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AquaBeats Ultra-Light Waterproof Headphones – 32GB Built-in Memory, Bone Conduction – IP68 Rated for Swimming and Running

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AquaBeats Ultra-Light Waterproof Headphones – 32GB Built-in Memory, Bone Conduction – IP68 Rated for Swimming and Running

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



🏊‍♂️ Important Notice: Please Dry Your Headphones Before Use! 🎶

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your swimming headphones, please remember to thoroughly dry them after each use. This simple step will help maintain their quality and keep your listening experience top-notch.

AquaBeats Ultra-Light Waterproof Headphones

Hey, you active adventurer, you! 🏃‍♀️🏊‍♂️ Are you tired of your headphones giving up on you right when you’re hitting your stride or perfecting your freestyle? Or maybe you’re just fed up with the “no headphones in the pool” rule cramping your style. Well, let me introduce you to the game-changer you didn’t know you needed: AquaBeats Ultra-Light Waterproof Headphones. These aren’t just any headphones; they’re your new workout buddy, your motivational coach, and your personal DJ all rolled into one sleek package!

Imagine this: You’re in the middle of a marathon training session or doing laps in the pool, and your favorite pump-up song comes on. But wait, there’s no fumbling with wires, no worrying about water damage, and definitely no awkward earbud adjustments. Why? Because AquaBeats has got you covered with 32GB of Built-in Memory, Bone Conduction Technology, and an IP68 Waterproof Rating. That’s right, these headphones are like the Swiss Army knife of the audio world, but way cooler and without the tiny scissors.

So, if you’re the type who likes to push boundaries, break records, and look fabulous doing it, then AquaBeats is your jam. Or should I say, it plays your jam? Either way, you’re about to level up your active lifestyle, and trust me, you won’t look back. 🎵🏆

Ready to find out what makes AquaBeats the MVP of sports headphones? Keep scrolling, my friend! 🎧👇

Splash and Dash, No Worries!

With an IP68 Waterproof Rating, you can dive into your workout—literally. Whether it’s a pool session or a muddy trail run, these headphones are your all-weather, all-terrain buddy. It’s like having an adventure partner that never complains about the conditions.

Be the DJ of Your Own Life

32GB of Built-in Memory means you can store your entire playlist, podcast series, and then some. Forget the hassle of syncing with your phone every time you want to switch it up. It’s like having a jukebox in your head, but without the coin slot.

Feel the Beat, Not the Weight

The Ultra-Light Design ensures you barely feel them, whether you’re sprinting to the finish line or doing the butterfly stroke. It’s like floating on a cloud that plays your favorite tunes.

All Day, All Play

Get up to 7 Hours of Playtime on a single charge. That’s your morning jog, lunchtime walk, and evening swim covered. It’s like the Energizer Bunny decided to take up DJing.

Crystal Clear Calls Amidst Chaos

The ENC Calls and Noise Cancelling feature means you can take calls even in a noisy environment. It’s like being in your own little bubble, a bubble where everyone can hear you clearly.

One-Touch Wonder

With Easy Controls, you can play, pause, or skip tracks without breaking your stride. It’s like having a magic wand, but for music. “Accio next track!”

Your Multi-Sport Maestro

Designed for Multiple Activities, these headphones are your go-to for running, swimming, cycling, and more. It’s like having a personal trainer who also happens to be a DJ. Talk about multitasking!

So, are you ready to make your workouts a whole lot more exciting? Because with AquaBeats, you’re not just breaking a sweat; you’re breaking the mold. 🎧💪

Catch the Beat Before It’s Gone! 🎵

Listen, life’s too short for boring workouts and even shorter for missing out on killer deals. AquaBeats is the upgrade you didn’t know you needed, but once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. So, if you’re ready to take your workouts from “meh” to “heck yeah,” now’s the time to act!

Last Chance to Dance (or Swim, or Run)! 🏃‍♀️🏊‍♂️

We’ve got a special offer that’s hotter than your post-workout glow, but it won’t last forever. In fact, it’s disappearing faster than your excuses not to exercise. So hit that “Add to Cart” button and let’s get this party started! Your future self will thank you, trust me.

The Nitty-Gritty of AquaBeats 🎧

For those tech enthusiasts who love to know what’s under the hood, here’s a quick rundown of AquaBeats’ specs:

  • Waterproof Rating: IP68 (Swim, run, or dance in the rain!)
  • Built-in Memory: 32GB (That’s a lot of playlists, my friend)
  • Weight: Ultra-Light Design (You won’t even feel it)
  • Battery Life: 7 hours (All-day fun, one charge)
  • Call Features: ENC Calls and Noise Cancelling (Like your own private phone booth)
  • Controls: Easy one-button control (No need to break your flow)
  • Multi-Sport: Designed for swimming, running, cycling, and more (Your all-in-one fitness companion)

So there you have it, the full lowdown on why AquaBeats is the ultimate addition to your active lifestyle. Ready to make the leap? 🎶🏊‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeremy Jackson
these work in the water!!

I bought these for swimming. I was hesitant to try them in the water, but they work as advertised! I was able to move over a couple mp3 DJ mixes through my Windows 11 PC as if the device was external storage. The battery life is solid and reasonable. I love swimming with these on as the water/ear plug seal makes the audio much more resonant and they actually sound pretty good. I'm fully prepared to buy another pair when these go bad because they make swimming laps so much more enjoyable.

William Hawkins
It is a good product

I am using the headphones for swimming and I am very happy with this product

Dennis Young
These are fantastic

The audio and battery are fantastic and fully accurate to what they claim. The battery lasts 8+ hours if they get charged for 20mins they will last at least 10 hours.

Matthew Lerma
Great headphones for an active lifestyle

Great headphones for an active lifestyle. Have worn them swimming in lake/pool, walking dog, and riding bike. Love being able to hear outside noise and yet enjoy my music. The microphone works great (I forget it has that) when I get interrupted with a phone call. Have used both Bluetooth and standalone modes often.

Gregory Lozano
Grand Kids Love it!

Lots of fun in the pool for our grandson. He can load music on the device or listen to his phone through bluetooth. NOTE: The bluetooth will not work underwater due to the density of the water but has great range in the pool above the water. The MP3 will work underwater and gets louder when you are underwater due to the vibration. The sound quality is fairly good and the battery seems to last when freshly charged.

The open ear design prevents him from BLASTING the music into his ears so we expect these will not damage his hearing as well.