from tearing. Catch the ball without worrying about your gloves tearing off. The HobGloves comes with the most durable backhand design.

Improved double coat finger protection that shields your hand from injuries. The new and improved backbone finger saver system is made from native plastic which prevents hyperextended finger injuries that usually occur in competition or training. It also includes finger spines for increased flexibility.

Made with flexible lining and velcro and elastic straps for better, more flexible grip and keep your wrists protected. These soccer gloves have a double design wristband whose lining layer is elastic and the outer layer is velcro adjusted with elastic strap, so they can tighten your wrist muscles, reduce the risk of wrist sprains and wrist injuries. The gloves come with inner elastic layer with the outer protective straps that has a precise fit and secures the glove in position when you play.

The most breathable goalkeeper gloves in the market – say goodbye to sweaty hands! Receivers who have used our products said that the soccer gloves are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and fit well, 3D air mesh body ensures high breathability and coolness.


  • Body: 3D Airmesh
  • Palm: 3mm Grip German Latex + 3mm Foam
  • Back: polyurethane.
  • Bandage: 8CM Air Preen

Size Guide

Size 5 : Length of hand 15-16cm/5.9-6.2in
Size 6 : Length of hand 16-17cm/6.2-6.6in
Size 7 : Length of hand 17-18cm/6.6-7.1in
Size 8 : Length of hand 18-19cm/7.1-7.4in
Size 9 : Length of hand 19-20cm/7.4-7.8in
Size 10 : Length of hand 20-21cm/7.8-8.2in
Size 11 : Length of hand 21-22cm/8.2-8.6in

  • About size: Please check the picture to choose your size.
  • If you have very large or small hands for your size, please adjust your choice to match.
  • Some goalkeepers prefer gloves that are slightly larger than they need, giving them a larger surface area to stop the ball without sacrificing control.

Care tips:

In general, although goalkeeper gloves can be washed with water, but it requires goalkeeper formula which removes dirt from the latex palm of goalkeeper gloves without damaging them, it helps your gloves last longer; if the glove is dirty, there are no cleaning systems, it is recommended to use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Powder Gently brush off dirt, then work in wet and dry conditions, store your gloves as flat as possible, do not fold or squeeze.

Storage tips:

  1. Do not place the latex sides against each other.
  2. Gloves should be stored away from direct heat sources and sunlight when not in use.

Package Includes

  • 1*Goal Keeper Gloves for Goalies