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GuardTech High-Impact Volleyball Knee Pads with High-Density Sponge, Anti-Slip, High Stretch Design and Ultra Breathable

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GuardTech High-Impact Volleyball Knee Pads with High-Density Sponge, Anti-Slip, High Stretch Design and Ultra Breathable

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

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Hey there, volleyball virtuoso! 🏐 Remember that time you took a fearless dive to save the game, but your knees paid the price? Yep, we’ve been there too. But imagine a world where you can dive, slide, and spike without a second thought about your knees. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, dream no more! Meet the GuardTech High-Impact Volleyball Knee Pads – the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill knee pads. Oh no, they’re the VIPs of the knee protection world. Packed with high-density sponge, they’re ready to cushion your every move, turning those “ouch” moments into “did I just do that?” feats. And let’s talk about the dreaded knee pad slippage – a thing of the past with GuardTech’s anti-slip design. They’ll stick with you through every serve and save, just like a loyal teammate. Plus, with their ultra-breathable fabric, you’ll be the coolest player on the court, literally. So, fellow volleyballer, are you ready to play hard and land soft? Let’s set you up for success! 🌟🙌

Dive Without the Drama!
Ever dreamt of making that game-winning dive without the aftermath of bruised knees? With the GuardTech’s high-impact protection, you can dive like you’re diving into a pool of marshmallows. Say goodbye to those post-game ice packs!

SpongeBob’s Got Nothing on This!
Boasting a high-density sponge, these knee pads are like having mini mattresses for your knees. Whether you’re diving, sliding, or just kneeling, every impact feels cushioned and gentle. It’s like a hug… for your knees.

Stay Put, Will Ya?
Tired of those awkward moments adjusting slipping knee pads during a game? With the anti-slip design, these knee pads cling to you like your grandma during the holidays. Dive, slide, or dance – they’re not going anywhere!

Stretch It Out!
Feel the freedom with the high-stretch design. It’s like yoga pants for your knees. Move, bend, jump – these knee pads are with you every step (or leap) of the way.

Keep Cool and Play On!
Sweaty knees? Not on our watch! The ultra-breathable fabric ensures your knees stay as cool as you look on the court. It’s like having mini air conditioners wrapped around your knees.

Like a Glove… But for Your Knees!
Thanks to the ergonomic design, these knee pads fit like they were tailor-made for you. It’s the kind of comfort that makes you forget you’re even wearing them. Magic? Maybe.

Not Just for Volleyball!
Branch out! While they’re volleyball superstars, these knee pads are up for any challenge. Dancing, yoga, or a spontaneous moonwalk? They’ve got your back… erm, knees.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All, But We’ve Got You!
Whether you’ve got the slender legs of a gazelle or the sturdy thighs of a superhero, the adjustable velcro ensures a snug fit. It’s like a custom suit, but way more affordable.

Built to Last, Just Like Your Spirit!
These aren’t your one-season wonders. Durable and long-lasting, they’re in it for the long haul. So go on, play hard. They can take it.

Look Good, Play Better!
Who said protective gear can’t be stylish? With a sleek design, you’ll be turning heads for more reasons than just your killer serves.

Easy-Peasy Cleaning!
Post-game cleanup shouldn’t be a chore. A quick hand wash, air dry, and they’re ready for your next adventure. Because you’ve got better things to do than laundry.

There you have it! GuardTech’s knee pads are more than just protective gear; they’re your trusty sidekick on the court. So, ready to play hard and land soft? Let’s make those knee scrapes a thing of the past! 🌟🏐🎉

Alright, sporty superstar, here’s the deal. 🌟 While we’d love to keep chatting about the game-changing magic of GuardTech’s knee pads, we’ve got a bit of a situation. Word’s gotten out, and these knee-saving wonders are flying off the virtual shelves faster than you can say “match point!” So, if you’re dreaming of fearless dives and slide saves without the knee drama, now’s your moment. Why wait for the next game to level up? Dive into the future of volleyball protection today and let those knees thank you later. Trust us; they’ll be singing your praises (in knee language, of course)!

Ready to play hard without the hard landings? 🏐 Grab your GuardTech High-Impact Volleyball Knee Pads now, and let’s make those “ouch” moments a thing of the past. But hurry, because just like that perfect serve, this opportunity won’t last forever!

Technical Specifications

Alright, tech enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Let’s dive deep into the DNA of the GuardTech High-Impact Volleyball Knee Pads:

  • Material Composition: Crafted with a blend of high-grade fabrics, ensuring durability and breathability.
  • Sponge Thickness: A whopping 20mm of high-density sponge. That’s like the luxury mattress of the knee pad world.
  • Size & Fit: Adjustable velcro design, suitable for thigh circumferences ranging from 13.0-21.7 in (33-55cm). Designed to fit individuals weighing between 100-220lb.
  • Anti-Slip Feature: Equipped with a non-slip silicone strip on the upper knee area. Because no one’s got time for slippage!
  • Breathability: Ultra-breathable fabric to ensure your knees get the VIP treatment they deserve.
  • Weight: A lightweight champion at 170g / 0.37lb.
  • Dimensions: Size: 218.5 in/5121.5cm. Perfectly sized for maximum protection without the bulk.
  • Maintenance: Hand wash recommended. Air dry to maintain elasticity and shape.

There you have it! The full tech rundown of the GuardTech High-Impact Volleyball Knee Pads. For those who love the details, we’ve got you covered. Now, go on and geek out, knowing you’re making an informed choice! 🤓🔍🏐

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nettie Francis
I love these pads

These knee protective pads have proven invaluable during my floor cleaning sessions. Spending extended periods on my hands and knees can be uncomfortable, but these pads offer excellent cushioning and support. The thick foam padding ensures my knees are well-protected while scrubbing away. These pads have noticeably improved my cleaning routine, making it easier to concentrate on the task without any discomfort.

Julie Martin
Purchased for My Husband Because

I purchased these knee pads for my husband because he needed stability and durability for walking. These knee pads fit the bill in terms of durability and stability. He wears these because he has fallen down on his knees several times walking outside (backyard patio) or inside our house. My husband has Parkinson's Disease so his balance can be OFF on some days. These knee pads have helped him lessen the blow to his knees. These knee pads have prevented future scrapes and injuries to his knees. They are not inexpensive, but they are definitely durable, comfortable and provide him with great stability. They are also very thick.

Paul Lynch
Super comfortable

Having had an operation on my right knee several years ago, and since then having broken my right kneecap twice, I am very nervous about falling over again as if it happens again, I'd need a full knee replacement. So I invested in these kneepads to protect me while I am out walking and give me confidence. I was surprised how comfortable they are, they fit very snugly but not too tight and give me freedom to walk at a good pace. I hope I do not fall over so wont need to test how much they absorb the shock and protect the knee, but they at least allow me to walk more confidently. They are not too bulky either so under trousers they are not so obvious. I recommend these pads.

Ronnie Orr
They Gave Me the Ability to Kneel Again

I am a 66 year old senior and I didn't buy these to play Volleyball. I bought them so I can get on my knees again. My knees hurt so bad there is no way I can kneel down on them. But with these knee pads on now I can! I can now be active again and do things I haven't been able to do in a long time. The cushion is so effective that it doesn't even hardly hurt anymore to get on my knees. This has opened up a whole host of activities I can do now so I'm finally going to get some much needed exercise, and I can finally take care of the household chores that require me to get on my knees, like fixing things under the sink. Things young people just take for granted. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day. It didn't hurt though when I was wearing them and the grooves went away in about a half hour so I will continue to wear them as need be.
Thanks for a wonderful product and for giving me a portion of my life back that I thought was gone forever.

Jacquelin Cavazos
Quality knee pads

I purchased these knee pads to wear for an exotic dance class and I love them. They are super comfortable to wear and they offer great cushion between my knees and the floor. They are so easy to put on. I have recommended them to both my classmates and my instructor. Great buy.