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HavoLief Unisex Doctor-Recommended Elbow Brace Tennis Elbow and Golfer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

HavoLief Unisex Doctor-Recommended Elbow Brace Tennis Elbow and Golfer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



High Compression Sleeves For Your Troubled Elbow Joint

Is your elbow prone to injuries? Or maybe, you’re already dealing with elbow pain, and you need the best supporter to alleviate the discomfort and get back to doing the things you love?

No matter what you’re bound to do, HavoLief Elbow Brace is here to make you feel better. Our doctor-recommended elbow brace is designed to deliver maximum support and protection so that you can take on any task or activity without the annoying elbow pain. With its 360° surround pressure design, your elbow stays protected regardless of how intense your training or day-to-day activity may be.

Combine Brace and Sleeve Design for Max Protection

We have designed the HavoLief to deliver the fantastic benefits of an elbow brace and sleeve. With this, you can take advantage of the stability and compression of an elbow brace while keeping everything comfortable and non-slip, just like a sleeve. It’s the best of both worlds—giving you the ultimate support that does not hinder your range of motion while speeding up your injuries’ healing process.

Experience These Advantages Only with HavoLief

  • Perfect User Experience: Our best-selling elbow brace keeps you well-supported no matter what activity you are engaging in. Whether it’s tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, weightlifting, powerlifting, or volleyball—the HavoLief can help maintain your peak performance and your arm’s full range of motion. With our elbow brace, you can tackle any life-threatening activity while ensuring that you are one step ahead in injury and prevention. NOTE: Please take a look at our size chart and measure your girth according to our instructions
  • Relieves Elbow Pain: Our Elbow Brace offers compression and improves blood circulation, reducing symptoms of tendonitis, joint inflammation, tennis elbow, golf elbow, and other elbow pain. Specific compression and improved blood circulation are the critical factors for rapid recovery.
  • Unique Design and Anti-Slip Function: The HavoLief comes with a unique knitted technical design that ensures the sleeve stays in place, no matter what you do. It’s perfect for relieving your elbow from pain without compromising your mobility. Also, it’s quick to absorb sweat and keep your arm dry and odorless—thanks to the unique fabric that gives you a soft and smooth touch so you can wear them all day.

Promotes Faster Recovery

Whether it’s tendonitis, arthritis, or elbow hyperextension, the HavoLief Elbow Brace keeps the ligaments in place and immobilized to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. It’s designed for extended use, allowing you to wear it indoors and while you sleep for maximum support.

Excellent in Relieving Pain

We’ve designed the HavoLief with an elastic fabric compression to reduce pain caused by sudden impacts and twists during daily activities or at night while sleeping. The sleeves boast neoprene properties that wrap around your elbow and keep your joint and ligaments stable and pain-free.

Anti-Slip Design

The sleeves feature a unique knitted technical pattern that helps them stay in place, even during strenuous activity. It’s made of neoprene, a fabric that has good thermal stability and waterproofing, which means that even when you’re soaking wet, it won’t roll up or shift.

Prevents Future Injuries

These sleeves retain heat which functions as a continuous thermal therapy to keep your muscles and joints supple and prevent future injuries. The elbow sleeves’ high compression and thick fabric protects your elbow from impact and keeps it nice and warm throughout the day.

Keeps Your Performance Upbeat & Your Elbow Pain-Free.

Elbow Brace Compression Sleeves are not the typical elbow sleeves you wear every once in a while. They are the type you keep on your elbow until you decide to take a shower. Their high compression, weightlessness, and freshness add a punch to their value as a medical elbow brace. It’s all about performance, and we’ve made sure to pick the brace that best meets that goal.

How to Measure Your Size:

With your arm straight, measure elbow circumference at the center of the joint.

  • S:20-25cm/7.9-9.8in
  • M:25-30cm/9.8-11.8in
  • L:30-35cm/11.8-13.7in
  • XL:35-40cm/13.7-15.7in


  • Material: Nylon, Spandex
  • Size: S/M/L/XL
  • Quantity: 1PC

Package Contains:

  • 1pc Elbow Brace

Washing Instructions:

  • Hand washing and natural air drying only. Please do not use washing machines; it will destroy the structure and compression of knitted fabric.
  • Since it is made of knitted fabric, please make sure the elbow brace is free from sharp objects that can puncture or hook the material to avoid damages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Joseph R. Mercado
Helpful brace/sleeve at a great price

Overall this is a great product for a great price. My elbow injury is new, so I didn’t want to sink a ton of money into a brace without trying one out first. This sleeve/brace combo works great, to the point that I don’t think I’ll even buy a more expensive “better” brace like I originally planned. I often wear both together, but they help individually too.

grace B. booker
Works perfectly!

My husband has bursitis of the elbow that looked like a tennis ball. His orthopedic doctor drained it and gave him an Ace bandage to keep the bursa sac from swelling again. But the Ace bandage never stayed in place and his elbow always popped through the bandage, which actually increased the swelling. Plus, his fingers swelled like sausages. We found this Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve and it works like a charm! There were different sizes, and there were measurement guidelines to get the correct one. It is very lightweight, which is good in the summer. Plus, it doesn't make his fingers swell. And best of all, I ordered it in the afternoon and it was delivered that evening. Hubby is very pleased with this support sleeve, which is good: he has to wear it for two weeks.

Richard C. francis
Comfortable and Supportive!

These compression elbow sleeves are a must have for anyone with elbow pain. They are very comfortable and allow for a full range of motion without cutting off circulation. Whatever size you go with, I suggest trying them out for at least a couple of workouts before deciding whether or not you need a different size. Originally, mine felt like they were tight enough to stay in place, but also felt a little loose. That was somewhat misleading and had me questioning if I had gotten the correct size that would work best for me. However, I did a couple of workouts and they definitely gave me the comfort and support that I needed! I have now been using these for over a month and my elbow pain is completely gone! Try them out and you won't be disappointed!

Brandy P. Smith
Worked great for son's injured elbow

Bought this for my teen son who plays basketball regularly and competitively. He injured his elbow with a hard hit to the floor. Nothing broken, just sprained but doctor recommended a brace to ease pain and help with his range of motion. We bought one at the local drugstore that had the copper bands in it. It helped a little but he said he still hurt. A day later someone took it from the locker room when he was changing after a game. I immediately went online and after reviewing a few different ones, I selected the HavoLief brace. Upon receiving it he tried it on. Great fit! He wore it to practice that night and a game the next day and said it felt great and he had a much better range of motion with this brace. It is quality material, comfortable fit, doesn't slip or cause sweat to build up, and is definitely worth the purchase.

Cornelius J. clifford
It works.

I had injured the inside of my right elbow on the train (it just kind of took off and my grip wasn’t strong enough, jerked me backwards and I grabbed harder at the last minute, totally pulled something). The pain I felt in my elbow was excruciating. I wouldn’t bend or extend without pain, which affected taking my yoga classes and going to the gym. I had never had Golfer’s elbow before and was reluctant to rest. I found these after getting some advice from a friend. Wore them everyday for a few hours for about 5 days (no yoga or gym). I was thoroughly surprised at how quickly I started to feel the difference. I had been in pain for 3 weeks and it only took a couple of days in these sleeve to feel somewhat normal again. I honestly don’t remember when the pain stopped, I just know that these sleeves helped in healing my elbow. I wear them to the gym if I’m working upper body and lifting heavy which gives me some reassurance that my elbow is protected. I definitely recommend getting it!