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TrailCore – Night Vision Enabled 4G Cellular Trail Camera and Wildlife Camera with Wide Camera Capture, Fast Firing Speed, 16 MP Image and 1080P Video, and Long-range Capture Function

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TrailCore – Night Vision Enabled 4G Cellular Trail Camera and Wildlife Camera with Wide Camera Capture, Fast Firing Speed, 16 MP Image and 1080P Video, and Long-range Capture Function

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

See The Wild As It Happens with an HD Camera, Fast Firind Speed, Powerful Night Vision, and Strong 4G Connection for Real-time Streaming

Capture Action Even While in the Dark with TrailCore’s Night Vision Settings + Powerful LED Bulbs for Illumination

Introducing the TrailCore — a cellular trail camera that can keep up with the rapid movement of the wild whether it’s night or day!

The TrailCore comes with excellent camera capacity that can capture up to 16 MP photos, and 1080P videos.

Even the darkness has nothing compared with the TrailCore. With more than 36 LED bulbs for additional illumination, plus high-precision night vision setting to help you spot animals, people, vehicles, and security and safety issues even at night time.

With a wide-angle capture capacity of 120-degrees, and a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, capturing movement is fast, clear, and gives you a full view of what you’re observing.

Durable, and long-lasting, your camera is built to survive the wild!

Crystal Clear Images, Day and Night to Help You Observe the Wild or Your Property Confidently

The TrailCore comes with a full HD 1080P video and maximum 16 MP photo quality. This fast-capturing, wide-angle camera captures 5 megapixel crystal images and Full HD 1080P videos. The upgraded and advanced chip increases image processing qualities to give you photos and videos that are clearer and more detailed during the day (black and white at night).

Illumination and Night Vision Settings Help Produce Stunning and Clear Night Time Photos and Videos

The TrailCore comes with ultra-clear night vision settings plus 36 built-in light bulbs to add illumination to the shots. The night vision has also improved and adjustable sensitivity so you can be ensured that your camera is ready for all types of low lighting.

High-trigger Speed and Motion-triggered Photo Bursts

The TrailCore comes with one of the finest trigger speed in the market with a 0.3-second trigger speed so you can motion and actions on time.

The cellular trail camera also includes motion-triggered sensors that automatically takes up to nine shots when motion is detected. Motion sensor is designed to also differentiate true motions, from those of just movement from leaves.

The TrailCore also includes time lapse feature.

Includes Audio Recording So You Can Get the Full Experience

The TrailCore includes a reliable microphone to pick up real-time sounds so you can not only see but also hear what is happening on the field.

Camera can Cover up to 20 meters of Range and 120-degree Coverage

The camera can spot animals or security risks from 20 meters away. You can also get a more panoramic view with the 120-degree camera coverage.

Sends Footages to You on Real Time Thanks to the 4G Capacity

From the field to your phone — on real time! The TrailCore’s 4G feature now allows you to stream the footages via an app on your phone as the events happen! The device can store up to 64G data.

Versatile, Multipurpose, Durable Cellular Trail Camera

Well-built rugged case design and feel: This trail camera features -30° to 50° operating temperature range inside high quality material, the strap on the back is durable enough to strap it to the tree, the wildlife camera also has a threaded slot in the bottom for a slate river mount.

Multiple applications and longer battery life. Wider occasions, hunting, home security, property surveillance, wildlife monitoring, and agricultural security. Up to 6 months in standby mode.


  • Frequency:4G(FDD LTE,TDD LTE)
    Photo recording
  • Photo resolution:16 MP
  • File format:JPG
  • Time lapse mode:5min/30min/1h
  • Multi-shot mode:Up to 9 photos per detection
  • Stamp (photos and video)Date, time, temperature (RC/F) and moon phase
  • Capture mode:Color by day, black and white by night
    Video recording
  • Video resolution:1920 × 1080/30fps(FHD)
  • File format:AVIH.264
  • Sequence lenght:Adjustable from 10 to90s
  • Capture mode:Color by day, black andwhite by night Audio
  • Sound recording:N/A(automatically recorded in videomode)
    Memory storage
  • Support:Internal memory: none
  • External memory : sD/SDHC card(up to 64 GB)
  • Built-in screen:TFT 2.4″
    Power source
  • Alkaline or lithium batteries:8x AA
  • Lithium battery pack:Rechargeable battery pack(LIT-801)
  • External (5.5X2.1mm Jack):DC12V 1000mA ,(6V~12V)
    Detection system
  • Motion sensor:3X PIR
  • Detection angle:120°
  • Detection range:Adjustable from 1 to 80 ft
  • Trigger speed:0.3 sec
  • Delay between each detection :Adjustable from Instant to 30 min
    Night time illumination system
  • LEDs:36 LEDs
  • Flash range:<90 ft
  • Exposure:Automatic infrared level adjustment
    Optical field of view:120°
  • Dimensions:135mm x 90mm X 76mm
  • Operating temperature:(-30C to + 50°C)(-22 RF to +122°F)
  • Storage temperature:(-40C to +60 °C)(-40 F to+140°F)

Package Included:

  • 1 X Hunting Camera
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X Belt
  • 1 X User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Benjamin L. Slater

We bought this camera to see what kind of wildlife we had on our property. checked it a week later - oh my goodness!! It was amazing! We had all kinds of elk (including babies!!) and some turkeys. Our favorite was when one of the elk came up to the camera and sniffed it! CUTE!! We LOVE the fact that we can check the pictures right in the woods instead of having to take it back and download it onto a phone or computer. Great camera for a great price!

albert C. Wiseman

I've bought four trail cameras in the past half dozen years and I have to say the quality has greatly improved and the prices have come down about 40% in this time as well. I live on a large wash in southern Arizona so I have plenty of opportunity to capture the wildlife. This camera is easy to operate and the picture quality is terrific. I've included a couple photos of some Javelina that came up out of the wash behind my house. Not the most friendly little critters.

Sandy R. Wallace
This camera is FUN even for non-hunters!

I am not a hunter. What I am is an aspiring wildlife videographer. I wanted to discover what creatures were visiting my suburban backyard. I was thrilled with the results taken with this easy to operate camera! These pictures was shot with the camera set-up in my backyard a couple of dozen feet from my kitchen window.

I will have lots of year-round fun with this device. So much so that I am setting up a second camera to cover my front yard.

I was also impressed with the quality construction at an affordable price. Highly recommend!

rose D. grant
Great purchase!

An animal rescue colleague recommended this to me. I went with her recommendation. This camera is amazing. The photos are amazing. They are crisp, clear and show small details. I highly recommend it.

mitchell D. Rourke
Best Hunting Camera on the market.

I purchase this camera to position it off from my food plot. Why did I do that? This camera is so awesome that it takes pictures of everything.. birds, foxes and deer etc. It is so good that one day it took a picture of a fly flying in mid air smiling. Seriously, I definitely recommend this camera to everyone..