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VisoLens Magnetic System Double Lens Glasses with UV400 and Anti-Fog Ski Googles for Men and Women


VisoLens Magnetic System Double Lens Glasses with UV400 and Anti-Fog Ski Googles for Men and Women

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Interchangeable, Magnetic System is the new religion

As effortless VLT swapping continues to dominate the high end of the market, we give you VisoLens—the latest double-layer lens, magnetic system Ski Goggles that deliver an unobstructed, unparallel vision. Designed with a fast magnetic interchangeable design with 8 magnets, easily switch lenses suitable for different light conditions and your preference.

The VisoLens Difference:

▶ Effortless Lens Swapping
▶ Anti-Fog and Clear Vision
▶ Unbreakable Frame
▶ Wider Field of Vision
▶ Snug Fit and Sturdy Strap
▶ Imported Lens with UV400 Protection


  • Eyewear Type: Professional Magnetic Skiing Eyewear Lenses

  • Optical Attribute: UV400 Protection, Anti-fog, Explosion-proof, Double-layer lens, Mirror Coating
  • About Lens: Can be replaceable within 10 seconds, magnetical, 100% UV protection, Anti-fog, and Anti-scratch, Mirror Coating
  • About Frame: With 8 magnets, super flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to break, top quality, and durable. Designed with the best quality 3-layer foams to strengthen the sealing performance, it provides a more comfortable feeling to your face.

9292210189_850885732.jpg (790×794)

  • About Lenses: Using PC material double-layer injection molding for lenses, which has a scratch and impact resistance, UV CUT, anti-fog, and other features.
  • Intended Use: Due to the strong sunlight, reflected light from snow mountains, plus cold wind that irritates the eyes, we suggest you choose a security professional ski goggles like the VisoLens. Our ski goggles fit better on your face and prevent your eyes from the heavy wind. The lens is made from imported material with mirrored coating for hardened, scratch-resistant, and abrasion-proof ski googles. Plus, it’s 100% Anti-UV, too, which is essential for eye protection.

More About this Item:

Imported Lenses: Imported double Revo coating and large spherical lens with anti-fog feature snow goggles.

9292219029_850885732.jpg (790×464)

Fast-Changing lenses: Like the coating, colors can be arbitrary according to individual freedom of heart.

9310658947_850885732.jpg (790×500)

Suitable for customers with myopia (nearsighted).

9267957156_850885732.jpg (790×438)

Strap: 3 lines of anti-slip silicon inside of the strap

9267957179_850885732.jpg (790×1000)


  • Material: PC anti-fog lens
  • Frame material: TPU
  • Size: 11 × 17 × 9cm
  • Features: anti-ultraviolet, anti-snow blindness, anti-fog lens
  • Suitable occasions: skiing, mountaineering, cycling, and other outdoor sports.
  • Color: 6 colors

Package Includes

  • Ski goggles
  • Cloth bag
  • Manual



  • Please tear protective film inside when using.
  • There will be color differences in different angles of view because of Mirror Coating.

Additional information


Black Frame Silver Lens, Black Frame Gray Lens, Fully Transparent Red Lens With Black Frame, Black Frame Full Blue Lens, Pink Frame Full Transparent Blue Lens, Gray Frame Full Red Lens

Protective Case

No, Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Armando J. Ullrich
Great goggles at a reasonable price

Using my new goggles will have to wait until next ski season, but I think they are going to be great. They fit well and seem well made. I love the ease of changing the lenses. These goggles are nicer than some that cost 4 times as much.

Daren berning
Better than name brand

I've tried MANY expensive brands of goggles and decided to give these a shot! They measured up perfectly! No problem with fog. Fit the bridge of my nose. I can see everything just fine. Would buy again!

Jeni Johnson
superbly designed

No fog! I've tried a lot of goggles over the years and invariably they all fog up to come extent. Not these. A clean and solid seal doesn't allow any moisture even in the coldest weather. Best I've ever used.

William R. Martinez
The real deal at a cheap price!

Honestly I loved these the first time I took them skiing, and have lived them every time since. They’re comfy, block the Sun well, and seem very durable. I used mine skiing about 20 days and they’ve held up perfectly fine!

If you’re thinking about getting them, do it! I would recommend these to any skier that doesn’t want to spend $100-$300 on a pair of goggles.

Peter H. Scott
does the job

took it for 5 ski trips this season and googles stood strong the entire time. I was skeptical about the magnets but they are really strong. Not even the hardest of falls will pop those lenses out. I will buy it again.